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Belden Discloses Data Breach Affecting Employee, Business Information

Specialty networking solutions provider Belden on Tuesday disclosed a data breach resulting in the theft of employee and business information.The company said the incident involved “unauthorized access and copying of some current and former employee data, as well as limited company information regarding some business partners.”Belden said its employees detec
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Home Depot Agrees to $17.5 Million Settlement With States Over 2014 Data Breach

Home Depot has agreed to shell out  $17.5 million under a settlement with the attorney generals of 46 states and the District of Columbia over the massive data breach suffered by the home improvement retailer in 2014, when cybercriminals managed to steal email addresses and payment card data belonging to more than 40 million customers in the United Stat
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How a Cybersecurity Training Program Can Recruit From Inside Your Business

The cybersecurity industry is facing a shortage of trained and experienced professionals. Schools, universities and organizations are doing amazing things to encourage the next generation to pursue a cybersecurity career. However, there is still a huge cybersecurity talent shortage. With the right training, this can change. It is clear that organizations re
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Choosing the Right Threat Intelligence Mix

Cybersecurity is the Never-Ending Battle Against Ignorance and TimeRecently, Gartner published its annual report about the threat intelligence market, which identified numerous products and services vendors competing in the space. Beyond Gartner, IT-Harvest, Frost & Sullivan, Forrester, ESG and many others also do a considerable amount of market watching
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Cybersecurity Framework: How To Create A Resilience Strategy

A cyber resilience framework, or cybersecurity framework, is a crucial component of modern-day business. In the face of rising threats from malware, phishing and high-tech threat actors, a cyber resilient company can position itself as a secure model for data protection customers can trust. Despite the growing security risks in a remote working world, ma
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Stay Calm: Your Supply Chain Cybersecurity Is Solid

A little over 50 years ago, on July 20, 1969, humans first landed on the moon. Among the many amazing feats involved, it took just over eight years from the time President John F. Kennedy issued his famous challenge for the American space program to Neil Armstrong coming down the ladder with a small step and a giant leap. Critical to that success was a stro
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Ransomware Response: Time is More Than Just Money

The initial actions an organization takes in the moments after discovering a ransomware attack can have profound implications on how the attack ends. Virtually every security professional will tell you ransomware-based attacks are rapidly becoming the bane of the digital age, but that may not translate into chief information security officers (CISOs) being
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Capcom Confirms Hackers Stole Data in Recent Attack

Japanese video game giant Capcom this week confirmed that a large amount of data was stolen from its systems during a ransomware attack several weeks ago.Best known for multi-million-selling game franchises such as Ace Attorney, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, and Street Fighter, Capcom has subsidiaries in Asia, Europe, and North America.In early November, Cap
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The Term "Threat Intelligence" is Poisoned. It Does Not Mean What You Think it Means.

I’m guessing the creators of the movie The Princess Bride had no idea that Inigo Montoya’s quote – You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. – would be widely quoted for years to come. It captures a disconnect that I believe is at the heart of many human interactions: the assumptions we all have when we enter discussions that
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FTC Says Zoom Misled Users on Its Security for Meetings

Federal regulators are requiring Zoom to strengthen its security in a proposed settlement of allegations that the video conferencing service misled users about its level of security for meetings.The settlement was announced Monday by the Federal Trade Commission. A complaint filed by the agency accused Zoom of deceiving users over security since at least 201
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U.S. Seizes More Domains Used by Iran for Disinformation

The United States this week announced that it seized 27 domain names that were employed by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to spread disinformation.All of the domains, seizure documents reveal, were violating U.S. sanctions against the government of Iran and the IRGC. Twenty-three of the domains were targeting audiences abroad.The other four,
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Guard Cyber Team to Help Respond to Hospitals Cyberattack

Republican Gov. Phil Scott said Wednesday that he has called in the Vermont Army National Guard’s Combined Cyber Response Team to help the University of Vermont Health Network respond to last week’s cyberattack that officials said caused significant network problems affecting six hospitals in Vermont and New York.The team will work with the health network to
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3 Steps to Building a Resilient Incident Response Plan

According to the Accenture State of Cybersecurity 2020 report, the average cost of a cyber attack for ‘non-leaders’ stands at $380,000 per incident. The report classifies organizations into ‘leaders’ and ‘non-leaders.’ The ‘leaders’ are those who set the bar for innovation and achieve high-performing cyber resilience.Given the rate of cyber attac
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Britain Fines US Hotel Chain Marriott Over Data Breach

Britain's data privacy watchdog on Friday said it has fined US hotels group Marriott over a data breach affecting millions of customers worldwide.The UK Information Commissioner's Office said in a statement it fined Marriott £18.4 million ($23.5 million, 20.1 million euros) for breaches of data that included personal information such as passport numbers sinc
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WannaCry: How the Widespread Ransomware Changed Cybersecurity

If I had polled cybersecurity experts on their way to work on May 12, 2017, most of them would have said they knew a major cybersecurity event loomed. Yet, on that day no one expected that they were walking into the perfect storm — in the form of WannaCry ransomware, the most damaging cyberattack to date — when they traveled by car, train or fer
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