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Block In-App Purchases on iPhone and iPad with Family Protector

You've heard the horror stories about parents whose children rack up thousands in bills due to inadvertent in-app purchases. But not you, not today. You refuse to be a victim.Parents of children among all age ranges are not alone in the never-ending quest to maintain control of their family's iOS mobile devices. Many parents have had "the talk" with their ki
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A Parents’ Guide to In-App Purchases

When you download an app on iOS or OS X, you may obtain software that works unimpeded, and for an unlimited time. But, in some cases, the app you download may offer or require that you purchase something else for it to be functional. Anything you buy after downloading an app is called an in-app purchase.What Are In-App Purchases?There are four types of in-ap
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How to Set up and Manage iTunes Allowances for Your Kids

If your kids have iOS devices, or Macs, they probably badger you often to buy things for them. They probably ask you to buy music, movies, apps, and even in-app purchases for games they play. Eventually, they need to learn to manage money on their own, and you can set up an iTunes allowance to allow them to do this.Every month, your son or daughter will get
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