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Christopher Parsons on the Canadian government’s “secret network” hack

A “secret network” launched by the Canadian federal government last year, costing millions of dollars to taxpayers, came under close scrutiny following a suspected hack. The network is based at the Federal Treasury Board, and was produced after hackers attacked department servers in 2011. In an interview with Global News, Citizen Lab Postdoctoral
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Pakistan to ban BlackBerry encrypted messaging

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), a government agency responsible for the establishment and operation of telecommunications in the country, ordered the shutdown of BlackBerry’s encrypted communication services for businesses.Citizen Lab Cyber Stewards Network partner Bytes for All, Pakistan received an internal document from a PTA whistle
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Hacking Team leak highlights Citizen Lab research

Media coverage: Fast Company, NPR, VICE Motherboard, CSO Online, Washington Post, The Intercept, Threatpost, The Associated Press, The Hamilton Spectator, The Toronto Star.Hacking Team, a Milan-based developer of “offensive security” technology that markets its products to governments and law enforcement agencies around the world, was significantly compromis
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Citizen Lab research on Syrian Electronic Army in Politico

Citizen Lab Research Fellow John Scott-Railton spoke to Politico regarding the Syrian Electronic Army, a group of hackers in support of Bashar Al-Assad’s government. The US Army’s web domain was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, shutting down the domain for several hours. The Syrian Electronic Army tweeted a screenshot to take credit for the
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7iber featured in Newsweek for combatting censorship in Jordan

Cyber Stewards Network partner 7iber marked it’s eighth year anniversary since its founding on Jordan’s independence day by highlighting the poor state of press freedom and women’s rights in the country. Lina Ejeilat, one of 7iber’s co-founders, told Newsweek that showcasing such issues provides an “alternative narrative about w
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Jason Q. Ng on China’s censorship of online sexual innuendo

China’s censorship of social media platforms has largely been focused on speech that targets or criticizes the government, until recently. The Cyberspace Administration of China’s (CAC) new regulations will target sexual innuendo, in particular 25 of the most popular “dirty words” in China.Citizen Lab Research Fellow Jason Q. Ng told
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Ron Deibert interviewed by DAWN regarding Internet privacy

In an article titled “Sound Byte: We trust the Internet with things that were once kept private,” Pakistan’s English newspaper DAWN spoke to Citizen Lab Director Ron Deibert regarding the privacy concerns that individual Internet users can face. Given that our communications are increasingly mediated through the Internet, such as by the pla
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Christopher Parsons on Canada’s CSIS

In an internal report obtained by the Toronto Star, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) explains that the spy agency cannot keep up with threats from state-sponsored hackers. CSIS said that the “scale of the threat has fast outpaced (their) capacity,” and the agency has been required to “prioritize” their efforts. In separate reports, CSIS also
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Pakistan’s DAWN newspaper on FinFisher and cyber crime

In an article entitled “Fishing in troubled waters,” Pakistan’s English newspaper DAWN showcased issues surrounding surveillance and cyber crime in the country, particularly on the presence of FinFisher spyware’s servers. Gamma Group, the company that manufactures the spyware and numerous other spying technologies, has sold its produc
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Christopher Parsons on Bell hacking, FBI investigation

Citizen Lab Postdoctoral Fellow Christopher Parsons spoke to the Ottawa Citizen regarding the hacking of Bell Canada last year, in which the records of more than 12,000 Canadians were posted online. During the subsequent investigation, it was revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) allowed the hackers stage the attack from what was secretly a
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FinFisher lawsuit to be heard in Pakistan’s Lahore High Court

The Lahore High Court in Pakistan is set to hear a case regarding the discovery of spyware suite FinFisher in the country. The lawsuit, brought by Citizen Lab Cyber Steward Partner Bytes for All, contends that the Pakistani government violated constitutional rights by indiscriminately spying on its citizens, which violates the Privacy Act.FinFisher spy softw
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Chris Parsons on CSE targeting Canadians

In an article published in the National Post, Citizen Lab Post-doctoral Fellow Christopher Parsons explains that the activities of the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) constitute as spying on Canadians. Parsons summarizes several findings regarding the mandate and practices of the organization leaked over the last year and a half, many of which st
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Young Global Leaders names Morgan Marquis-Boire in Class of 2015

Citizen Lab Senior Security Researcher Morgan Marquis-Boire was named on the Young Global Leaders (YGL) list for the Class of 2015, an organization headed by the World Economic Forum. Marquis-Boire is also the Director of Security for First Look Media, the Special Advisor to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a member of the Free Press Foundation’s secur
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Jason Q. Ng on Apple accommodating Chinese demands

Over the past year, Chinese government officials have been drafting a counterterrorism law intended to open up access to telecommunications and Internet data that passes through the country. Increasingly, this process has involved asking companies that produce this technology to keep their servers within China, and build “backdoors” into their pr
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Morgan Marquis-Boire on Babar and Casper malware

Citizen Lab Senior Researcher Morgan Marquis-Boire contributed to research related to Babar, a piece of malware believed to have been produced by the French government. Marquis-Boire was acknowledged as part of an investigation into Babar conducted by Marion Marschalek, an Austrian researcher at Cyphort. The malware is capable of eavesdropping on online conv
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