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Take a Hike: Navigating Your Identity Governance and Administration Process Engineering Journey

Most of the clients that I speak to say they understand the importance of the processes for identity governance and administration (IGA). These clients typically talk about the familiar people, processes and technologies of identity and access management (IAM), and many of them even consider processes to be a critical element for their IGA program. Unfortuna
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From Suspicious Activity to Suspended Account in Less Than a Minute: Stopping Insider Threats With Automation

Co-authored by Lauren Horaist. You read the headlines and understand industry trends. There are plenty of horror stories to reference. Organizations have had their reputations destroyed and entire corporations have gone out of business due to insider attacks. How can you avoid being the next victim? First, you need to understand what insider threats really a
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Charting Your Identity Governance and Administration Adoption Road Map

We’ve witnessed almost a decade of identity governance and administration (IAG) disasters. In my experience implementing identity and access management (IAM) solutions for Fortune 100 companies around the world, I’ve seen my fair share of challenges. I’ve been called in to help fix problems related to too many manual processes, user compla
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Why Is Identity Governance So Difficult to Get Right?

When was the last time you heard an identity governance and administration (IGA) success story? If you’re thinking “not in my organization,” you’re in good company. IGA projects have a reputation for being hard to complete, drawn out and costly. But why are they so difficult to get right? Measuring the Business Value of IGA Part of th
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Employee Retention Can Be a Security Issue — But Identity Governance Can Help

Companies worldwide are trying to figure out new ways — and optimize already proven methods — of retaining employees. But did you know that employee retention can lead to security vulnerabilities? Fortunately, identity governance can help. Employee Retention Can Make a Mess When employees stay with a company for a long time, they change job roles, work on sp
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Elementary, My Dear Cognitive Identity Watson

A few days ago, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty announced the Cognitive Business initiative. This journey is supported by IBM Watson, the cognitive computing system that understands and learns from natural language. The name Watson is not an homage to Sherlock Holmes’ friend and assistant Dr. John Watson, but rather to Thomas J. Watson, IBM’s first CEO and
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Ground Control to Major CRO: Is Identity Governance a Risky Experience?

With the ongoing focus around security risk and compliance, governance is a hot topic within identity and access management. While identity governance is valuable for securing user access, properly deploying a governance solution can be a tricky endeavor. In a recent webinar, IBM and KuppingerCole brought together two identity governance gurus to discuss som
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Governance and Consumer Identity Ride the Double-Decker at Gartner’s IAM Summit in London

As organizations grow and extend into new business models, so does the challenge of managing identities and access privileges. The Gartner IAM Summit, which was held from March 16 to March 17 in London, allowed customers and vendors alike to get together and discuss new advancements, challenges and trends in identity and access management (IAM). The conferen
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What Leading Analysts Are Saying about IBM’s Acquisition of CrossIdeas

IBM recently acquired CrossIdeas, adding to the IBM Security Systems division and its existing identity and access management (IAM) portfolio. Prior to this acquisition, the company had already partnered with IBM in the Ready for IBM Security Intelligence program, and it integrated its identity and access governance solution platform with the IBM Security Id
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