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A Proposed New Trust Framework for Physical and Digital Identity Interactions

Identity is a difficult term to define in the cybersecurity world. The range of personal information that can be associated with an identity interaction is highly dependent on the situational context of the interaction. The definition of identity also depends on the context of the medium within which it is exchanged. In the physical world, when we talk about
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Accelerate the Value Gain With Identity Governance and Administration

I frequently receive calls from identity and access management (IAM) leads at companies that just purchased an identity governance and administration (IGA) tool. They say, “I just bought this tool so I can automate the access recertification process, but where do I start? The pressure to succeed with this project is already starting to get out of contr
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Take a Hike: Navigating Your Identity Governance and Administration Process Engineering Journey

Most of the clients that I speak to say they understand the importance of the processes for identity governance and administration (IGA). These clients typically talk about the familiar people, processes and technologies of identity and access management (IAM), and many of them even consider processes to be a critical element for their IGA program. Unfortuna
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From Suspicious Activity to Suspended Account in Less Than a Minute: Stopping Insider Threats With Automation

Co-authored by Lauren Horaist. You read the headlines and understand industry trends. There are plenty of horror stories to reference. Organizations have had their reputations destroyed and entire corporations have gone out of business due to insider attacks. How can you avoid being the next victim? First, you need to understand what insider threats really a
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e-Signature Security Speeds Government Paperwork Along

As public administrators have learned, efficiency in government is largely a matter of executing the small things well. A saved mailing expense or avoided delay can add up to a lot more work for a lot less tax money, which is one practical definition of good government in action. One example of this process is a current U.S. Census Bureau initiative to imple
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Charting Your Identity Governance and Administration Adoption Road Map

We’ve witnessed almost a decade of identity governance and administration (IAG) disasters. In my experience implementing identity and access management (IAM) solutions for Fortune 100 companies around the world, I’ve seen my fair share of challenges. I’ve been called in to help fix problems related to too many manual processes, user compla
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Why Is Identity Governance So Difficult to Get Right?

When was the last time you heard an identity governance and administration (IGA) success story? If you’re thinking “not in my organization,” you’re in good company. IGA projects have a reputation for being hard to complete, drawn out and costly. But why are they so difficult to get right? Measuring the Business Value of IGA Part of th
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Identity and Access Governance: Lessons From the Front Line

Authored by Daniel Poliquin, principal of Deloitte & Touche LLP. I’ve seen this situation again and again: After investing thousands — often millions — to equip their enterprise with automated identity and access governance technologies, the organization’s system is breached. How does this happen? A closer look may show that even though appro
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Reimagining the Future of Identity Management With Blockchain

Every business and social transaction is carried out by people. People are known by their identities. Hence, identity drives every business and social interaction. In today’s digital age, an individual’s identity is not defined by a single attribute such as a name, address or user ID. Rather, it is a collection of attributes including, but not li
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IBM Is a Leader, Again, in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IGA

IBM Security was again named a Leader in the newly published “2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration.” This is the third consecutive year IBM Security has been named a Leader in the identity governance and administration (IGA) Gartner Magic Quadrant. Highlights From the Magic Quadrant for IGA Security starts by und
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Protect Your Crown Jewels Against the Insider Threat: Know Your Users, Know Your Data

Crown jewels like Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe, Google’s search algorithm and the formula for Coca-Cola are all protected under lock and key against the dreaded insider threat. Your organization’s crown jewels might include customer data, proprietary algorithms, supply chain optimization tactics, your own secret recipes and more. Do you k
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How Can You Quantify the Value of Automated Provisioning and Deprovisioning?

IT managers face a constant challenge to justify spending, demonstrate business value and quantify the impact of security incidents. Organizations too often fail to prioritize security until a crisis arises. Identity and access management (IAM) domains are key because they enable IT teams to address risk and facilitate operational and revenue gains. Automate
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Security Starts With People: Three Steps to Build a Strong Insider Threat Protection Program

Insider Threat: Not Like the Movies The hacker is hunched over his machine, the hood of his gray sweatshirt covering his hair and plunging his face in shadows as he types feverishly on a black keyboard. Using his considerable skills, he infiltrates some of the best-guarded corporations, stealing valuable data and millions of dollars. He is halfway across the
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Security Starts With People: Know Who They Are, Know What They Do

Each day, in every corporation, school, government organization and nonprofit, people are generating great value for the economy by creating, manipulating and interacting with precious information. In fact, much of the value in today’s economy is created and stored digitally, from intellectual property, trade secrets and customer lists to the actual do
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Gartner IAM Summit and Upcoming Webinars Highlight Identity Governance and Intelligence

The holiday season is a time to reflect on what is really important in life and what brings us all together. That, of course, is identity governance. IBM Security’s Identity Governance and Intelligence solution will be celebrated at three major upcoming events: the 2016 Gartner IAM Summit, a webinar focused on health care and an analyst webinar in whic
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