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Don’t Be Catfished: Protecting Yourself From New Account Fraud

Catfishing, the practice of pretending to be someone else online, became a cultural phenomenon through MTV’s popular TV show “Catfish,” driving more attention to our obsession with our online personas. However, it’s not just social media that needs additional scrutiny. In the wake of several recent major data breaches of personally id
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Massive Identity Data Exposure Leads to Rising Tides of New Account Fraud — What’s Next?

Financial online fraud and the fuel that feeds it has been growing steadily over the past decade, resulting in losses to banks, businesses and individuals, especially with cases of new account fraud (NAF). The challenge online service providers face nowadays is not only an increase in NAF, but also in NAF’s sophistication and the difficulty to detect
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The CISO’s Guide to Minimizing Health Care Security Risks

In an ever-changing, dynamic threat landscape, a chief information security officer (CISO) in the health care sector must have knowledge in multiple areas and understand that data breaches have severe repercussions that affect employees, patients and the organization at large. To respond effectively to health care security risks, a CISO must possess well-rou
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Ransomware, Trojans and Fraud, Oh My! Tracking Recent Cybercrime Trends and Patterns

Throughout the years, banks have expanded their services by offering an ever-evolving set of online capabilities. As a result, financial institutions have become an obvious target for cybercrime and have been quick to deploy various layers of protection to keep their customers safe. Cybercriminals are looking for online money to grab as a day job. Many opera
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Tips to Stay Secure on Summer Vacations

In the excitement of summer vacations, most of us forget to equip ourselves with the privacy tools and needed security measures. Yet, such flawed data security could ruin your vacations as the cyber goons always remain on work. Therefore, here we have listed some essential steps that are must to secure your sensitive information you carry with yourself while
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Five Tips to Stay Safe on Social Media While Traveling

Oversharing your travel plans can put you, your colleagues, your corporate data systems, your property and even your loved ones at risk. Similarly, announcing to the world that your home is vacant obviously increases the odds of a break-in, so what happens to your corporate laptop or personal devices containing corporate data that you leave at home? Furthe
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Fraudsters Exploited Lax Security at Equifax’s TALX Payroll Division

Identity thieves who specialize in tax refund fraud had big help this past tax year from Equifax, one of the nation’s largest consumer data brokers and credit bureaus. The trouble stems from TALX, an Equifax subsidiary that provides online payroll, HR and tax services. Equifax says crooks were able to reset the 4-digit PIN given to customer employees a
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Securing the Digital Economy With Federated Identity Management

As the global digital economy grows, the number of digital identities rises, and so does the need to protect and manage how personal information is collected, used and distributed. Managing digital identities is key in the online world and finding the proper way to authenticate legitimate users is one of the greatest challenges. When digital identities are n
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Boeing notified 36,000 employees following an accidental data leak

A Boeing employee inadvertently leaked the personal information of 36,000 co-workers late last year, the aerospace giant is notifying them the incident. The aerospace giant Boeing notifies 36,000 employees following an accidental data leak. A company employee inadvertently leaked the personal information of his co-workers late last year, the man sent by emai
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Fraudsters are stealing money from several Groupon users

Many Groupon customers reported massive theft after crooks have placed orders in their name by using victims’ credentials likely retrieved elsewhere. Fraudsters are targeting Groupon users stolen thousands of pounds from their bank accounts. Many customers reported a massive theft after crooks placed orders in their name by using victims’ credent
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Nearly Half of UK Users Concerned about Identity Fraud, Reveal Studies

Nothing says the holidays like spending time with friends and family. To celebrate this special time of year, many of us purchase gifts for our loved ones. Doing so can become quite expensive, especially if we have large social circles. For that reason, we go through the holidays looking for sales on items we think our dear ones will love.But don’t be
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Man Receives 5 Years in Jail for Hacking Celebrities’ Email Accounts

A man has received five years in prison for hacking into the email accounts of a number of celebrities and athletes.On 6 December, the Federal District Court in Manhattan passed down the sentence to Alonzo Knowles, 24, who gained unauthorized access to celebrities’ email accounts and stole sensitive data.Back in December 2015, an undercover agent met w
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Fake apps, identity theft, and 7 tips to keep your data safe this holiday shopping season

If the twinkle lights on trees and the familiar tunes of carols emanating from coworkers’ earbuds haven’t given it away already: we’ve officially entered holiday shopping season. This means you may be likely to use your mobile device to purchase presents for your family and friends. It’s more important than ever to be vigilant while making purchases on your
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Imposters at Work: How 200 Fake Facebook Profiles All but Ruined a Couple’s Lives

Signing up with a social media site is fun, but it’s not without its risks. Scammers prowl about LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking platforms looking for ways to trick users into doing something they wouldn’t ordinarily do. Usually, these fraudsters are after their targets’ profiles, money, or computer files.But some wa
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Seven Online Scammers Prison Bound for International Fraud Conspiracy

Seven online scammers will soon begin serving out prison sentences for their involvement in an international fraud conspiracy.On 7 September, Funso Hassan, 27, of Ibadan, Nigeria, and Anthony Shane Jeffers, 44, of Maryville, Tennessee received orders to serve out 10 years of jail time.Their prison sentences come five months after both individuals pleaded gui
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