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Top Phishing and Social Media Threats: Key Findings from the Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report

In today’s online landscape, it is crucial for organizations to stay on top of the threats that put their enterprises at risk. Agari and PhishLabs have put together their Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report detailing their analysis of phishing and social media attacks this quarter. The report presents statistics regarding the volume of attacks,
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SecTor 2022: The Power of the Pico

I’m excited to share that I will be speaking at SecTor this year in the tools track. While the SecTor schedule is not yet finalized, I’m currently listed as speaking at 10:15am on October 6th. The talk, The Power of the Pico: Replacing Expensive Toys with the Raspberry Pi Pico, will cover how to use a Raspberry Pi Pico to perform BadUSB attacks. There are co
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What Are Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETs)? A Comprehensive Guide

Modern enterprises will have to work with customer data in one way or another. The COVID-19 pandemic proved that the only businesses that would survive the future were those willing to embrace technology. While technologies such as the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence have undeniable benefits, they have also presented complications. Manag
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The ClubCISO report reveals a fundamental shift in security culture

With business and technology becoming increasingly intertwined, organizations are being forced to rethink how they look at digital security. Once overlooked or viewed as a mere afterthought, today it has become a business-critical necessity. As a result, organizations across industry lines are racing to improve their security postures. Chief Information Secu
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How to Correctly Classify Your Data in 2022

Data classification can feel like an overwhelming task, especially for organizations without a strong practice in place. As with any security approach, data classification is both crucial and tempting to avoid. Regardless of whether the value is recognized, there’s a chance that it gets pushed further and further down the priority list in favor of items that
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Warning issued about Vice Society ransomware gang after attacks on schools

A ransomware gang that has been increasingly disproportionately targeting the education sector is the subject of a joint warning issued by the FBI, CISA, and MS-ISAC.The Vice Society ransomware group has been breaking into schools and colleges, exfiltrating sensitive data, and demanding ransom payments. The threat? If the extortionists aren’t paid, you
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Working Abroad as a Cybersecurity Professional: What You Need to Know

The world is becoming a smaller place. The prospect of working in another country becomes increasingly realistic and even promising as businesses migrate toward the cloud and collaborate more closely with international partners. Amid this shift, cybersecurity professionals may wonder if they can work abroad.Cybersecurity is a worldwide concern, creating plen
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CISO Interview Series: The thinking of a CISO at the front end of the cyber threat landscape.

What are the most important areas for a CISO to focus on?  When speaking to Aman Sood, it becomes clear that the job of a CISO encompasses every aspect of a business.  Aman is the Head of Cyber Security with Jimdo, a website building platform that helps small businesses start, grow, and ultimately thrive online.  Aman is also the Cyber Securit
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FBI issues warning after crypto-crooks steal $1.3 billion in just three months

Amid a wave of hacks that have cost investors billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency, the FBI is calling on decentralised finance (DeFi) platforms to improve their security.In a warning posted on its website, the FBI said that cybercriminals are increasingly targeting DeFi platforms to steal cryptocurrency, often exploiting vulnerabilities in smart cont
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Key Points from the IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022

The volume and impact of data breaches have accelerated largely in 2022, which has contributed to many adverse effects for businesses. Tc highlights several updated factors that have generated great costs across 17 countries and regions, and 17 industries. The report has included new related areas of analysis such as:Extended Detection and Response (XDR).Ris
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LastPass attackers steal source code, no evidence users’ passwords compromised

LastPass, the popular password manager used by millions of people around the world, has announced that it suffered a security breach two weeks ago that saw attackers break into its systems and steal information.But don’t panic just yet – that doesn’t mean that all of your passwords are now in the hands of internet criminals. Although the br
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5 Things We Learned from The Definitive Guide to Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

In the context of hybrid work, the threat of data loss is rampant. Cybersecurity systems that were once designed to operate within the confines of a network perimeter have become obsolete, with employees using various devices, networks, and applications to get their work done. As such, it’s easier than ever for companies to be vulnerable to the loss of sensi
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Privacy in Q2 2022: US, Canada, and the UK

The second quarter of 2022 offered plenty of positing on privacy, both in the U.S. and internationally. In the U.S., we saw the addition of another state privacy law, and a spark of hope in privacy professionals’ eyes with the introduction of tangible federal legislation. Plus, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is positioned to act on rulemaking like never
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Interpreting the Key Points of The 2022 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results

This year marks the eighth edition of the popular IBM i Marketplace Survey Results. Each year, HelpSystems collects data about how companies utilize the IBM i platform and the IT enterprises it helps. Year after year, the survey has started to demonstrate long-term directions that provide useful information about the future of this entrusted technology.Despi
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Ransomware attack blamed for closure of all 7-Eleven stores in Denmark

Ransomware is to blame for the closure of all 175 7-Eleven stores in Denmark on Monday.The retailer closed all of its stores in Denmark after its cash registers and payment systems were brought down in the attack.Initially, 7-Eleven’s Danish division did not say that ransomware was responsible for its problems, simply describing the incident as a ̶
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