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10 Tips for CCNA Certification Exam Success

Getting ready to take the CCNA/CCENT/CCDA/CCNA Security certification exam? We asked InfoSec Institute professors and industry experts to send us their certification exam insights. Here are their top 10 tips to help you pass your Cisco certification exam.  Get to Know Your ExamThis may sound overly simple, but your first step to success is knowing the
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The Complete Guide to IT Security Salaries in 2017

With 96% of HR managers now using IT certifications as screening or hiring criteria during recruitment, getting certified is an essential step in reaching your career goals. Depending on where you are in your career, there are a variety of certifications available to help you further your education and set yourself apart from other candidates.Before ex
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IT Auditor Interview Questions

 IT auditors are responsible for performing independent verifications of an organization’s security posture. These positions can have many name variations on job boards, including: information technology auditor, IT compliance analyst, internal auditor, CISA or business analyst.IT auditor positions exist in almost every industry, with salaries ran
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Network+ Interview Questions

 The CompTIA Network+ is a vendor-neutral exam used to gauge an IT professional’s knowledge about installing, configuring and managing network infrastructure. Obtaining a Network+ certification can open up a path to numerous job types, including:Systems administratorInformation technology managerNetwork administratorNetwork engineerInformation tec
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Top 25 Security+ Interview Questions

The CompTIA Security+ certification is a good entry-level certification for infosec professionals. Many jobs, including Department of Defense positions, require the Security+ certification. Below are examples of the technical questions you may be asked as a certified Security+ professional. What is the difference between a public key cryptography and a
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Become an Entry-Level Cybersecurity Analyst

Cybersecurity is a growing issue. The greater frequency of attacks and their higher sophistication require companies to utilize the services of true subject matter experts readily available to apply best practices for securing business assets. Many are the professional figures sought nowadays to help secure networks, but lately, Cybersecurity Analysts
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8 Tips for IT Certification Success

If you want to start or advance your career as an IT pro, I have some great news: There are lots, and I really mean lots, of opportunities right now. As most businesses became aware that aligning the company strategy with IT objectives/services is a sound way to achieve success, the increased demand for specialists in areas such as information security
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CompTIA CSA+ Certification: Overview and Career Path

Cyber theft and fraud are some of today’s most feared threats for many organizations and companies. This is not hard to believe when thinking of the number of reports the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center receives yearly (approximately 300,000 regarding over $800 million in losses) and the average amount that cyber attacks cost to US co
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Top 5 Free Learning Resources for Cyber-Security Beginners

Today, the obligation of strong cyber-security measures is self-evident. A large number of cyber-attacks are causing escalating damage to companies, governments, and individuals. Yahoo’s disclosure of a massive breach is still making headlines. Organizations need to respond to this increased threat by adopting strict cyber-security measures.To ov
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Why GIAC? A Suitable Choice that Meets Professional Needs

The protection of information assets is a top priority for any business or organization; this explains the growing need for experts in a number of different InfoSec job roles. In particular, there is always a great demand for information assurance analysts whose duty is to protect the corporate environment from hackers and cyber threats as well as moni
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InfoSec Institute: Top Training Company 2015

We just received word that InfoSec Institute has been awarded Top IT Training Company from Training Industry Inc. for the 4th consecutive year in a row! It’s always a nice reminder to hear from an outside organization that you’re providing something valuable. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what a few of our students hav
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Are You InfoSec Geek Enough? Take This Quiz and Let’s See What You Got!

I have prepared a simple quiz for you guys out there who are brave enough to test if you really are a certified InfoSec geek. Take note of the questions since some of them are commonly used in technical and security interviews or maybe security exams.Answers, and some explanations, are at the bottom of the article. Just write down your own answers on a
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Certification Tracker – CISSP

Today we have launched an app that will help track resources and information related to various industry certifications. The Certification Tracker supports the following features:Meta information about the certAverage salary (data from indeed) in the US over last 12 months for jobs containing this certificationMonthly number of jobs available that list
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Four Information Security Qualifications and How They Apply in the Job Market

Although demand for cyber security professionals is exceeding supply, when it comes to finding employment there are plenty of additional qualifications that give candidates the leading edge in getting the best positions.While many universities offer a range of information technology and computer science degrees, very few actually cover the critical com
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Now Offering Incident Response Training!

The InfoSec Institute is now offering a hands-on Incident Response training. This class covers the essential information you need to know in order to properly detect, contain and mitigate security incidents. Security incidents are a way of life in the modern world, and how organizations respond to them makes a massive difference in how much damage is ultimat
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