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Tech groups push policy priorities for the Trump administration

Technology trade groups are already pushing out their policy priorities for President-elect Donald Trump's administration, even though his campaign rarely touched on IT issues.With Silicon Valley largely opposed to Trump during the campaign and his tech policy agenda paper thin, policy recommendations from tech trade groups may be an exercise in wishful
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President Trump: An uncertain future for tech industry, digital rights

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's vision for the country's economy-driving technology industry is largely a blank canvas, and when he's dipped his toe into IT issues, he's made people nervous.Trump's campaign was dominated by debates over illegal immigration, lost manufacturing jobs, and character issues. Silicon Valley firms largely opposed Trump, and
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AI makes security systems more flexible

Advances in machine learning are making security systems easier to train and more flexible in dealing with changing conditions, but not all use cases are benefitting at the same rate.Machine learning, and artificial intelligence, has been getting a lot of attention lately and there's a lot of justified excitement about the technology.One of the side effe
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4 ways Cognizant customers can protect themselves amid corruption probe

Following Cognizant’s announcement late last week that it had launched an internal investigation into possible anti-corruption violations, there have been more questions than answers about what may have occurred at the Teaneck, N.J.-headquartered provider of offshore IT services. Particularly perplexing to some was the attendant news that the company’s l
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Business transformation proves to be a catalyst for cybersecurity spending

As enterprises accelerate their use of cloud computing, online services, and ready themselves for internet of things deployments, they are finding themselves strained to find the cybersecurity talent and security tools needed to secure these efforts. That’s one of the most important takeaways from the Global State of Information Security Survey (GSISS) 2
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ISF consulting services seek to strengthen cyber resilience

Aiming to help its members increase their cyber resilience, the Information Security Forum (ISF) today launched its global ISF Consultancy Services, focused on providing short-term, professional counsel to support the implementation of the non-profit association's resources and products."We're providing practical support to use the ISF tools either on a
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Why a security team embraces shadow IT

When you hear the phrase "getting ahead of shadow IT," it typically comes from a CIO who is implementing new technologies so that employs won’t take it upon themselves to purchase tools. But you don't expect such proactive practices from an enterprise's information security team, which a CIO often enlists to place a moat around corporate assets.
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Do no harm: an oath for health IT developers

As health professionals, nurses, doctors, and even pharmacists are held to a high standard of making sure everything they do is above board. They can lose license for failing to comply with ethical guidelines. Even though software engineers in health IT have a far greater reaching impact on patients, no equivalent code of conduct exists for devel
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Businesses failing to secure privileged accounts

Most companies fail to secure the "keys to the kingdom," according to a new benchmark survey .Last week, privileged account management (PAM) specialist Thycotic and research firm Cybersecurity Ventures released their 2016 State of Privileged Account Management security report, based on the responses of more than 500 IT security professionals who
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Security teams consulted too late on digital transformation

IT decision-makers who have responsibility for security believe security teams are brought in too late to have a meaningful effect on digital transformation initiatives, according to a new study.Dimensional Research, commissioned by by Dell, recently surveyed 631 IT decision-makers with responsibility for security from companies with 1,000 or mor
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$29.99 for the IT Security & Ethical Hacking Certification Training ($1,895 value) - Deal Alert

If you’re looking to enter a rapidly growing field, snag this course bundle in IT Security & Ethical Hacking. Instructors walk you through training for three industry-recognized certification exams:CompTIA Security+Cisco’s CCNA SecurityCertified Ethical HackerFor a limited time, the bundle of courses is only $29.99--a steal considering it’s j
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Cisco aims to simplify security

Digital transformation. It's a reality that few companies today can escape. For some, the process is well underway. For many others, it's an oncoming inevitability. Whichever side of the gap your organization is on, you're probably facing a "security effectiveness gap" as the process brings more users, devices and applications online, creating an
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Why you shouldn't pay the ransomware fee

While most of the decision makers would likely prefer to hear a simple yes or no when asking if they should pay, nothing in security is simple. By and large, the position of many leaders in the industry is that the ideal situation is not to pay.Security experts across the industry would like to see all enterprises, large and small, be prepared fo
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Is your car secure? Maybe not, but enterprise users can still learn something

If you're looking for a good lesson in enterprise security, there might be a few sitting in the parking lot. The automotive field is a glaring example of "worst practices" in security, say several automotive experts. And, the problem is only getting worse, not better.Over the past few years, the cars have come under fire for many things -- consta
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Human error biggest risk to health IT

In the race to digitize the healthcare industry, providers, insurers and others in the multi-layered ecosystem have failed to take some of the most basic steps to protect consumers' sensitive health information, a senior government official is warning.Servio Medina, acting COO at the Defense Health Agency's policy branch, cautioned during a recent presen
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