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What’s New in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

Apple has released iOS 13 for the iPhone and iPod touch, and the newly-named iPadOS 13 for the iPad. This is the first year that the company has created differently named versions of its mobile operating system for different devices, and there are a number of new features specific to the iPad.iOS 13 runs on the iPhone 6s or later (including the iPhone SE), a
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New iOS 13 features, Smart TVs spying on you, and more – Intego Mac Podcast, Episode 101

This week on the Intego Mac Podcast, episode 101…As iOS 13 is out, Josh and Kirk discuss its new features and what you can look forward to. They also discuss how smart TVs spy on you and send data about everything you watch, as well as a new SIM card flaw and an iOS 13 lock screen bypass. Check out the full show notes for links.If you like what you hear, be
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Apple iOS Attack Underscores Importance of Threat Research

The recent discovery of exploit chains targeting Apple iOS is the latest example of how cybercriminals can successfully operate malicious campaigns, undetected, through the use of zero-day vulnerabilities. In this scenario, a threat actor or actors operated multiple compromised websites, using at least one or more zero-day vulnerabilities and numerous unique
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iPhone Users: Here’s What You Need to Know About the Latest iOS Hacks

iPhone hacks have often been considered by some to be a rare occurrence. However, a group of Google researchers recently discovered that someone has been exploiting multiple iPhone vulnerabilities for the last two years. How? Simply by getting users to visit a website. How exactly does this exploitation campaign work? According to WIRED, researchers revealed
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What exactly is a mobile ______ attack?

Mobile devices contain or have access to the same information as traditional endpoints. While billions of dollars have been spent protecting and securing traditional endpoints, very little has been invested to protect mobile device endpoints. Attackers work on the same model as any other business: where do they get the greatest return on their investment of
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The Bad, The Ugly & The Good of Mobile Phishing Protection

“The good, the bad and the ugly” is a well-known expression, but when it comes to mobile phishing, I suggest shifting the order. Let’s talk about the bad, the ugly and the good. The Bad: Mobile Takes Phishing from Bad to Worse Phishing is one of the most dominant attack techniques in cyber security.  Phishing has a very low barrier of entry, attacks can be
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New iOS Jailbreak Tools put Organizations at Risk

According to iDownloadBlog.com (iDB), “in an unforeseen turn of events, hacker Pwn20wnd released v3.5.0 of the unc0ver jailbreak tool to the general public Sunday morning with official support for iOS 12.4, the latest available firmware release from Apple with support for Apple Card.”  While users wanting to bypass existing Apple operating system precaution
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Malicious Websites Put iOS Devices At Risk

In an excellent and deep blog analysis, Ian Beer of Google’s Project Zero outlines five separate iOS exploit chains that were found on a small collection of hacked websites. The hacked sites were being used in indiscriminate watering hole attacks against their visitors, using iOS 0-day. (For another watering hole attack example, please see our recent blog,
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App Stores that Formerly Coddled ZNIU Found Distributing a New iXintpwn/YJSNPI Variant

by Lilang Wu, Ju Zhu, and Moony Li We covered iXintpwn/YJSNPI in a previous blog post and looked into how it renders an iOS device unresponsive by overflowing it with icons. This threat comes in the form of an unsigned profile that crashes the standard application that manages the iOS home screen when installed. The malicious profile also exploits certain fe
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APPLE-SA-2017-10-31-1 iOS 11.1

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Hash: SHA512APPLE-SA-2017-10-31-1 iOS 11.1iOS 11.1 is now available and addresses the following:CoreTextAvailable for: iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later, and iPodtouch 6th generationImpact: Processing a maliciously crafted text file may lead to anunexpected application terminationDescription: A denial of service issue
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APPLE-SA-2017-10-31-9 Additional information for APPLE-SA-2017-09-19-1 iOS 11

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Hash: SHA512APPLE-SA-2017-10-31-9Additional information for APPLE-SA-2017-09-19-1 iOS 11iOS 11 addresses the following:802.1XAvailable for: iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later, and iPodtouch 6th generationImpact: An attacker may be able to exploit weaknesses in TLS 1.0Description: A protocol security issue was addressed
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Dangerous liaisons

It seems just about everyone has written about the dangers of online dating, from psychology magazines to crime chronicles. But there is one less obvious threat not related to hooking up with strangers – and that is the mobile apps used to facilitate the process. We’re talking here about intercepting and stealing personal information and the de-anonymi
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iOS apps can access metadata revealing users’ locations and much more

Developer discovered that iOS apps can read metadata revealing users’ locations and much more, a serious threat to our privacy. The developer Felix Krause, founder of Fastlane.Tools, has discovered that iOS apps can access image metadata revealing users’ location history. Krause published a detailed analysis on the Open Radar community, he explai
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CISCO addressed several critical IOS flaws that expose devices to remote attacks

Cisco has released security updates for its IOS Operating System to fix more than a dozen critical and high severity vulnerabilities. Cisco has released updates for its IOS software to fix more than a dozen critical and high severity vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers to remotely take over company’s switches and routers. Giving a close loo
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APPLE-SA-2017-09-25-4 Additional information for APPLE-SA-2017-09-19-1 iOS 11

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Hash: SHA512APPLE-SA-2017-09-25-4Additional information for APPLE-SA-2017-09-19-1 iOS 11iOS 11 addresses the following:BluetoothAvailable for: iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later,and iPod touch 6th generationImpact: An application may be able to access restricted filesDescription: A privacy issue existed in the handling
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