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Bridging the Cybersecurity Skills Gap as Cyber Risk Increases

Organizations Must Go Beyond Traditional Means of Recruiting Talent to Fill Security RolesThe uptick in cyber-attacks during the pandemic is well documented at this point. As ransomware, phishing, insider threats and other types of attacks rise, IT and business leaders are already anticipating an increased need for more cybersecurity professionals. The indus
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Is Chasing Malware Really Helping You Reduce Fraud?

Like many markets in technology, the fraud detection and prevention category is a crowded one. With different types of solutions approaching the fraud problem space from different angles, it’s worth asking the question: What problem or problems are we actually trying to solve with this class of solutions?  To my knowledge, enterprises are most often int
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COVID-19 Is Requiring Us to Implement Cyber Distancing

Reduce Your Risk by Practicing “Cyber Distancing”For many of us stuck working from home for most of the year, the lines between work and home activities have blurred. You might not even realize when you’re using your work computer to buy something online or using your personal tablet to respond to work emails at night on the couch. This behavior isn’t new, a
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Why Better Password Hygiene Should Be Part of Your New Year's Resolutions

Organizations Must Assume That Bad Actors Are Already in Their NetworksThe world has been faced with numerous life lessons in 2020, but it’s clear that millions of people still haven’t learned one of the most basic when it comes to security. A new reportt from NordPass has revealed that millions of people still haven’t broken the habit of using easy-to-remem
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The Changing Face of OT Security

By Thinking of IT, OT and IoT as Components of One Backbone, We Can Improve ResiliencyWell before the COVID-19 crisis, companies had already started to realize the business value digital transformation unlocks in terms of operations efficiency, performance, and quality of services. Projects such as opening new connectivity vectors to enterprise infrastructur
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Choosing the Right Threat Intelligence Mix

Cybersecurity is the Never-Ending Battle Against Ignorance and TimeRecently, Gartner published its annual report about the threat intelligence market, which identified numerous products and services vendors competing in the space. Beyond Gartner, IT-Harvest, Frost & Sullivan, Forrester, ESG and many others also do a considerable amount of market watching
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5G Security Risk vs. Reward

To Reap the Benefits of 5G and Ensure Security, Organizations Must be Fully Educated and Willing to Work Alongside the TechnologyLast year, I published an article about the promises of 5G and how enterprises should be considering security before adopting the potential benefits of this next-gen technology. Now, a year later, 5G has finally arrived – we’ve exp
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The Term "Threat Intelligence" is Poisoned. It Does Not Mean What You Think it Means.

I’m guessing the creators of the movie The Princess Bride had no idea that Inigo Montoya’s quote – You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. – would be widely quoted for years to come. It captures a disconnect that I believe is at the heart of many human interactions: the assumptions we all have when we enter discussions that
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Palo Alto Networks to Acquire Attack Surface Management Firm Expanse in $800 Million Deal

Network security giant Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW) announced on Wednesday that it has agreed to acquire attack surface management firm Expanse in a deal valued at roughly $800 million. As its largest acquisition to date, Palo Alto will pay $670 million in cash and stock and approximately $130 million in equity awards.Expanse's platform provides cust
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Security-Driven Networking Will Drive the Future of Digital Innovation

Organizations have historically always had to make a trade-off between network functionality and security. A line of business wants to do “X”, but the security teams says they can only do “Y”. Business applications that run fine in trials slow down dramatically when run through edge firewalls for inspection. A fairly new strategy, known as security-driven ne
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Securing Data-in-Use With Confidential Computing

Confidential Computing Capabilities and Services Will be a Competitive Differentiator for Cloud ProvidersMost organizations should have mastered by now the first two pillars of data protection – securing data-at-rest and data-in-transit – across their hybrid enterprise environments. The third data protection pillar – securing data-in-use (i.e., protecting an
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Three Critical Threats on the Horizon You Need to Prepare For

October was National Cyber Security Awareness Month, which served as an important annual reminder for organizations to never let their guard down when it comes to protecting access to data. The most recent wave of data breaches (e.g., Simon Fraser University, Twitter, Universal Health Services, and Shopify) demonstrate that cyber adversaries no longer need t
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What Does Bad Advice Look Like?

Five Angles That One Can Use to Evaluate Whether a Piece of Advice is Good or BadWhen I was a teenager, I once complained to my father that everyone, it seemed to me at the time, wanted to give me advice.  Some of the advice was useful, though much of it didn’t seem particularly helpful at all. My father advised me to listen to the advice, be grateful f
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Back to Basics: Pandemic Cybersecurity Trends and Solutions

Thanks to the quick transition to remote work due to the current global pandemic – coupled with cybercriminals’ penchant for taking advantage of fear, uncertainty, and doubt – security researchers have seen a surge in cybersecurity issues. Cybercriminals have been quick to exploit newly deployed access devices, novice teleworkers, vulnerable home computers a
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When it Comes to Threat Intelligence, a Multi-Vendor Strategy is Needed

No Intelligence Vendor Has 100% Visibility Into What is Happening on the WebThe fact that there is no silver bullet for cyber security, but instead every organization needs to work with a variety of vendors, has shaped the common practices of how we purchase security solutions. In many cases, there’s a checklist – we need a firewall, an end-point protection
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