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The Edge is Near. Are You Ready?

Outpacing Your Security Capacity With Digital Innovation is a Formula for Disaster Digital transformation has largely been focused on expanding the network through the creation and integration of new edge computing environments. Internal projects, such as the virtualization of the data center, have now turned into the cloud edge through the addition of
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Using Gap Analysis to Fix a Leaky Enterprise

Attackers Evolve Quickly, and We Must Work Daily to Ensure We Are Ready for Their Next MoveI recently had a rather comical experience involving a leak in the watering system in my garden. One day, I noticed that one part of the system was leaking.  After that piece was replaced, a second part starting leaking. Replacing that piece resulting in a third p
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The Changing Face of Cloud Threat Intelligence

As public cloud providers continue to elevate their platforms’ default enterprise protection and compliance capabilities to close gaps in their portfolio or suites of in-house integrated security products, CISOs are increasingly looking to the use and integration of threat intelligence as the next differentiator within cloud security platforms.Whether thinki
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Graduation Day: From Cyber Threat Intelligence to Intelligence

Intelligence Can be Aligned With Larger Objectives to Improve Decision-Making Beyond the Cybersecurity DomainCyber threat intelligence (CTI) has been a growing part of the cybersecurity industry for the past several years. Over-focus on this specific intelligence type may be undercutting the ROI that personnel and technologies used to manage CTI co
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2020 - a Year for Clarity Around Threats and Actions

Welcome to 2020! It’s the “Year of the Rat” according to Chinese zodiac. It’s an Olympics year, with the Summer Games to be held in Tokyo. It’s a presidential election year in the United States. And for security professionals, it’s another year of playing catch up to the bad guys.  Given that 20/20 is the recognized bar for clarity of vision, I’d like t
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Half Protected is Half Empty, Not Half Full

Threat actors tend to focus on the human element as the weakest link in the cyber-attack chain, often using stolen, weak, default, or otherwise compromised credentials to gain access to their victim’s environment. From there, then typically move laterally to exfiltrate sensitive data they can monetize. There are endless examples for this tactic, ranging from
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Attacking the Organism: Retail

My Apple News app recently served up some targeted marketing that really hit home. There before me was the opportunity to purchase a limited-edition 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog from KFC and Envirolog, sold through Walmart. Sometimes it’s just plain spooky how these internet algorithms understand us on a deeper level. How did they know I’d been thinkin
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Network Traffic Analysis Provides Visibility, Detection and Investigation Capabilities

More and more, organizations are finding they do not have the levels of automation and visibility needed to prevent, detect and respond to modern threats. These threats are harder than ever to detect, and constantly evolving to take advantage of gaps in security postures that have been widened by increasingly disparate architectures. For example, traditional
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It's Time for the C Suite and Boards to Truly Engage in Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

Given how much businesses rely on data, cloud providers and other aspects of the digital world, cybersecurity should be a topic on every boardroom agenda today. The reality is; however, most boards of directors and c-suites are comprised of individuals who have risen up through the ranks from financial, sales or business disciplines. As such, they almost alw
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Noticing More Robocalls? Governments, Service Providers and Consumers Take Action

Robocalls are an incessant headache from which we all suffer. In fact, they have become so frequent (Americans received 5 billion robocalls during the month of November 2019 alone) that most people have simply stopped answering calls from unknown numbers altogether. It is not only frustrating to receive robocalls multiple times a week, but it can sometimes l
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Speed, Scale, and Scope: A Threat Analyst's Predictions for Cyberattacks in 2020

The age of cyber warfare is dawning on us, and the threat of cybercrime to businesses continues to multiply by the day. The imperative for effective and autonomous defense is stronger than ever. What can businesses expect in 2020? What cards do cyber-criminals hold in their deck? By analyzing emerging technologies and industry trends, we can anticipate
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Constant Vigilance Requires Looking Back as Well as Forward

Security researchers continue to report that many of the primary threats to organizations today come from older attacks and exploits targeting vulnerable systems for which patches are readily available. In fact, older vulnerabilities seem to be preferred. One recent report indicates that exploits targeting vulnerabilities reported in 2007 outnumber thos
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Cybercriminals Celebrate the Holidays

Whether It’s Stealing Your Information or Selling it Online, the Holidays are a Bonanza for CybercriminalsThe joy of the season, at least as expressed through the growing dollar volume of Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales, was huge this year.  Final numbers aren’t yet available, but according to Salesforce, U.S. sales exceeded $8 billion while
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Top Ten New Year's Security Resolutions

Strengthen Your Security Posture in 2020 We’re fast approaching the time of year when many people make one or more New Year’s resolutions.  While some people stick to their resolutions better than others, we can learn a thing or two in security from this practice.  It is in this spirit that I present the top ten New Year’s security resolutions
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Altering the Cyber Terrain and Shaping the Attacker Experience With Deception Technology

In my previous column, I wrote about how to “think like an attacker,” and one of the primary reasons for doing so is being able to leverage the attack surface to your advantage. With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, attackers have a larger playground, and cybersecurity is always in a catch-up/reactive mode. Moving applications and data to the cloud
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