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How Blockchain Will Solve Some of IoT's Biggest Security Problems

Blockchain Can Protect Systems and Devices While Supporting IoT Devices that Have Few Security DefensesWhile blockchain has its place in the world of cryptocurrency, the growing list of industries considering blockchain initiatives is growing fast including healthcare, telecommunications, energy and even manufacturing.The reason? Data integrity.Blockchain is
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Cloud is Creating Security and Network Convergence

Network Security Expertise is Needed More Than Ever Inside Security Operations Centers and on DevOps TeamsDigital transformation forces many changes to a business as it migrates to the public cloud. One of the most poorly examined is the convergence of network and security administration tasks and responsibilities in the public cloud.On premises, the divisi
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CISO Mindshare Is Influencing Tomorrow’s Platforms

We Need More CISOs To Speak UpOn September 25th, I was privileged to offer opening remarks at the 5th Annual SecurityWeek CISO Forum, Presented by Intel.  My comments were brief, and while they are not groundbreaking, they do represent such important reminders for all of us that I thought I would share and expand on them in this format as well.  He
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How to Choose an Authenticator. Or Two. Or Three.

When it Comes to Proving Users Are Who They Say They Are, There’s no Single Solution That Will Meet All Your Needs. As more organizations embrace alternatives to password-based authentication – including exploring authentication technologies that meet FIDO Alliance standards – now is the time to evaluate what methods of authentication will best serve yo
Publish At:2019-10-04 00:00 | Read:135 | Comments:0 | Tags:INDUSTRY INSIGHTS Identity & Access

Perception vs. Reality in Federal Government Security Practices

Focusing on Data Security Controls Will Not Provide the Most Robust Protection Against Data BreachesSince the U.S. government is recognized as a superpower when it comes to cyber warfare, many observers also believe these capabilities extend to the security posture of its agencies and IT infrastructures. Especially because the federal government has develope
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Let's Get Serious About Security Metrics

There are many topics in security that generate quite a bit of discussion when someone brings them up.  Unfortunately, metrics isn’t one of those topics.  Sadly, more often than not, bringing up the topic of metrics is a great way to create awkward silence in a room.So, why is it that metrics is nearly always a conversation stopper?  There are
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The Impact of Recycling on Industrial Cyber Security

In the decade since the Stuxnet worm was discovered, multiple attacks that have been launched against operational technology (OT) networks including Shamoon, Havex, Wannycry, and Lockergoga. Looking back, a disturbing trend has emerged. Industrial attacks are being recycled.Consider LockerGoga, which crippled Norsk Hydro, one of the largest aluminum manufact
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Adopt Insertion Point Security for a Microservices World

In the old world, applications generally consisted of a web server, an app server and a database. Traffic went from router to switch to firewall. There was a network perimeter, which was our ingress. That was then, this is now. With the cloud, containers and microservices, we’re navigating an environment that includes clients, proxies, web servers, app
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Use Case-Centric Threat Intelligence Requires a Considered Approach

One of the most promising developments I’ve seen in threat intelligence over the last year or so is a greater emphasis on use cases. And it’s easy to see why: A use case-centric threat intelligence strategy, when executed properly, can yield clear and abundant benefits — from better alignment with business objectives, to more efficient resource allocation, t
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Top 10 Tactical Recommendations for SMB Cybersecurity

In my previous column I introduced the concept of “Think 360, Demand 360” as it applies to data protection, privacy, and cyber security.  The concept is as follows: whether you represent a small business, a Fortune 50 company, an NGO or a government entity, what you are protecting and who you are protecting it from is really a 360-degree exercise.  
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The Global Reach of GDPR

It isn’t that no one saw it coming.  After all, today’s regimen of European Union General Data Protection Regulations had been crafted under public scrutiny since 2012 and in full force since May 2018.  But its implementation left a degree of uncertainty, particularly among multinationals.In essence, the GDPR requires corporate and state custodians
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Why a Dog Bite is a Lesson in Handling Cyberattacks

A few weekends ago, my dog bit me. In his defense, it was dark and I had tackled him unexpectedly to stop him from walking off our under-construction, railing-less deck. It hurt, but at the time I didn’t realize how critical my next actions would be. It was late, I had house guests, and I decided to dress the wound myself. But by the following afternoon, my
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Three Questions Every CISO Should Be Able to Answer

Working with technical officers and cyber security specialists around the world, our conversations often center around a few key themes – the risk posed by IoT, the difficulty of detecting potentially malicious data transfers, and the overall lack of visibility into user and device activity.These concerns are largely the result of today’s complex and sprawli
Publish At:2017-08-24 14:15 | Read:2355 | Comments:0 | Tags:INDUSTRY INSIGHTS Management & Strategy

The Art of Measuring Security Success

As the budget planning season approaches, discussions of how to measure security success to justify resource allocation or expansion return to the agenda. There are plenty of great articles that can help you identify security metrics to demonstrate the value of security programs, but before leaping to the selection of metrics, we must first define success. T
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Top Reasons to Pay Attention to the Dark Web

By Understanding the Dark Web, You Can Take a Proactive Approach that Helps Reduce Uncertainty and Improves Overall Cyber ResiliencyThe anonymity offered by the Dark Web, accessed by TOR, creates a safe-haven for malicious actors and criminals. These are the same bad guys that have, or likely will soon, launch a cyberattack on your organization. With the see
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