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The Case for Intent-Based Segmentation with SD-WAN

Intent-based Segmentation Allows Networks to Dynamically Adapt for Advanced Threat Mitigation SD-WAN is a perfect example of how digital innovation (DI) efforts are redefining how businesses operate and networks function. It combines remote workers, multi-cloud platforms, business-critical applications, and advanced networking into a single, integr
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Two Musts for Managing a Remote Workforce: Identity Governance and Lifecycle

Rethinking These Familiar Terms to Address New Ways of WorkingIdentity governance and lifecycle have always been fundamental to controlling user access and visibility into access activity in the workplace. But in a time when “the workplace” has been recast to mean every user’s home and a multitude of devices (including personal devices), these capabilities t
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The Communication Imperative for CISOs

One of the potential upsides for security leaders as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, is a renewed focus on cybersecurity and business resiliency. Seemingly overnight, your expertise, resourcefulness and dedication became recognized as integral to shifting your business to become distributed and digital. Now’s the time to take advantage of all the attentio
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Non-Human Identities: The New Blindspot in Cybersecurity

Since the introduction of computers, usernames and passwords have been the primary method used for access control and authentication. However, as post-mortem analysis of most data breaches reveals, compromised credentials have become the primary point of attack for today’s cyber adversaries. In fact, a recent study by the Identity Defined Security Alliance (
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Defending Your Budget: How to Show ROI of Cybersecurity Investments

For those of us who work in cybersecurity, the term “Return on Investment” (ROI) has no doubt made for awkward conversations. The solutions we work with have a return, but one that is commonly only evident during a malware attack or after a data breach has been thwarted. Like testing parachutes or evaluating new safety harnesses, performing a live demon
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New Reality of IT-OT: Convergence, Collaboration and Digital Transformation Acceleration

We All Share the Same Objective of Risk Reduction, But in an OT Environment That Must be Implemented in a Different WayIn recent months, our definition of critical infrastructure has expanded and the convergence of IT and operational technology (OT) networks has accelerated dramatically. As more employees began working from home, the infrastructure of their
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To Err Is Human: Accepting Responsibility to Regain Confidence

The Right Attitude Goes a Long Way Towards Helping Stakeholders Regain Confidence in the Security TeamRecently, after taking a routine medical test, the results never came back. When I called to find out what happened, I was told that due to technical reasons, the test was invalid.  I asked what the technical reasons were and was told that there was no
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Navigating the Rapid Digital Shift: Ticket on the Bus, Not the Whole Bus

Global Companies’ Evaluation of Cybersecurity Solutions Selection Has Been Steadily Changing If it wasn’t already obvious to cybersecurity sales teams, there’s been a sea change for large organizations evaluating and buying new security products to protect their businesses. Responding to COVID-19, transformation plans that enable “work from home” such a
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SD-WAN Must Be Secure, Flexible, and Scale Across the Entire Enterprise

Secure SD-WAN is Far More Than Just a Branch SolutionIn today’s world of digital transformation, things can change rapidly as we have seen in recent weeks. To meet the demands of a dynamic business environment, many organizations are finding that SD-WAN is ideal for providing fast, scalable, and flexible connectivity between different network environments.&n
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Strengthen Cybersecurity With These 3 Steps to Rapid Response

Planning for Rapid Response Will Help Ensure You Have a Foundation in Place During Times of CrisisCrises and outbreaks change us and society, with the war against COVID-19 having the most dramatic impact in recent memory. Every aspect of our existence is different, including new ways of working, communicating, conducting business, and taking care of ourselve
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3 Ways Effective OT Security Enables Your Business

OT Networks Are Often a Black Box for Security Teams and Don’t Have the Telemetry to See and Monitor Industrial EnvironmentsEvery company in the world relies on operational technology (OT) networks. For nearly half of the Fortune 2000 – in industries including oil and gas, energy, utilities, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage – these netwo
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Protecting Online Retail in the Face of COVID-19 and Beyond

For as much buzz as there is in recent times around the impending death of brick-and-mortar retail, the move to online shopping is not new. The first transactions occurred in the 1960s with IBM mainframe applications, which sped up processes such as airline ticket reservations and sales. However, these were custom applications. Online shopping as we know it
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Realizing the Potential of AI-Driven Security Operations

Managing security is an increasingly complicated task for a number of reason. First, networks are expanding rapidly, and many organizations have found that their visibility across the network has been significantly reduced. Siloed security tools and isolated network development and security projects have resulted in vendor sprawl, which means more management
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Why You May Not Need to Monitor the Dark Web

In recent years, the “Dark Web” has become mainstream. In the past, this collection of forums, chat rooms, marketplaces and tools populated by cybercriminals and other types of threat actors, used to be known mainly to law enforcement agents, security professionals and fraud teams, who were responsible of protecting organizations from the threats that emanat
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Three Tips to Help CISOs Close the IT-OT Security Gap

Advice for CISOs on Bridging the IT-OT Security Gap: Part 1In my two previous articles I talked about how industrial networks have become the latest geopolitical battleground and why CISOs should care. Now, I’m going to provide three actionable recommendations to bridge the IT-Operational Technology (OT) security gap, including common pitfalls from the field
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