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In a Remote Work Era, a People-First Approach Keeps Threat Intelligence Teams on Track

Far Too Many Organizations Are Still Failing to Develop Intelligence Requirements Based on the Needs of Their StakeholdersIn the Spring of 2020, COVID-19 hit home for most Americans. At that point, we went from hearing whispers about an overseas virus to knowing we were dealing with a deadly pandemic steadily making its way to the United States. Despite deca
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Beyond the Pandemic: Far-ranging and Lasting Change Ahead for Industrial Networks

IT and OT Teams in Critical Infrastructure and Manufacturing Companies Must be Able to Proactively Manage RiskAs IT and security professionals, we know that change is constant. In fact, part of what defines us is our ability to adapt to change and the faster we adapt, the more successful we will be. The change we encountered in 2020 was unprecedented and had
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Perseverance. Pushing Security Operations Forward in 2021

We Have the Capabilities to Persevere and Reach the Next Level of Security MaturityFor obvious reasons, perseverance has been the theme for 2020 and will continue well into 2021. In the security industry it has been our watchword for decades, so in a sense this is nothing new. But how we have persevered has evolved through the years, and now we have the capa
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Integrating Fraud Data Into Your Workflow

Fraud Detection Solutions Must be Easily Integrated Into Security and Fraud OperationsWhen an enterprise seeks to reduce the losses it suffers due to fraud, there are many points to consider. Among those points is the careful consideration of how any fraud detection and prevention solution will integrate into the enterprise’s day-to-day operational workflow.
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Getting SASE, Without the Hyperbole

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Can be a Game-Changer When Compared to Security of the PastIn the world of information security, it’s hard to flip between internet browser tabs without hearing a new term, and one of the biggest in 2020 was Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). With all the buzzwords and tech jargon flying around, it can be confusing to define
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Shields Up: How to Tackle Supply Chain Risk Hazards

Organizations Need to Monitor and Manage IT Security Risks Downstream in the Supply ChainOn December 13th, FireEye disclosed a global supply chain attack allegedly carried out by a nation-state actor. According to the firm’s threat research, the cyber adversary added a backdoor to commonly used SolarWinds Orion IT management software, apparently by infiltrat
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How to Build a Better Cyber Intelligence Team

As You Build Your Cyber Intelligence Program, Don’t Overlook the Importance of Investing in the Right PeopleWhen we talk about cyber intelligence, or cyber threat intelligence (CTI) for those still using that terminology, inevitably there is a discussion about tools, technologies, and data. We often focus on the best vendors who can bring the most material t
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Attesting to the Security of Data-in-Use

The pace at which new confidential computing solutions are penetrating enterprise security architectures and data protection strategies appears to be catching security leaders off balance. COVID-19-accelerated digital transformation saw years’ worth of cloud migration, “zero trust” management and online collaboration tool rollouts squeezed into a few short m
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Hybrid Networks Are a Business Reality - and Most Security Can't Keep Up

As Organizations Become More Hybrid and Distributed, Their Security Needs to Be Able to Span Across All Environments Since organizations have distributed data and workloads across both cloud environments and on-premises data centers, IT teams are having to deploy, manage and secure increasingly complex and hybrid networks. And contrary to what some clai
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Revisited After a Decade: The Optimist's Cybercrime Predictions for 2011

In 2010, in a different world where no one has heard about lockdowns and social distancing, I wrote an article on SecurityWeek – The Optimist’s Cybercrime Predictions for 2011. While I was not very original in my choice of subject, as the end of every year provides security bloggers worldwide with an easy choice of subject to write about, I chose to revisit
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Detecting Fraud - Every Step of the Way

Data and Evidence Are Important to Properly Detecting, Preventing, and Investigating Both Security and Fraud IncidentsComedian John Mulaney has some clever routines based on the TV program Law and Order. The other day, while watching one of those clips, I got to thinking about something. A detective wouldn’t be very good if he or she only looked at a small f
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Securing the New IT/OT Reality

Security Teams Need to Able to Identify and Track Threats That Cross the IT/OT BoundaryThe COVID crisis accelerated the convergence of IT and operational technology (OT) networks. Even enterprises in industries that depend on physical processes – such as manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and electric utilities – enabled at least
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Security Predictions for the New Year: Budgets will Suffer in 2021

Until very recently, cybersecurity has benefitted from year-on-year budget growth. These regular increases have enabled the security team to make investments that ensure protection against attacks and adherence to regulatory compliance. For some verticals, this is seen as a cost of doing digital business. Meanwhile, for others – retail and finance, for
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Focusing the SOC on Detection and Response

Threat Intelligence is the Foundation and Lifeblood of the Security Operations CenterWe all know the security industry mantra: it’s not a matter of if, but when and how we’ll be attacked. The global pandemic has done nothing to change this. In fact, it has reinforced it. Recent reports indicate a rise in cyberattacks on schools and at the end of October a jo
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Terms of Use: User Privacy and the Algorithms Behind Social Media

At What Point do "Likes" and "Dislikes" Also Become Personal Information Along With the Rest of Our Digital Footprints? We’ve talked about how life in a contactless world is leading to a new wellspring of digital data. The definition of what’s “personally identifiable information” could and should undergo more examination as our digital vapor trail begi
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