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Stick With The Plan Until It Not Longer Makes Sense

There Are Times When a Given Plan May No Longer be Appropriate or EffectiveIn the movie Road House (1989), the character Dalton, played by Patrick Swayze, has a famous line: “I want you to be nice until it's time to not be nice.”  From this line, we can learn an important information security lesson.  More specifically, we can learn when to follow
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Boom Goes the Cyber Security Toolbox

More Cyber Security Tools Can Increase Cost, Increase Complexity, and Reduce an Organization's Ability to be EffectiveI recently had an occasion to go through my father's workbench at his home, where he's been collecting tools and doing fixing, building, and God knows what else for the past 25+ years. There were drawers, cabinets, hanging things, and boxes e
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The Integration Imperative for Security Vendors

Integration is Key to Bringing Security Teams, Processes and Technology TogetherI’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if you’re reading this article, chances are you’re into technology. At home, this may show up in the type of sound system you have or home automation solution. In either case, you have probably done extensive research and devised a
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Education's Digital Future and the End of Snow Days

Healthcare may be the first industry that springs to mind for many people when thinking about sectors that have had to suddenly, dramatically adjust due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But ask parents around the world, and they’ll likely say “education.” The traditional classroom was turned on its head in a matter of weeks, and some of those changes will be h
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Takeaways From the "CryptoForHealth" Twitter Hack

On July 15th, US-based microblogging and social networking service, Twitter, disclosed a security incident whose full impact has yet to be determined. According to court documents, the attack started around May 3rd and was only discovered in July when accounts belonging to well-known public figures and executives like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, P
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Reviving Cybersecurity Innovation with Experience at the Forefront

Take another look at the title of this article. Do you find it to be a surprising statement? Cybersecurity innovation is not quite at the stage where it needs resuscitation, still, the last few months have demonstrated the need for change. As we move forward, the changing workplace environment is certainly building the case for innovation.At a recent virtual
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The Digital Ship is Full of Leaks. But There Are Ways to Keep it Afloat.

Years ago, while anchoring the CBS Evening News during an on-air mishap, Dan Rather made an offhand remark, observing that “To err is human.  But to really screw up, you need a computer.” His observation was, to be sure, somewhat facetious, although the power of digital technology to amplify small mistakes and oversights into massive ones is real.
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Money is Everywhere, Should We Think More Like Banks?

Other Industries Should Look to Intelligence Teams in the Financial Sector for Guidance and Lessons LearnedWhy do thieves rob banks? Because, that’s where the money is. Whether this question was actually asked to the infamous bank robber Willie Sutton is debatable, but it’s well documented that for centuries, thieves have targeted financial institutions.In t
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Emerging Threats During Times of Crisis: Insights from Airbus Cybersecurity's Phil Jones

The global pandemic has highlighted the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. Opportunistic attackers are taking advantage of rapidly changing work environments and stretched security teams to launch a surge in attacks. While there was no way to fully anticipate the impact to our organizations and be prepared from day-one with a detailed plan, the
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Warning Signs of a Startup in a Downward Spiral

How Can Enterprise Security Buyers Make More Educated Decisions Around the Start-ups They Invest Time and Money Into?Some information security start-ups bring much needed creative thinking and new ideas to a challenging professional field. Others don’t bring much of anything to the table, and in some cases, can actually harm an organization’s security postur
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Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity as a Competitive Advantage

The last few months have shown us that it is possible to accelerate digital transformation significantly. The COVID-19 crisis has forced companies to move extremely fast on everything from online collaboration tools to secure remote access for their manufacturing facilities. In fact, in Microsoft’s quarterly earnings report to Wall Street, the CEO stated tha
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Twitter Attack Was Work of Young Hacker Pals: NYT

Hackers involved in the high-profile hijacking of Twitter accounts earlier this week were young pals with no links to state or organized crime, The New York Times reported Friday.The attack, which Twitter and federal police are investigating, started with a playful message between hackers on the platform Discord, a chat service popular with gamers, according
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Finding the Right Threat Intelligence Vendors

There is No Threat Intelligence Type That Is Objectively Better Than OthersIn May 2019, Flashpoint CEO Josh Lefkowitz shared in SecurityWeek tips for evaluating threat intelligence vendors that cover the deep and dark web. While indeed helpful for those who seek such services, as I have established in my previous coolumn, not every company actually needs dee
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Security Automation Challenges to Adoption: Overcoming Preliminary Obstacles

For Most Organizations, the Full Capabilities of Security Automation Are Still UntappedModern security threats come in many different forms, which is part of the reason why addressing them is so challenging and there is a dire need for security automation. But despite recent advancements, the barriers to adoption for automation software remain high, particul
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OT Networks Are Becoming Essential Components of IT Risk Management, Governance

Recent global events have convinced us that digital transformation is here to stay and, in fact, accelerating. Companies that had already begun to embrace digital transformation were able to adapt more quickly to disruption and demonstrate greater resiliency. Now that the initial rush to support a shift to a more distributed model is behind us, we have an op
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