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3 Areas of Your IT Infrastructure that SCM Can Help to Secure

Gone are the days when security teams could focus all of their efforts on keeping attackers out of the network. There’s no inside or outside anymore. The modern network is porous; it allows greater numbers and types of devices to connect to it from all over the world.This characteristic might serve organizations’ evolving business needs as they pursue their
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IoT Attack Opportunities Seen in the Cybercrime Underground

By Stephen Hilt, Vladimir Kropotov, Fernando Mercês, Mayra Rosario, and David Sancho In our paper “The Internet of Things in the Cybercrime Underground,” we looked into IoT-related discussions from several cybercrime underground communities. We found discussions ranging from tutorials to actual monetization schemes for IoT-related attacks. Unsurprisingly, ex
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Hacking LED Wristbands: A ‘Lightning’ Recap of RF Security Basics

By Jonathan Andersson and Federico Maggi Early this year, we published a security analysis of industrial radio remote controllers. In that research, we examined different vulnerabilities in the implementation of radio frequency (RF) communication and the possible impact of an attack on these weaknesses. We believe that RF security research is of great import
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More than 90% of IT Pros Expect More Attacks, Risk, and Vulnerability with IIoT in 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) embodies great promise and risk. On the one hand, ordinary users view IoT as a means of streamlining their activities across billions of “smart” devices. They hope such connectivity will ultimately translate into better and easier lives. On the other hand, IoT devices aren’t always designed with security in mind
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Two-Thirds of Orgs Don’t Have a Strategy to Protect Their Endpoints, Study Reveals

In the information age, an organization is nothing without its critical endpoints. Those network systems function as the cornerstones of a corporate IT network and, as such, are crucial to maintaining smooth business flow. Without them, a company could suffer fiscal and/or operational consequences.Critical endpoints come in many shapes and sizes. Traditional
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5 Key Challenges for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most significant trends in technology today. A melding of innovations in the fields of computing and communication, IoT and its “smart” devices are poised to revolutionize not only user-machine interaction but also the way in which machines engage with one another.Already we are beginning to see the perm
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On Tripwire and the Future of Security: A Letter from Tripwire’s President

I have been in the field of security for over two decades. During this time, I have seen solution providers deliver increasingly feature-rich and sophisticated products, solutions and services, enabling organizations to be more secure. Furthermore, I’ve seen many companies change their entire approach to cyber security – companies that, for the most part, fi
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The Industrial Internet of Things: Fueling a New Industrial Revolution

A transformative event is occurring where countless industrial devices, both old and new, are beginning to use Internet Protocol communication technologies.We refer to these collections of IP-enabled industrial devices and associated networks as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The Industrial IoT is at the very core of disruptive visions, such as In
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How Can We Keep Industrial Internet Systems Secure?

The Industrial Internet is on the verge to becoming the largest disruption to the global economy since the Internet revolution in the 1990s. According to GE, it will have a $32.2 trillion impact, representing 46 percent of today’s GDP.As the Industrial Internet continues to grow and have an impact on the way we work and live, it is imperative that industry p
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