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US Takes Steps to Protect Electric System From Cyberattacks

The Biden administration is taking steps to protect the country’s electric system from cyberattacks through a new 100-day initiative combining federal government agencies and the private industry.The initiative, announced Tuesday by the Energy Department, encourages owners and operators of power plants and electric utilities to improve their capabilities for
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Vulnerabilities in OpENer Stack Expose Industrial Devices to Attacks

Multiple vulnerabilities in the OpENer stack could be exploited in attacks aimed at supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and other industrial systems that use OpENer.Maintained by EIPStackGroup and designed for I/O adapter devices, the OpENer EtherNet/IP (ENIP) stack offers support for multiple I/O and explicit connections, implements the ENIP an
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Siemens Releases Several Advisories for 'NAME:WRECK' Vulnerabilities

Siemens released a total of 14 new advisories on Tuesday, including five describing the impact and remediations for the NAME:WRECK vulnerabilities disclosed on the same day.IoT security company Forescout on Tuesday revealed that four popular TCP/IP stacks — specifically FreeBSD, Siemens’ Nucleus, IPnet and NetX — are affected by a total of nine DNS-related f
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At Least 100 Million Devices Affected by "NAME:WRECK" DNS Flaws in TCP/IP Stacks

Popular TCP/IP stacks are affected by a series of Domain Name System (DNS) vulnerabilities that could be exploited to take control of impacted devices, researchers with IoT security firm Forescout reveal.Collectively called NAME:WRECK and identified in the DNS implementations of FreeBSD, Nucleus NET, IPnet, and NetX, the flaws could also be abused to perform
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Iran Calls Natanz Atomic Site Blackout 'Nuclear Terrorism'

Iran on Sunday described a blackout at its underground Natanz atomic facility an act of “nuclear terrorism,” raising regional tensions as world powers and Tehran continue to negotiate over its tattered nuclear deal.While there was no immediate claim of responsibility, suspicion fell immediately on Israel, where its media nearly uniformly reported a devastati
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Cring Ransomware Targets Industrial Organizations

Cring ransomware operators are exploiting an old path traversal vulnerability in the FortiOS SSL VPN web portal to gain access to enterprise networks, Kaspersky warns.At the beginning of 2021, the threat actors behind the Cring ransomware were observed launching numerous attacks on European industrial enterprises, forcing at least one organization to shut do
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