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Aviation Safety and Cybersecurity: Learning from Incidents

The aviation safety sector is the study and practice of managing aviation risks. It is a solid concentration of regulations, legal documents, investigations of accidents and near-miss aviation incidents. On top of them lie lessons learned and shared knowledge; reports, facts and stats forming a cognitive super vitamin, that the aviation community uses to kee
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Auto Industry at Higher Risk of Cyberattacks in 2023

Cyberattacks are an increasingly common occurrence for a spectrum of industries. Rising cybercrime affects everyone, but certain sectors are more at risk than others. In 2023, the auto industry could face particularly significant dangers.Attacks in the automotive space can impact automakers, automotive fleets, and consumers alike. Reducing these risks will b
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Defending Aircraft Networks Against Cybersecurity Breaches

The aviation industry is both vast and complex. More than 45,000 flights and 2.9 million passengers travel through U.S. airspace every day, requiring high-tech tools and extensive communications networks. All of that data and complexity makes the sector a prime target for cybercriminals. Worryingly, only 49% of non-governmental organizations have fully adopt
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Navigating Cybersecurity with NERC CIP as the North Star

Working in the Electric Utility sector of critical infrastructure gives a person a very unique perspective on how many of the pieces of the puzzle fit together to provide uninterrupted services to a broad population. My personal experience as a software engineer in the electrical industry introduced me to the nuances that the average person doesn’t consider
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Bridging the IT/OT gap with Tripwire’s Industrial Solutions

Cybersecurity has, since its inception, been a corporate-based problem. Whether it is a public, or private corporation, these entities were the primary targets of most cybercrime. In recent years, the industrial sector has increasingly become the target of attack for malicious actors. The reasons include newly internet-connected devices that w
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High Seas and High Stakes Communications: Securing the Maritime Industry

Recall the last time that you stood on the shore, enjoying the briny breeze that gently caressed your skin, and the sounds and smells of the sea. You may have noticed in the distance a large sailing vessel. Have you ever considered all the moving parts that contribute to these “floating cities”? Beyond the logistics of setting out to sea, a ship co
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Protecting Against Bad Chemistry (with Cybersecurity)

Do you recall one of the first really fun chemistry experiment you performed as a child?  If your school followed the usual curriculum, then you probably made a model volcano and then added some baking soda to the opening, followed by the addition of vinegar.  A variation of this experiment was to add the ingredients to a plastic bottle, then stret
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How Can OEMs Reduce Their Risk of Cyberattacks?

Many modern businesses in almost every sector of the economy are adopting the latest technologies for greater connectivity and efficiency. However, while many of these technologies offer myriad benefits, they can also create new cybersecurity vulnerabilities.While much of the focus has remained on manufacturers and how they can bolster their cybersecurity ef
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Improve your patching efficiency with Tripwire State Analyzer

Organizations are always concerned with improving efficiencies to make business flow smoother. Some of the biggest inefficiencies in any business revolve around time wasted on operational tasks. Whether it is a stale accounting process, or something as trivial as routing phone calls to the proper department, saving time by improving a process can m
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Pub Talk: IT/OT convergence, Frameworks and prevailing cybersecurity threats

span class="entry-content post-content">When you read your favorite cybersecurity blog, do you often wonder what it would be like to sit down with the authors and get their real thoughts about some of the topics they write about?  Most blogs and articles are so carefully curated, edited, fact-checked, and linked to supporting evidence that they can seem
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US Government warns of new malware attacks on ICS/SCADA systems

span class="entry-content post-content">Agencies of the US Government have issued a joint warning that hackers have revealed their capability to gain full system access to industrial control systems that might help enemy states sabotage critical infrastructure.In a joint cybersecurity advisory issued by the Department of Energy, the Cybersecurity and Infrast
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Tripwire & FoxGuard: Patching for compliance and security

span class="entry-content post-content">There’s a saying in the cybersecurity community which states that just because you are compliant doesn’t mean that you are secure. Over the years, many images have been used to illustrate the point. One memorable image is that of a nude bicyclist wearing a helmet. By all standards, that is the epitome of
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What Is the Role of Incident Response in ICS Security?

span class="entry-content post-content">In recent years, cyber espionage has been growing in magnitude and complexity. One of the most common targets is Industrial Control Systems (ICS) within critical infrastructure sectors.With many organizations relying more heavily on ICS networks, there has been an increase in threats and cyberattacks aimed at these sys
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How to Combat Asset Blindness in OT Security

One of the main challenges of OT security is the problem of compatibility. OT components often differ significantly from each other in terms of age and sophistication as well as software and communication protocols.This complicates asset discovery and makes it difficult to establish a consistent cybersecurity governance approach. Combating asset blindness in
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How Tripwire Log Center and Tripwire Industrial Visibility Can Work Together

Many industrial security professionals lack visibility into their organizations’ assets and processes. This includes Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices as well as industrial organizations’ supply chains. Back in March 2021, Tripwire announced the results of a survey in which 99% of security professionals said that they had experienced challenges se
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