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Industrial IoT Needs to Catch Up to Consumer IoT

When it comes to cybersecurity, industrial IT—consisting mainly of operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS)—has failed to keep up with development in the enterprise IT world. That’s mostly because industries’ adoption of internet technology has been slower when compared with enterprises.It would take some time to close the gap, but co
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Report: USB threats to ICS systems have nearly doubled

The latest Honeywell USB Threat Report 2020 indicates that the number of threats specifically targeting Operational Technology systems has nearly doubled from 16% to 28%, while the number of threats capable of disrupting those systems rose from 26% to 59% over the same period.Let’s face it. Critical infrastructure operators in manufacturing, aerospace, energ
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Survey: 99% of Security Pros Struggling to Secure Their IoT & IIoT Devices

Organizations are increasingly introducing new Internet of Things (IoT) devices into their environments. According to Statista, the aggregate number of IoT devices deployed by organizations globally increased from 7.74 billion in 2019 to around 8.74 billion a year later. The market and consumer data firm reported that the next few years will see growth in al
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To Patch or Not to Patch in OT – That Is the Real Challenge

The objective of an organization when implementing cybersecurity controls is to eliminate risk, but this oftentimes involves settling for managing risk at an acceptable level. Each organization defines what that acceptable level is depending on several factors including the environment, the criticality of function, the asset type, etc.There are many methods
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WaterISAC: 15 Security Fundamentals You Need to Know

On February 8, the world learned about a digital attack at the water treatment plant serving the 15,000-person City of Oldsmar, Florida.An operator at the water treatment plant observed someone remotely take control of his mouse and use it to change the setting of sodium hydroxide within the water from 100 parts per million (ppm) to 11,100 ppm.This change co
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4 Key Cybersecurity Trends Confronting Canada’s Electric Sector

Digital attackers are increasingly targeting energy organizations including those that support national electric grids. As reported by Morning Consult, security researchers found that utilities worldwide had suffered a recorded 1,780 distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks between June 15 and August 21, 2020. That’s a 595% year-over-year increase.Brando
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Industrial Remote Access: Why It’s Not Something to Fear

Increased uptime? Check. Better access to outside expertise? Check. Improved first-time-fix rate? Check.These are just some of the benefits of industrial remote access. Yet many customers are reluctant to embrace remote access. Not only that, but incidents such as the breach at the Oldsmar water utility might increase organizations’ reluctance to use remote
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Cybersecurity Challenges for the European Railways

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) released in November 2020 its “Cybersecurity in Railways” report to raise awareness about the cybersecurity challenges facing Europe’s railways. The report identifies the current cybersecurity status and challenges as well as proposes cybersecurity measures to combat these challenges and enhance the s
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8 Top Technical Resource Providers for ICS Security Professionals

Attacks against industrial control systems (ICS) are on the rise. In its 2020 X-Force Threat Intelligence Report, for instance, IBM found that digital attacks targeting organizations’ ICS had increased by more than 2,000% between 2019 and 2018. Most of those attacks involved the exploitation of vulnerabilities affecting supervisory control and data acquisiti
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NIST Cybersecurity Framework – The Key to Critical Infrastructure Cyber Resiliency

In the digital age, organizations and the missions and business processes they support rely on information technology and information systems to achieve their mission and business objectives. Not only is technology used to efficiently enable businesses to carry out operational activities, but it is also the backbone for the United States’ critical infr
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Improving Your Security Posture with the Pipeline Cybersecurity Initiative

A few years ago, I worked alongside some oil commodity traders. Environmental concerns aside, I never realized how many parts were required to get the oil out of the ground, not to mention everything else that finally resulted in the production of refined products that surround our lives. As a cybersecurity professional, I was more interested in how all
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5 Key Security Challenges Facing Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)

Digital threats confronting Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) are on the rise. That’s because attackers are increasingly going after the Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) that shareholders use to protect these assets. In their report “Caught in the Crosshairs: Are Utilities Keeping Up with the Industrial Cyber Threat?,” fo
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Key OT Cybersecurity Challenges: Availability, Integrity and Confidentiality

Organisations are still underestimating the risks created by insufficiently secured operational technology (OT).One current example comes from Germany. According to a report by heise.de, external security testers consider it “likely” that a successful serious cyberattack against the publicly owned water company Berliner Wasserbetriebe could lead to a complet
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FERC Releases Staff Report on Lessons Learned from CIP Audits

In October, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) released its “2020 Staff Report Lessons Learned from Commission-Led CIP Reliability Audits.” The report summarizes the Commission’s observations from Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) audits performed in conjunction with staff from Regional Entities and the North American Electric Reliability
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Is Cybersecurity Smart Enough to Protect Automated Buildings?

Hacked air conditioning and plummeting elevators?Imagine that you are in an elevator in a high rise building when suddenly the elevator starts to plummet with no apparent stopping mechanism other than the concrete foundation below.  While this may sound like something from a Hollywood movie, consider the idea that a securely tethered, fully functional e
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