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Self-Proclaimed ‘Nuclear Bot’ Author Weighs U.S. Job Offer

The author of a banking Trojan called Nuclear Bot — a teenager living in France — recently released the source code for his creation just months after the malware began showing up for sale in cybercrime forums. Now the young man’s father is trying to convince him not to act on a job offer in the United States, fearing it may be a trap set b
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Dridex’s Cold War: Enter AtomBombing

IBM X-Force discovered that Dridex, one of the most nefarious banking Trojans active in the financial cybercrime arena, recently underwent a major version upgrade that is already active in online banking attacks in Europe. A few weeks ago, our cybercrime labs detected a new major version of the Dridex banking Trojan, Dridex v4. The updated code features a ne
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IBM X-Force IRIS: Bringing a New Approach to Incident Response

Today IBM announced the newly formed IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) team. This group of exceptionally talented and passionate consultants and analysts is focused on becoming our clients’ trusted security partner. X-Force IRIS experts collaborate with clients to provide solutions for the most challenging information secur
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Dridex Launches Dyre-Like Attacks in UK, Intensifies Focus on Business Accounts

IBM X-Force researchers have been following new developments in the Dridex Trojan’s attack methodologies. In their latest alert, researchers divulged a new modus operandi launched by Evil Corp, the cybercrime group that owns and operates the Dridex banking Trojan. Dridex Learns From Dyre Dridex recently released a new malware build with some internal b
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2016 Cybercrime Reloaded: Our Predictions for the Year Ahead

A Look Back at Cybercrime in 2015 Cybercrime in the past 12 months has been nothing short of epic. Never before have we borne witness to the magnitude or sophistication of online crime as we did in 2015. In the 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study by IBM and the Ponemon Institute, the average total cost of a data breach increased from $3.52 million in 2014 to $3.7
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2015: An Eventful Year in Cybersecurity

2015 was a very interesting year. As you likely recall, 2014 was considered by many to be the year of the data breach. 2015 saw plenty of action, but nothing like the huge retail point-of-sale (POS) breaches we saw in late 2013 and early 2014. This past year, by contrast, we witnessed the health care industry — formerly on the sidelines of the cyber war — be
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Konnichiwa, Rovnix! Aggressive Malware Hits Japanese Banks

IBM X-Force researchers have discovered that the cybercrime gang operating the Rovnix Trojan has launched an aggressive new infection campaign in Japan. Rovnix is the latest advanced malware to set its sights on Japan. Before it came the Shifu Trojan, which initiated attacks in Japan in August 2015. The gang that operates Rovnix is known to focus on European
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Attackers Shift Sights From Retail to Health Care in 2015

During the holiday season just a few years ago, major retailers were in a panic responding to countless attacks from cybercriminals targeting their highly coveted customer credit card information. It’s likely that you were personally impacted by those high-profile breaches, or if not, you know someone close to you who was. IBM’s X-Force security
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I’m Yelling Tinba! Trojan Sets Sights on Singapore Banks for Holiday Season

IBM X-Force malware researchers have uncovered an aggressive malware campaign targeting banks in Asia. The campaign, which uses the Tinba v3 banking Trojan to infect potential victims, has its sights set on business and corporate accounts held with nine major bank brands in Singapore. While other countries are also targeted, the amount of Singaporean bank br
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The Return of Ramnit: Life After a Law Enforcement Takedown

Organized cybercrime is known to attract the attention of international law enforcement and regional counter-cybercrime task forces. Botnet takedowns are one of the means by which police forces from around the world coordinate the disruption of digital crime. Cases of botnet takedowns date back to a variety of spam zombie networks like Pushdo, Rustock, Grum
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The Retail Industry’s Top Cyberthreat in 2015? Malware

What’s the retail industry receiving this holiday season? Most likely a new malicious link or document. A new IBM report revealed that attacks involving malware are prevalent, making up most of the threat activity observed across the IBM Managed Security Services client networks. Malware is the leading attack type in breaches, according to IBM X-Force
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2015: Cybercrime’s Epic Year

This year in cybercrime was… epic! Every prediction made last year has not only materialized, but exceeded expectations. Increases in attacks, technical sophistication and higher losses than ever imagined painted a new cyber reality in the past 12 months. What was so different in 2015? Wasn’t it just more of the same? Well, not quite. As the year
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The Ripple Effect of the CISO in the C-Suite

War games aren’t just for movies. In fact, they have a place in every business, up through the C-suite. When our experts from IBM Emergency Response Services (ERS) reported on the top developments they’d seen in 2015 engagements in the recent IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly, the rise in prominence of the CISO role and the prevalence of
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Practical Indicators of Compromise and X-Force Exchange

The “IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly – 4Q 2015” includes an article discussing indicators of compromise (IoCs), titled “The Power of Indicators of Compromise for Incident Forensics.” They can also be known as observables since they are artifacts that one can observe within the system’s environment. As that article note
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A Kitten and an Information Security Analyst Walk Into a Bar…

So a kitten and an information security analyst walk into a bar… It’s a great setup for a joke, right? (Unless you consider that kittens are way too young to drink and shouldn’t even be in a bar in the first place.) Let us also consider that an information security analyst probably doesn’t have the luxury of time to go to a bar given
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