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Blocking Bad: The Importance of Blocking and Virtual Patching

Last week, we discussed the importance of patch management and the complexity of keeping systems within your company up to date. Not only are organizations challenged by the necessity of patching, but they must also contend with specific change control processes that help keep the business running. When systems cannot be immediately patched, many companies t
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QRadar Advisor With Watson Makes Cybersecurity More Human

Because of the vast amount of data available and the fact that more is generated every day, the British scientist Thomas Young, who died in 1829, was known as “The Last Man Who Knew Everything.” Since that time, knowledge and available data has increased exponentially. The Man Who Knew Everything In 2010, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt noted that
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Will Watson Save the Security World?

This is the first article in a three-part series on how IBM Watson for Cyber Security can help analysts win the arms race against the increasingly sophisticated cybercrime landscape. IBM’s latest and most glamorous offering in the security space is QRadar Advisor with Watson. This technology is designed to reduce the time taken to identify, classify an
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IoT: The Internet of Trouble

It might be surprising to note that the number of connected devices outgrew the world population back in 2008. By 2020, on average, each person on the planet will have about six devices. It’s fair to say that the Internet of Things (IoT) has already arrived, but what does this mean, and should you be concerned? Surfing the Tsunami of IoT Challenges Org
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Becoming an Agile Cyber-Ninja: Implementing SIEM the Right Way in 2017

When it comes to security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, you get out what you put in. Choosing the right method for organizing the teams that deploy and implement the SIEM, use cases and all, is an important decision. When it comes to organizing the projects and services related to the security of your enterprise, you need to stick to wh
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Are You Getting the Most From Your Network Security? Five Questions to Ask

For nearly 20 years, network security solutions, including firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems, have been the foundational building blocks of an effective security program. However, as attack methods evolve, it is critical to determine whether your network technologies are not only keeping up with the latest threats, but also integratin
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QRadar UBA App Adds Machine Learning and Peer Group Analyses to Detect Anomalies in Users’ Activities

User behavior analytics (UBA) has been a hot topic in IT security for some time now. With successful deployment of perimeter defense, companies must now address the threat within. This threat, whether from a rogue employee, careless business partner or external actor with compromised credentials, is real and often difficult to detect. The effects of this thr
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QRadar Waves From the Leader Position in the Forrester 2017 Security Analytics Wave

Co-authored by Nicole Trager. Forrester just published its first ever Security Analytics Wave. IBM Security is proud to hold a top right position, with the highest scores in solution strength and vision of all the evaluated products. Forrester developed and applied a 36-criteria evaluation of security analytics (SA) providers and, as a result, identified the
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Five Advantages of Cloud-Based SIEM for Security Intelligence and Operations

Every five or six years, I find myself facing another major consumer purchase decision. My car gets old and my transportation needs change, for instance. It’s not quite as strategic as choosing a security analytics solution to protect a corporate enterprise, but neither I nor a chief information security officer (CISO) wants to regret the ultimate deci
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Your IBM i Holds Your Crown Jewels. What Are You Doing to Protect Them?

As cybercriminals continue to get better at penetrating systems, it is becoming increasingly clear that companies need to step up and move from a compliance-driven approach to an optimized risk management security program. Since IBM i is often the most critical system, it’s important to monitor all user activities within it properly. Investigating IBM
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IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson: Revolutionizing the Way Security Analysts Work

Growing up, science fiction shows and movies fascinated me with their speculations about amazing technologies the future might bring. A common element of many of these stories was an intelligent system – depicted as a robot, a computer or a droid – and they were there to complement the mission. Today, I get to play a part in bringing to life tech
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Mirror, Mirror: Using Self-Protection to Boost App Security

Last week while reading to my toddler, I came across the story of “Snow White,” in which the evil queen consults a magic mirror to find her greatest threat, the fairest person in the land. While my kid fell asleep — probably due to my effective storytelling technique — I kept thinking about why the queen would want to identify that threat. The an
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Migrating Security to the Cloud: A Model for Total Cost of Ownership

Sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same. Businesses are migrating from traditional on-premises maintenance of their hardware and software to software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud at record levels. But any evaluation of such a move must include more than just the obvious costs of hardware and software. When migrating security to the clo
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Making a SIEM Dance With Docker

Despite having left coding 20 years ago and going over to the other side of offering and product management, I’m still a techie at heart. Next to seeing customers happy with our solutions, I also get excited about cool new tech that solves real business problems in a beautifully elegant way. IBM Strengthens SIEM One of the major challenges organization
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The Power of Network Insights: Nowhere for Threats to Hide

Picture this: You’re all set to go and have a big day ahead of you, but you can’t find the car keys. Frustrating, right? So is trying to find phishing attacks, lateral movement, embedded malware and advanced threats buried deep within normal traffic as they traverse your network. It’s hard to find what you can’t see. Network Insights
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