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Why Cyber Ranges Are Effective To Train Your Teams

Cyber ranges may be one of the most effective ways to train IT professionals in defending against cyber attacks. The virtual environments deliver simulated real-world attacks that test multiple dimensions and stakeholders within diverse environments. Cybersecurity teams can use cyber ranges to practice defending against simulated threats in immersive trainin
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Practice: The Best Defense for Responding to Cyber Incidents

First responders have proven time and time again the valuable help they provide to people in need. Right now, we’re seeing their bravery with the historic hurricanes, fires and floods impacting millions of people. What makes first responders confident in the face of such danger? One word: practice. And this lesson is translating to the private sector i
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Why Red on Blue Is a Crucial Component of Cyber Skills and Incident Response Training

More and more companies are looking to cyber exercises and capture the flag events to improve their incident response effectiveness, upskill staff and tackle the cybersecurity talent gap. A red on blue experience provides a safe sandbox environment for participating companies to stress test their business processes and challenge their capabilities in respon
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Cybersecurity Meets Gamification at CTF Competitions

So you think you understand cybersecurity? You’ve got a team of cybersecurity experts that work with you daily and you believe in them. How sure are you that they are the best? Have you ever wondered how strong their cyber kung fu is — or your own, for that matter — against the pressurized, melting pot environment of the capture-the-flag (CTF) cyber ar
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‘In Security’ Web Comic, Episode 003: To the Command Center

Welcome to “In Security,” the new web comic that takes a lighter look at the dark wave of threats crashing across business networks, endpoints, data and users. Click here for an introduction to the team and be sure to read Episode 001 and Episode 002. Now that EveryApp has seen the Pandapocalypse attacks occur in real time, will they need to sin
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