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Worried About Apache Struts? Stay One Step Ahead of Endpoint Attacks

Endpoint attacks can come from any direction and many sources. Just consider the reported vulnerabilities found in Apache Struts and the damage caused by WannaCry and Petya. Companies need to stay one step ahead of endpoint attacks, but they struggle due to a lack of visibility of endpoint status, the complexity of investigations and ineffective remediation.
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Unapplied Knowledge: Using Endpoint Intelligence to Earn an A-Plus in Security

There’s a famous quote that goes something like this: “Unapplied knowledge never benefited anyone.” I remember learning that back in college when working on a group project for a professor I’d had the previous semester. I earned a strong A in his class the first term, but the project we turned in the second time around didn’t g
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How Basic Endpoint Patching Helps Protect Against Ransomware and Other Attacks

On Friday, a group of unknown threat actors carried out one of the largest cyberattacks of its kind, which infected hundreds of thousands of computers in 150 countries. The ransomware, known as WannaCry, exploits a Microsoft Windows OS vulnerability that was patched in Microsoft’s Security Bulletin two months ago. The universal advice was straightforwa
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Vulnerability Management in the Age of Analytics

It is becoming increasingly critical to manage both unknown and known vulnerabilities. In fact, since even novice cybercriminals can exploit publicly disclosed issues, it may be even more important to manage known vulnerabilities. Furthermore, fraudsters can examine information associated with known threats to develop new attacks and scout potential targets
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It’s Time to Go Beyond Next-Generation Endpoint Security

Endpoints are at the center of the universe of advanced attacks. They’re the most vulnerable, and act as a favored attack vector for cybercriminals because they provide the easiest entry points into your network. If you work in IT, you know how vulnerable endpoints can be and understand the need for a continuous approach to securing them, both proactiv
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Bringing the Power of Watson and Cognitive Computing to the Security Operations Center

Today, the average enterprise security operations center (SOC) is crushed under the burden of an estimated 200,000 pieces of security event data per day, according to IBM research. However, only a tiny percentage of those events require immediate action. Because alerts lack context, security teams must treat each equally. That means the average enterprise wa
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How to Find and Remediate Vulnerabilities in Real Time

Every business, large or small, must be able to remediate vulnerabilities that can threaten to undermine all its hard work and success. The security analysts and IT operators at these organizations have surely heard of household-name vulnerabilities like Heartbleed and Shellshock. But do they have all the knowledge and tools they need to track and remediate
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Give Your Customers Peace of Mind This Holiday Season With PCI Compliance

December brings a lot of holiday cheer not just for everyday consumers, but also for retailers thanks to the surge in sales during this period. But it’s not just the retailers that experience a huge boost in profits: Cybercriminals are also looking to maximize their ROI on cyberattacks, and they enjoy preying on the massive number of financial transact
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Effective Endpoint Security and Management: Coupling Content With Context

When it comes to effective endpoint security, it’s imperative to couple content with context. Content, in this case, is information gathered by your systems that tells you that your endpoints have been compromised. And it’s important to have content — visibility into potential threats is the first step to being able to thwart them. But it’s
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In a Sea of Cyberthreats, Don’t Be Distracted by the Shark — Look for the Snails!

The Beauty Behind Shark Week Shark Week really is a genius idea. Shark Week is an annual event on The Discovery Channel featuring nothing but shark-related programming, both real and fictional. It began in 1988 and is incredibly popular, which is why it is the longest-running cable programming event in history. That popularity comes from our collective fasci
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National Security Requires Real-Time Endpoint Compliance

Government agencies are faced with an ever-increasing multitude of cybersecurity threats and rising compliance regulations. This was recently demonstrated when it was revealed that the personal information of millions of current, former and prospective government employees had been stolen via data breach. If there’s a silver lining here, it’s tha
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Keeping Your Data Safe: How to Build an Endpoint Security Strategy Based on Confidence

I read an article a few days ago in which the author subtly advocated that organizations should adopt a viewpoint based on fear when it comes to security breaches. The basic subtext was something like, “The cyberattackers are coming — run to your bunker!” The truth of the matter is that, in some ways, he’s right; it’s really not a que
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Is Your Endpoint Strategy Keeping You Secure? Four Questions to Help You Find Out

When it comes to endpoint security, it’s been said that the best way to keep an infected device from causing damage to the broader network is to keep it turned off once it’s compromised. While this method of quarantining an endpoint may be a quick fix, for obvious reasons it’s not very practical in the long run. A better approach would be t
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