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Effective Data Security Begins With a Strong Tech Foundation

Data is the engine of the modern economy. Whether it consists of customer data, intellectual property, market insights or financial information, these types of sensitive data enable the most successful businesses to thrive. It’s no surprise, then, that securing that critical data is increasingly a strategic priority for organizations around the globe.
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Grow Your Business With an Evolving Cloud Security Strategy

We have all heard the castle-and-moat analogy to describe traditional centralized approaches to cybersecurity. As cloud security becomes increasingly important in the modern landscape, I think we should add one more component to the analogies we use to think about security: fog. Sometimes the fog is so thick that you can barely see what is in front of you or
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Making Cloud Security a Team Sport

While most large enterprises are moving to the cloud in some form, the path is never as direct as chief information officers (CIOs) and chief information security officers (CISOs) might like it to be. Most come to terms with the fact that the cloud won’t be a single offering, but rather a hybrid multicloud that aligns critical applications with cloud s
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Security: A Match Made in the SOC

Change is constant in cybersecurity — continual, rapid, dynamic change. It’s impossible to maintain an effective defensive posture without constantly evolving. Security measures that worked in the past will not be effective today, and today’s security controls will not be effective tomorrow. Many factors contribute to this rapid pace of change. A
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IBM Experts Weigh In on the Value of an Industry-Focused Approach to Security

To more closely align with the way clients think about security, IBM Security is focused on providing an open security immune system that enables organizations to integrate and leverage the investments they have already made within their specific industry. Experts Discuss the Benefits of an Industry-Focused Security Strategy We consulted six experts from the
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Is It Really Safe for FSS Firms to Utilize Hybrid Cloud Services?

The financial services sector (FSS) is accelerating the adoption of cloud. According to a 451 Research survey, financial companies are adopting hybrid cloud services as a core part of their technology and infrastructure strategies. Hybrid cloud is defined as a cloud computing environment that utilizes a mixture of on-premises private cloud and third-party p
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Five Questions to Ask Yourself About the Security of Your Cloud Workloads

By 2020, 90 percent of enterprises will be on the hybrid cloud. Even though a move to the cloud is now inevitable, few organizations have a comprehensive grasp of how to secure it. This is especially challenging when organizations are on multiple cloud environments from multiple service providers, since each has its own set of native security controls. Five
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Hybrid Cloud Adoption: The Logical Next Step Toward Innovation and Modernization

The adoption rate of hybrid cloud among enterprises is growing significantly. Companies that have been sold on the trends and success stories are embarking on cloud transformations that enable them to introduce new services, expand sales and monetize data. To be sure, there are some security concerns for IT leaders to consider before migrating sensitive data
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Tenable brings network visibility into Google Cloud Platform

Tenable Network Security has integrated Tenable SecurityCenter Continuous View with Google Cloud Platform, giving administrators better visibility into what is happening within their cloud infrastructure.Cloud-based infrastructure eases IT’s administrative woes and lowers operating costs, but the benefits don’t count for much if there is any doubt about
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Is Your Private Cloud as Secure as Your Network?

Cloud computing is fundamentally changing the way IT operates in a growing number of organizations. Last year, IDC predicted that the global cloud market would grow 23.2 percent in 2015, thanks in part to users gaining confidence in the security and reliability of the cloud, Computerworld reported. Security is an important consideration, and according to ana
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Managing Risks of a Hybrid Cloud Environment When You’re A Small Business

First, it was cloud computing that sparked the imaginations of businesses in terms of all the benefits they could receive. Then, came the division of public and private clouds; some companies wanted to keep their cloud on-premise, while others looked to cloud providers. Now, the next step in the cloud revolution has come—the gradual adoption of the hybrid cl
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CIC Security Briefing Note: IBM Delivers Dynamic Security for Hybrid Cloud

Over the past few years, IBM has invested heavily in rebuilding its product portfolios. It has made many point acquisitions to address perceived weaknesses and aligned many of its internal tools to ensure a coherent product strategy. The IBM Security product portfolio in Figure 1 below is both multilayered and multicolumned. Products can be layered on top of
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CIC Security Briefing Note: Without the Right Help, CISOs Cannot Secure the Enterprise

Security Affects the Bottom Line and Brand Reputation Regular surveys of C-suite executives around the world consistently show that information security is one of their top three concerns. This is hardly surprising. The rising tide of compliance and privacy legislation carrying potentially crippling fines, customers willing to file class action lawsuits and
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