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Should You Back Up Your iOS Device to iCloud or Your Mac?

You probably know how important it is to back up your data, and there are a number of different backup options for Mac.But it’s also important to back up your iPhone or iPad. While you may not have a lot of documents on these devices that aren’t stored on a cloud server—which you can easily retrieve if necessary—you are likely to have photos and
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Everything you can do with the Apple Pencil

Steve Jobs famously said, about tablets, "If you need a stylus, you’ve already failed." But he was talking about using a stylus as the main input device for a tablet. When Apple released the Apple Pencil in 2015, this quote was revived to remind people that a) things have changed, and b) Steve Jobs wasn’t always right.In 2018, Apple rel
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How to Prepare Your Mac to Upgrade to macOS Big Sur

Another year, another new version of macOS. In a couple of months, you’ll be able to upgrade your Mac to macOS Big Sur, also known as macOS 11. The forthcoming version of Apple’s desktop operating system features the biggest interface change since the release of Mac OS X, and, while there aren’t a lot of flashy new features, everything will
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How to Back Up Your Mac’s Data with Time Machine

Backing up your data is one of the most essential security tasks you can do. Because of the many ways you can lose data, having multiple backups is the only way to ensure that if anything happens – such as disk failure, a lost or stolen computer, or malware deleting files – you can restore your important data quickly. There are many strategies fo
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How to Back Up Your Mac to a NAS

We all know how important it is to back up your Mac. It’s easy to connect an external hard drive to your Mac to back it up, but if you use a laptop, you might forget to do this regularly. You can use an online backup service if you have the bandwidth, but a practical way to back up your Mac locally is to use a NAS: a network-attached storage device. He
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How to Send Files Securely

There are many occasions when you need to send files securely to a friend, colleague, or client. If you can’t meet in person to exchange files, there are a number of online and cloud services that can handle file transfers for you. It’s easier than ever to use these services, many of them free, to securely send files to others. Here are a few opt
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Power up the date and time in the macOS menu bar

If you’re an organized type, having the time and date at hand is a must. But rather than relying on a watch or desk calendar, you can of course use your Mac. There are ways to get this information built into macOS, but there are also third-party apps that can augment or entirely replace the default Apple experience.The macOS Date & Time paneTo adjust the
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Save Settings in Safari for Websites You Visit Often

You most likely have a number of websites you visit regularly: sites you use to shop, bank, get the news, and more. If you use Safari on the Mac, you may know that you can change the way you view these websites, changing the font size, using Reader mode, and more. But what you may not know is that you can apply these changes permanently for any site that you
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Managing Battery Life on Macs and iOS Devices

Batteries are essential to our portable devices. For many of us, in our everyday use of Macs and iOS devices, we don’t have to worry too much about this. Modern iPhones and iPads provide a full day‘s battery life, and if you use a portable Mac, you can probably get through the day unless you are using battery-intensive apps.But sometimes you can’t. If you’re
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Use Smart Albums in Apple Photos to organize your photos

If you have lots of photos, Apple’s Photos app on the Mac is a great way to organize and edit them. You can view your photos in many ways: by date, location, and you can even view all the photos of specific people. The Photos app even creates special "memories" for you, of photos from specific places, with your favorite people, days when you&
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How to find what software has been automatically updated on your Mac

In a recent article, we looked at how you get software updates on your Mac. You get updates in three ways. If you bought apps from the Mac App Store, that app provides updates. If you bought apps directly from developers, they apps generally use their own update system; occasionally you may need to download an update from a developer’s website. And for
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Learn How to Use the Secret Features of the iPad and iPhone Control Center

There are a lot of things you can do on your iPhone or iPad, and you can quickly access some important settings, even from the lock screen using Control Center. This interface lets you enable, disable, and adjust a number of settings on your iPhone, and even control things like smart home devices or music playback. But there are a number of secret features i
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How to Improve your Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime call experience

For many people who are working from home for the first time, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and other video-conferencing services have become essential communication tools. People use these for meetings, but also to keep in touch with friends and family. These apps are easy to use, but the way you experience them can be jarring if you’re not used to this sort
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How to Shoot Video with an iPhone

Shooting video with an iPhone is easy, but you may not know all the many options available on your device. You can choose the resolution and frame rate of your videos, shoot slow motion or time-lapse videos, and you can zoom and use the different lenses on your iPhone, if your model has multiple cameras. But you can also take stills while you’re shooti
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Use Your iPad as Your Mac’s Second Screen with Sidecar

One of the more useful features in macOS Catalina is Sidecar, which allows you to use your iPad as a second display for your Mac. This is practical if you want to work on a document on your iPad using the Apple Pencil, or if you want to be able to show something from your Mac to a colleague or client without them needing to look over your shoulder. And if yo
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