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How to Manage Gmail and Google Security and Privacy Settings

Lots of people use Gmail for their email, either using Google's website in a web browser, or through an email client. You may use a @gmail address, or you may have a domain hosted on Google Apps for Work. When you use Google for your email—as well as for search, maps, and more—you have a number of security and privacy options you can set.Google has a good se
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Protect Your Amazon Account with Two-Step Verification

Amazon has recently added two-step verification to its website. This means that you can protect your account with an additional layer of security.If you use two-step verification when you sign into your Amazon account, you'll enter your email address and your password, and then you'll be required to enter a six-digit code that will be sent to you by SMS. (Fo
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How to Encrypt Disk Images with Disk Utility to Protect Sensitive Files

If you want to protect files on your Mac, on an external drive, or even in the cloud, it's a good idea to encrypt them. You don't need any special software to do this; your Mac already contains the app you need. Apple's Disk Utility lets you create an encrypted disk image that you can use to store sensitive files that no one, not even the NSA, can get at.We
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Pope Francis to Parents: Remove Smartphones from the Dinner Table

There's something to be said about the benefits of sharing a good meal, sharing affections, stories, and events at the dinner table, and how technology is causing interruptions with families these days — how smartphones are a huge interruption. On Wednesday, Pope Francis offered his take on how to restore quality family dinnertime.Pope Francis zeroed in on t
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How to Securely Empty Trash in OS X El Capitan

Previous versions of OS X used to have a Secure Empty Trash feature, which would securely delete the contents of the Trash. What this did was overwrite the files with zeroes, making it much harder — nearly impossible, in fact — to recover the files.Unfortunately, when OS X El Capitan was released, Apple removed the Secure Empty Trash feature due to a vulnera
Publish At:2015-11-05 19:10 | Read:2676 | Comments:0 | Tags:Apple How To CVE-2015-5901 El Capitan FileVault OS X Secure

Interface Tweaks for El Capitan

When you use a Mac, you probably want to adjust things so it's exactly right for the way you work. There are lots of ways you can tweak El Capitan to customize the way it displays. You can tweak the menu bar, alter the Dock, change Desktop wallpaper, zoom the cursor to make it bigger, and more.In this article, I'll tell you how to customize the way El Capita
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How to Use Ad Blockers in iOS 9

If you follow tech news, you're probably aware of the controversy over ad blockers. iOS 9 allows users to install and implement "content blockers." These apps, which hook into the Safari web browser, can block ads and other types of content. As such, many web publishers who depend on ads are crying foul. They are saying that people using these ad blockers ar
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6 Ways to Keep Your Family Protected in Our Always-Connected World

It's 2015, and in today's interconnected world we live robust, online lives. From banking and shopping to health care, social networking and downloading the latest apps — we're always connected to the online world. While the benefits are aplenty, this increased connectivity and our ever-growing number of connected devices has also made us more vulnerable to
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How to Create a Culture of Cybersecurity at Work [Infographic]

All businesses face cybersecurity challenges, which means proactively protecting organizational assets, employees and consumers must be a priority for every business. That's why week 2 of October's National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) focuses on providing resources that help businesses establish a culture of cybersecurity.If you run a small busine
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How to Prepare Your iPhone and iPad for iOS 9

With the release of iOS 9 just around the corner, it's time to start planning to update your iPhone or iPad. There are a number of things you should do to make sure the update goes smoothly. Planning ahead can ensure that you don't run into too many problems. Here's how to smoothly upgrade your iOS device.Make sure it's compatible with iOS 9The first thing y
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How to Back Up Your iTunes Media

All your files are important, and I'd strongly recommend backing up everything. Some of you may back up your documents, but it's best not to ignore an important part of your Mac's files: Your iTunes media. There may be a lot of money in your iTunes library, and a lot of time spent building it. After all, iTunes holds music, videos, and audiobooks that you've
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How to Improve Apple Music ‘For You’ Suggestions

While you may use Apple Music just to listen to Beats 1 radio or to search for some of the latest hits and listen to them on repeat, the real advantage of this service is its ability to recommend music to you. Apple Music presents a variety of music in the For You section of iTunes or the iOS Music app. You'll find both playlists and albums in For You, and y
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8 iPhone and iPad Apps for Successful Students

This is the final installment in our Top 10 List Bonanza series helping you prepare for back to school. Everybody loves a top 10 list; some of our lists might not be exactly 10, some might be 5 or 15, but these are the top lists for you as a student or parent to get revved up for back to school — on the right foot. And we'll give you some discounts along wit
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10 Things to Tell Your Kids Before Giving Them a Smartphone [Checklist]

This story comes to you as part of our Top 10 List Bonanza series helping students prepare for back to school. Everybody loves a top 10 list; some of our lists might not be exactly 10, some might be 5 or 15, but these are the top lists for you as a student or parent to get revved up for back to school — on the right foot. And we'll give you some discounts al
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Why You Should Connect to a VPN on Mac and iOS — and How To

We're a firm advocate that if you wish to stay safe online, you should consider more than one layer of security. Mac anti-virus software, for instance, protects you from malware, but it doesn't hide your digital footprints. So long as your Internet use can be tied to your unique IP address, this information can be used to track you. This is why some people c
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