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It’s Mobile Malware Week: here’s what enterprises should know

October sees the return of European Cyber Security Month, which is the EU’s annual advocacy campaign that aims to raise awareness of cyber security threats, promote cyber security among citizens and provide up to date security information, through education and sharing of good practices. This year 24th – 28th October is known as Mobile Malware Week and
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It’s Mobile Malware Week: here are the tips you need

While October is typically associated with spooky Halloween costumes and binging on sweets, October also means celebrating European Cyber Security Month. While it doesn’t involve any ghosts and ghouls, security threats are sometimes scary too, so the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) initiative promotes awareness of cyber security issues and best practice
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Living in an immaterial world: Brits fear losing personal data more than their physical belongings

Now that we do virtually everything on our smartphones. From corporate work data to our health data to financial transactions to personal, private information — these powerful little phones host it all. These days it’s less about the device itself and more about the data, the ‘what’s inside,’ that matters most to Brits. How do we handle the deluge of d
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Six quick tips for protecting your mobile privacy

Ever wonder what you can do to make sure your personal data and information on your mobile device doesn’t end up in the wrong hands? Here are a few tips to help you quickly secure your phone and protect all your data. Set a strong pin or passcode. If someone other than yourself winds up with your phone, a passcode is the first line of defense to protect yo
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How to disable auto-fetching of MMS messages on a device’s default SMS app

When an Android device receives a video message via SMS, by default it will automatically download the file. Therefore, disabling auto-fetching prevents an attacker from getting a device to automatically download a malicious video containing Stagefright exploits, which allows the user to delete the message and avoid device exploitation. To determine your dev
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Privacy Zeitgeist

In 2015 we’re living in a ‘Privacy Zeitgeist’, with new Lookout/ICM research showing that Brits are now hyper-vigilant about protecting the privacy of the data on their mobile phones. Partially driven by recent events such as the Snowden revelations, high-profile data breaches and celebrity photo-leaking incidents, and partially by a growing awareness and se
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Travel in the Digital Age

There’s just over a month left in the year, but it’s jam-packed with everyone’s favorite holidays. You’ve worked hard all year long, and now is the time for a little R&R. You’ll get to share a Thanksgiving feast with family and friends, score some sweet deals on Black Friday, and maybe even take that trip you’ve always wanted to go on to bring in the new
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