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Cracking Java’s weak encryption – Nail in the JKS coffin

POC||GTFO journal edition 0x15 came out a while ago and I’m happy to have contributed the article “Nail in the JKS coffin”. You should really read the article, I’m not going to repeat myself here. I’ve also made the code available on my “JKS private key cracker hashcat” github repository. For those who really need a
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Lessons learned from cracking 4,000 Ashley Madison passwords

Further Reading25-GPU cluster cracks every standard Windows password in <6 hoursAll your passwords are belong to us.When hackers released password data for more than 36 million Ashley Madison accounts last week, big-league cracking expert Jeremi Gosney didn't bother running them through one of his massive computer clusters built for the sole purpose o
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Password cracking experts decipher elusive Equation Group crypto hash

Unraveling a mystery that eluded the researchers analyzing the highly advanced Equation Group the world learned about Monday, password crackers have deciphered a cryptographic hash buried in one of the hacking crew's exploits. It's Arabic for "unregistered."Researchers for Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab spent more than two weeks trying to crack the MD5 hash
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Facebook prowls the internet looking for your password

These days, pilfered logins are falling like autumn leaves (only last week it emerged that thousands of Dropbox logins had been stolen from a third-party service, for example.)Crooks will often try to increase their bounty by testing out the credentials they've captured on other websites.If users have reused their passwords on sites like Twitter and Faceboo
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