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Rogue Android RAT emerges from the darkweb

Experts discovered an Android Remote Access Trojan, dubbed Rogue, that can allow to take over infected devices and steal user data. Rogue is a new mobile RAT discovered by researchers from Check Point while investigating the activity of the darknet threat actors known as Triangulum and HeXaGoN Dev. Both actors are Android malware authors that are offering
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Microsoft Patch Tuesday for January 2021 fixes 83 flaws, including an actively exploited issue

Microsoft Patch Tuesday security updates for January 2021 address 83 vulnerabilities, including a critical flaw actively exploited in the wild. Microsoft Patch Tuesday security updates for January 2021 fix 83 security vulnerabilities in multiple products, including Microsoft Windows, Edge (EdgeHTML-based), ChakraCore, Office and Microsoft Office Services
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Sophisticated hacking campaign uses Windows and Android zero-days

Google Project Zero researchers uncovered a sophisticated hacking campaign that targeted Windows and Android users. The Google Project Zero team has recently launched an initiative aimed at devising new techniques to detect 0-day exploits employed in attacks in the wild. While partnering with the Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG), the experts discovered
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Police took down DarkMarket, the world’s largest darknet marketplace

The world’s largest black marketplace on the dark web, DarkMarket, has been taken offline by law enforcement in an international operation.  DarkMarket, the world’s largest black marketplace on the dark web, has been taken offline as a result of an international operation conducted by law enforcement from Germany, Australia, Denmark, Moldova,
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EMA: Some of Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine data was leaked online

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) revealed that some of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine data were stolen from its servers. In December, a cyber attack hit the European Medicines Agency (EMA). At the time, the EMA did not provide technical details about the attack, nor whether it will have an impact on its operations while it is evaluating and appro
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Sunspot, the third malware involved in the SolarWinds supply chain attack

Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike announced to have discovered a third malware strain, named Sunspot, directly involved in the SolarWinds supply chain attack. According to a new report published by the cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike, a third malware, dubbed SUNSPOT, was involved in the recently disclose SolarWinds supply chain attack. SUNSPOT was discover
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Bitdefender releases free decrypter for Darkside ransomware

Security firm Bitdefender released a tool that allows victims of the Darkside ransomware to recover their files without paying the ransom. Good news for the victims of the Darkside ransomware, they could recover their files for free using a tool that was released by the security firm Bitdefender. The decrypter seems to work for all recent versions of the
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Ubiquiti discloses a data breach

American technology company Ubiquiti Networks is disclosed a data breach and is notifying its customers via email. American technology vendor Ubiquiti Networks suffered a data breach and is sending out notification emails to its customers asking them to change their passwords and enable 2FA for their accounts. Ubiquiti, which makes a range of IoT gear
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Connecting the dots between SolarWinds and Russia-linked Turla APT

Experts have found some similarities between the Sunburst backdoor used in the SolarWinds supply chain attack and Turla’s backdoor Kazuar. Security experts from Kaspersky have identified multiple similarities between the Sunburst malware used in the SolarWinds supply chain attack and the Kazuar backdoor that has been employed in cyber espionage camp
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Google Titan security keys hacked by French researchers

byPaul DucklinIn July 2018, after many years of using Yubico security key products for two-factor authentication (2FA), Google announced that it was entering the market as a competitor with a product of its own, called Google Titan.Security keys of this sort are often known as FIDO keys after the Fast IDentity Online Alliance, which curates the technical spe
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Experts found gained access to the Git Repositories of the United Nations

Researchers obtained gained access to the Git Repositories belonging to the United Nations, exposing staff records and credentials. The research group Sakura Samurai was able to access the repositories of the United Nations as part of the Vulnerability Disclosure Program and a Hall of Fame operated by the organization. The group, composed of Jackson He
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Russian hacker Andrei Tyurin sentenced to 12 years in prison

A U.S. court on Thursday sentenced the Russian hacker Andrei Tyurin to 12 years in prison for his role in an international hacking campaign. A U.S. court sentenced this week Andrei Tyurin (37) to 12 years in prison for carrying out an international hacking campaign that targeted several financial institutions, brokerage firms, financial news publishers, a
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Source code for malware that targets Qiui Cellmate device was leaked online

The source code for the ChastityLock ransomware that was used in attacks aimed at the users of the Qiui Cellmate adult toy is now publicly available. Recently a family of ransomware was observed targeting the users of the Bluetooth-controlled Qiui Cellmate chastity device.  Qiui Cellmate made the headlines in October when the researchers at Pen Test P
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Security Affairs newsletter Round 296

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived! Every week the best security articles from Security Affairs free for you in your email box. NCA arrested 21 customers of the WeLeakInfo serviceOver 200 million records of Chinese Citizens for Sale on the DarkwebTop data breaches of 2020 – Security AffairsApex Laboratory disclose data breach aft
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New Zealand central bank hit by a cyber attack

A cyber attack hit the New Zealand central bank, sensitive information has been potentially accessed by the intruders The New Zealand central bank announced today that a cyber attack hit its infrastructure. According to the Government organization, one of its data systems has been breached by an unidentified hacker, commercially and personally sensitive
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