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HSBC online banking services offline due to a DDoS attack

The British branch of the HSBC bank has suffered for the second time in a month a cyber attack that brought its services offline. It’s happened again, HSBC customers were not able to access the online services of the bank due to a DDoS attack that hit the financial institution. “HSBC UK internet banking was attacke
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HSBC online banking suffers major outage, blames DDoS attack

HSBC has been battling an apparent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on its online banking system for the past few hours.Many customers have been struggling to access HSBC online—via the bank's app or website—all morning.Further ReadingApple Pay in the UK now supports cards from HSBC and First DirectBarclays is still missing, though, and some peopl
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HSBC Phish: “Your account is currently locked!”

Customers of HSBC should avoid the following URL, which is (most likely) part of an email based phishing campaign. While we don’t have an example of an email to hand, we can certainly shine some light on the website itself which is hsbc-message(dot)com in the hopes of helping you to avoid a nasty surprise this holiday season. The website reads as foll
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HSBC Turkey hacked, 2.7 million credit cards exposed

The International bank Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) announced that its systems suffered a major data breach. Last week the International bank Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) has announced that its computer networks in Turkey was breached by unknowns. The data breach has exposed the person
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HSBC Turkey loses 2.7m card details; but won’t reissue

HSBC Turkey loses 2.7m card details; but won’t reissue HSBC Turkey revealed last week that 2.7 million customer card details had been compromised.In a statement HSBC claimed to have detected the compromise itself via its own internal controls within a few days of it occurring. Tr
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