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What Are the Ways to Respond to an Unintentional HIPAA Violation?

Accidents or mistakes are bound to happen. Even if healthcare providers and business associates are compliant to HIPAA Standards, there is always a possibility of unintentional or accidental disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI). Accidental disclosure of PHI includes sending an email to the wrong recipient and an employee accidentally viewing a pa
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Labs report finds cyberthreats against healthcare increasing while security circles the drain

The team at Malwarebytes Labs is at it again, this time with a special edition of our quarterly CTNT report—Cybercrime tactics and techniques: the 2019 state of healthcare. Over the last year, we gathered global data from our product telemetry, honeypots, threat intelligence, and research efforts, focusing on the top threat categories and families that plagu
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Insurance data security laws skirt political turmoil

Across the United States, a unique approach to lawmaking has proved radically successful in making data security stronger for one industry—insurance providers. The singular approach has entirely sidestepped the prolonged, political arguments that have become commonplace when trying to pass federal and state data privacy laws today. In California, for
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A Breakdown of the Second Largest HIPAA Fine to Date – $5.5 Million

For the first time, the Office of Civil Rights (“OCR”) penalized a covered entity for failure to implement audit procedures to review, modify, and/or terminate users’ right of access. In the scope of the investigation, it was discovered that more than 100,000 individuals had their electronic Protected Heath Information (“ePhi”) records impermissibly disclose
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Health Care Legislation Raises Ransomware to Level of Cybersecurity Breach

Data theft and ransomware attacks with a direct financial impact on their victims are some of the primary threats that the health care industry is facing. Healthcare was the most affected sector in terms of cyberattacks in 2015, accumulating a total of 253 security holes and 112 million stolen records. Despite its long history of lucrative attacks and the th
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The Health of Healthcare’s Cyber Security

The current diagnosis for healthcare cyber security is frightening.Here’s our current assessment:One in three healthcare records were compromised in 2015 (IBM 2016).Healthcare is the number one industry when it comes to its records being breached (IBM 2016).Ransomware is on the rise, with 88 percent of attacks occurring in healthcare (Solutionary 2016)
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Ransomware Incidents at Health Organizations Are Now Classified as a Data Breach

According to new guidelines issued by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), ransomware incidents in HIPAA regulated organizations are now classified as a data breach. HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that must be followed by any health care provider who transmits health information in electronic for
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The Value of a Hacked Company

Most organizations only grow in security maturity the hard way — that is, from the intense learning that takes place in the wake of a costly data breach. That may be because so few company leaders really grasp the centrality of computer and network security to the organization’s overall goals and productivity, and fewer still have taken an honest
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Healthcare’s Software Security Trails Behind Other Sectors, Says New Study

A new study assessing enterprise software security development found that the healthcare industry is lagging significantly behind other sectors, including financial services, consumer electronics and independent software vendors.The latest Building Security in Maturity Models (BSIMM) study – a software security measurement tool built on real-world data – stu
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Healthcare Organizations Not Effectively Mitigating Security Risks, Finds KPMG

Community Health Systems. Anthem. Premera. CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. UCLA. These are just some of the healthcare organizations that have been the victims of major breaches in the past year. From these incidents, we can infer that hackers understand the utility of patient information stolen from organizations in the healthcare sector. Attackers know tha
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HIPAA and the Anthem Hack – What You Need to Know

As you’ve certainly heard by now, as many as 80 million customers of the country’s second-biggest health insurer have been affected by a massive data breach. Names, birthdays, addresses, employment information and Social Security numbers were exposed, but it appears the attackers left patient medical histories untouched.THE MYTHI want to correct some misinfo
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Passwords Are The New Data: Protecting Healthcare’s First Line of Defense

From a security perspective, 2014 has clearly been the year of the compromised password. From Yahoo Mail to Apple iCloud to JP Morgan Chase, an alarming number of data breaches are successfully carried out using misappropriated account credentials. There is even a newly discovered piece of malware, known as the Citadel Trojan virus, that’s specifically desig
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Sony: Employee Health Information May Have Been Compromised

Sony Pictures Entertainment has sent a letter to employees warning them that, along with huge amounts of corporate and employee information, some personal health data belonging to SPE employees may also have been compromised in the attack that hit the company in late November.The letter, which also was sent to the California Office of the Attorney General, s
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Let’ not Talk About PHI for a Moment, let’s Talk about Intellectual Property

Why this post?Over the past few months we have seen a number of reports on breaches of healthcare organizations and medical device manufacturers where the suspected or documented target was intellectual property data related to medical devices.  Some of these recent cases have received wide press coverage.As a result, the FBI has issued a wa
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APT Gang Branches Out to Medical Espionage in Community Health Breach

At first blush, the Community Health Systems data breach by Chinese hackers seems to be an anomaly. State-sponsored attackers generally target intellectual property for the purposes of military or economic gain; stealing healthcare credentials and personal patient records seems incongruous.But experts say the breach is a perfect storm of poorly secured healt
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