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Cybersecurity Regulations Get Demanding

As more government agencies get involved with creating cybersecurity regulations, security professionals will need to monitor new laws and understand which apply to their industry and whether some overlap or conflict. Increased enforcement from different agencies can mean significant consequences even if breaches are avoided. As the new administration adjust
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The First Rule of Security Club: Don’t Talk About Security

The first rule of Security Club is don’t talk about security — or, more accurately, don’t get so overzealous about security that you stop delivering value to the business. We need to talk about business value, not security. Many security professionals have fallen into this hole, and it’s easy to see how. Any security briefing will tell you
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Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation: A Look Back and Preparing for Phase Three

Continuous monitoring, situational awareness, common operational picture, single pane of glass — these are just a few of the terms with which I’ve become well-acquainted throughout my career. Each one attempts to depict how security operation centers (SOCs) can reach the holy grail of data aggregation. To prevent, respond to or remediate a security inc
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A Progress Report on Cybersecurity in Israel

If you are looking to see the latest in cybersecurity technology, you might want to attend the fourth annual CyberTech Israel, which brings cybersecurity experts and professionals from all over the world to Tel Aviv. Last year’s conference drew 21,000 attendees. This year, CyberTech will feature panel sessions with prominent members of the cybersecurit
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Tracking the Digital Transition in the White House

As President Donald Trump arrives at the White House to start his term, he faces a very different collection of technology than when former President Barack Obama entered eight years ago. Back then, government PCs sported floppy drives and no president ever personally used Twitter or other form of social media. Indeed, social media access was initially block
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IoT Security: Who Is Stepping Up?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating huge opportunities for businesses and society at large. Experts expect 30 billion connected devices to generate a market size of $1.7 trillion by 2020, according to an IDC infographic. With all this opportunity at risk, it is reasonable to ask why industry leaders haven’t done more to address the ever-increasing
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The U.S. Federal CISO and His First 100 Days

In September 2016, the White House announced the appointment of retired Brig. Gen. Gregory J. Touhill as the first federal chief information security officer (CISO). Touhill’s job is to drive cybersecurity, planning and implementation across the government. This announcement is presented as the culmination of several actions undertaken by the executive
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Rising Attack Rates and Massive Breaches Plague Government Organizations

A government’s core role is to protect and enhance the lives of its citizens. It must deliver services to create and sustain a robust and efficient public infrastructure, ensure public safety, foster sustainable economic growth and build stronger communities. Those tasks bring many challenges, but the overriding requirement of security is common to the
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Cybersecurity Lessons From the 2016 Presidential Election

The 2016 presidential election put the spotlight on cybersecurity in a way that no one could have imagined ahead of time. When we looked at cybersecurity as an election issue earlier this year, the focus was on how cybersecurity policy in general might emerge as a campaign issue in relation to issues such as privacy and surveillance. Instead, cybersecurity b
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2015: The Year Feds Warned About Cyber Risks

“Privacy and data security in the global, data-driven economy are among the most important issues facing companies, consumers, policymakers and other stakeholders.” – Federal Trade Commissioner Julie Brill, in a keynote address before the March 2015 USCIB/BIAC/OECD Conference on “Promoting Inclusive Growth in the Digital Economy“ 2015
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Cybersecurity a Major Topic in 2016 Presidential Election

The Presidential Election and Cybersecurity Don’t look now, but cybersecurity is lurking as a major issue in the developing U.S. presidential election cycle. The stage has been set by developments in the seven years since the last election with no incumbent on the ballot. In 2008, no one had heard of the Target or Sony hacks, the Stuxnet worm or Dyre m
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How Are US Armed Forces Closing the Cyber Skills Gap?

Faced with a cyber skills gap, the U.S. Navy is seeking to identify and recruit more cyber talent in its force. While the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) has been a staple of entry into the armed forces, the Navy is looking for ways to better assess the cyber proficiency of potential new recruits. Why the focus on cyber proficiency? Becaus
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Old Voting Tech Puts 2016 Election at Risk — Time for a Veto?

In just under a year, Americans will head to the polls to cast their ballots: Democrat or Republican? Carson or Clinton, perhaps Sanders or Trump? But even 12 months out, political and tech experts are starting to worry that current voting technology won’t be able to keep up with citizen demand. Worst case? A repeat of the 2000 election debacle in Flor
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National Security Requires Real-Time Endpoint Compliance

Government agencies are faced with an ever-increasing multitude of cybersecurity threats and rising compliance regulations. This was recently demonstrated when it was revealed that the personal information of millions of current, former and prospective government employees had been stolen via data breach. If there’s a silver lining here, it’s tha
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Green Energy: Do Renewable Resources Demand New Cybersecurity Best Practices?

Green energy is on the rise. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), global dependence on renewable energy sources has increased steadily over the last few years. But as existing power producers and new players make the switch to solar-, wind- and water-powered alternatives, what happens to existing network borders? Are renewable resources the ha
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