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Google App Engine, Azure App Service Abused in Phishing Campaign

A phishing campaign abused both the Google App Engine and the Azure App Service to steal victims’ Microsoft Outlook credentials.Netskope observed that the attack campaign started with a shortened link “https://bitly[.]com/33nMLkZ” distributed by a phishing email. This link redirected a recipient of the email to a Google App Engine domain &#
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Google Chrome Aims to Keep its Edge Over Other Browsers with its Latest Privacy and Security Features

Google Chrome may currently enjoy the numero uno position in the world of browsers, but it is starting to feel the pressure. The competition is heating up with its rivals like Microsoft Edge offering upgraded security features to lock in more users.The coronavirus pandemic has brought extensive changes to the way people operate, which in turn, has created a
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Stalkerware advertising ban by Google a welcome, if incomplete, step

On Friday, July 10, Google announced it would no longer allow advertising for spyware and similar surveillance technology—often referred to as “stalkerware”—on its platform. The change is a welcome step by one of the largest, most powerful companies in online advertising, but a close read of the policy reveals a potential loophole that could allow stalker
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The Tetrade: Brazilian banking malware goes global

Introduction Brazil is a well-known country with plenty of banking trojans developed by local crooks. The Brazilian criminal underground is home to some of the world’s busiest and most creative perpetrators of cybercrime. Like their counterparts’ in China and Russia, their cyberattacks have a strong local flavor, and for a long time, they limited
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Google updates policies to ban any ads for surveillance solutions and services

Google announced that starting from August it will update its policies to reject ads proposed by organizations offering surveillance software. Google announced the update of its Google Ads Enabling Dishonest Behavior policy to “prohibit the promotion of products or services that are marketed or targeted with the express purpose of tracking or monitoring a
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Google Tsunami vulnerability scanner is now open-source

Google announced that its Tsunami vulnerability scanner for large-scale enterprise networks is going to be open-sourced. Google has decided to release as open-source a vulnerability scanner for large-scale enterprise networks named Tsunami. “We have released the Tsunami security scanning engine to the open source communities. We hope t
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Google to Auto-Delete User History After 18 Months

Managing your privacy when using Google services can be confusing, because there are so many settings, and it’s not clear what type of data the company retains on users. If you have a Google account, you may use it with a lot of Google services: beyond the basic search service (Google stores a record of your searches), you may also use Google for email
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Google buys AR smart-glasses company North

byLisa VaasGoogle announced on Tuesday that it’s purchased a smart-glasses company called North and, notwithstanding its failure to bring Google Glass wearables to the masses, still plans to caress our vision with the vast tentacles of its helpfulness. From the announcement, which was posted by Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President, Devices & Servi
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A week in security (June 22 – 28)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we provided a zero-day guide for 2020 featuring recent attacks and advanced preventive techniques, and we learned how to cough in the face of scammers, offering security tips for the 2020 tax season. We also looked at a web skimmer hiding within EXIF metadata that was exfiltrating credit cards via image files. In the most r
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Hundreds of malicious Chrome browser extensions used to spy on you!

Malicious Chrome browser extensions were employed in a surveillance campaign on a large scale, millions of users potentially impacted. Malicious Chrome browser extensions were used in a massive surveillance campaign aimed at users working in the financial services, oil and gas, media and entertainment, healthcare, government organizations, and pharmaceuti
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Google is indexing the phone numbers of WhatsApp users raising privacy concerns

A researcher is warning that Google is indexing the phone numbers of WhatsApp users raising serious privacy concerns. Google is indexing the phone numbers of WhatsApp users that could be abused by threat actors for malicious activities. Even if Google Search only revealed the phone numbers and not the identities of associated users, ill-intentioned at
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Google sued by Arizona for tracking users’ locations in spite of settings

byLisa VaasArizona has filed suit against Google over tracking users’ locations even after they’ve turned tracking off, claiming that the advertising-fueled tech titan has a “complex web of settings and purported ‘consents'” that enable it to furtively milk us for sweet, sweet ad dollars.On Wednesday, State Attorney General Mark
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UK Ad Campaign Seeks to Deter Cybercrime

The United Kingdom’s anti-cybercrime agency is running online ads aimed at young people who search the Web for services that enable computer crimes, specifically trojan horse programs and DDoS-for-hire services. The ad campaign follows a similar initiative launched in late 2017 that academics say measurably dampened demand for such services by explaini
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Google TAG report Q1 details about nation-state hacking and disinformation

Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) has published today its first TAG quarterly report that analyzes rising trends in nation-state and financially motivated attacks. Google also discloses seven coordinated political influence campaigns that took place on its platforms during Q1 2020. The Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) is a group inside the Google
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How scammers abuse Google Search’s open redirect feature

byMark StockleyYesterday morning I got a Skype message from an ex-colleague, somebody I’d not heard from in some time but was happy to reconnect with.I say “message”, it wasn’t much of one, it was just a link. Out of the blue.It was clearly a phish, but it caught my eye because it didn’t link to some obviously scummy or incongru
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