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Google adds Anti-Phishing feature also to Gmail app for iOS

To fight phishing attacks, Google has introduced a security measure for its Gmail app for iOS that will help users identify and delete phishing emails. Phishing continues to be one of the most dangerous threats, crooks continue to devise new techniques to trick victims into providing sensitive information. The technique is still the privileged attack vector
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The apparent difficulty of implementing email encryption in Gmail

It’s been almost three years since Google first announced its intention to add end-to-end encryption to Gmail. However, the free email service is yet to provide users with that feature. Despite the Internet giant insists that it was never a bluff, one of the company’s latest movements has reignited the criticism. Recently, a spokesperson from Goo
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Over 20 million Gmail and 5 million Yahoo accounts available for sale on the Dark Web

The vendor “SunTzu583” is offering for sale over 20 million Gmail and 5 million Yahoo login credentials on the Dark Web A vendor with the online moniker “SunTzu583” is reportedly selling millions of login credentials for Gmail and Yahoo accounts on a black market in the dark web. Over 20 million Gmail accounts and 5 million Yahoo acco
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Clever Gmail Phishing Scam Tricked Even Technical Users

A Gmail phishing campaign is clever enough to have almost tricked or successfully fooled multiple technical users.The attack, which other contributors to The State of Security have spotted, begins when a Gmail user receives an email. Oftentimes, the message comes from someone they know whose account has already been compromised. The email appears to contain
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How much trust do you put into your Gmail inbox messages?

Given the high trust we have on Gmail we tend to believe that all messages that fall into our inbox are legit and safe, but there is something to know … 1.    Introduction Taking good care of e-mail messages is certainly among the first recommendations of any information security policy and user awareness program. The involved risks range from SPAM to
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Gmail will stop allowing JavaScript (.js) file attachments starting February 13, 2017

Google announced Gmail will soon stop allowing users to attach JavaScript (.js) files to emails for obvious security reason. Google announced Gmail will soon stop allowing users to attach JavaScript (.js) files to emails for obvious security reason. JavaScripts files, like many other file types (i,e, .exe, .jar, .sys, .scr, .bat, .com, .vbs and .cmd) could r
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Insidious phishing attack leverages on fake attachments to steal Gmail credentials

Cybercriminals are adopting specially crafted URLs to trick users into entering their Gmail credentials in a new sophisticated phishing campaign. Security experts discovered a new effective Gmail phishing attack that is able to deceive also tech-savvy people. Crooks leverage on specially crafted URLs to trick victims into providing their Gmail credentials on
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The Limits of SMS for 2-Factor Authentication

A recent ping from a reader reminded me that I’ve been meaning to blog about the security limitations of using cell phone text messages for two-factor authentication online. The reader’s daughter had received a text message claiming to be from Google, warning that her Gmail account had been locked because someone in India had tried to access her
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Safe Browsing, Gmail will warn of emails from unauthenticated senders

Google announced a new feature in the Safe Browsing warning set, it will warn users when they will receive an email message from an unauthenticated sender. Google always takes care of security, the last features announced by the IT giant will warn Gmail users when they receive an email message from an unauthenticated sender. Google announces several new warn
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Security Week-in-Review: Attacked by a state sponsor in Gmail? Google will tell you

It’s hard to keep up with the hundreds of security-specific headlines published every week. So, we’re rounding up the top news that affect you, your business, and the security and technology industry overall. This week we talk about a yet another hospital’s computer systems held by ransomware, special Gmail warnings, and a vulnerability in Instagram. Check
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Gmail to warn you if your friends aren’t using secure e-mail

EnlargeLikewise, if you receive a message that can’t be authenticated, you won’t be hit by klaxon alarms. Instead, Gmail will replace the sender's profile photo with an incriminating question mark, identifying them as potentially suspicious. What you do with that information after that, of course, is entirely up to you. Despite the advent of this new warning
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How to Manage Gmail and Google Security and Privacy Settings

Lots of people use Gmail for their email, either using Google's website in a web browser, or through an email client. You may use a @gmail address, or you may have a domain hosted on Google Apps for Work. When you use Google for your email—as well as for search, maps, and more—you have a number of security and privacy options you can set.Google has a good se
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Google to Warn Recipients of Unencrypted Gmail Messages

Google always seems to be busy fortifying Gmail–the latest steps by the company resolve to bolster message encryption and deter attackers from censoring or altering messages before they’re delivered to users.The company announced last week  it would begin rolling out warnings in the coming months to inform users if they’ve received a messag
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Flaw in the Android Gmail app opens to email spoofing attacks

A security loophole in the official Gmail Android app opens the email spoofing attacks allowing anyone to change the sender email name. The independent security researcher Yan Zhu has discovered a serious security issue in the Gmail Android app allows ill-intentioned to send an email pretending to be someone else. Clearly a
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How to use GCAT backdoor with Gmail as a C&C server

The GCAT backdoor is a fully featured backdoor which could be controlled by using Gmail as a Command & Control server with multiple advantages for attackers. Establish a backdoor is one of the main goals for an attacker in order to gain persistence over the targeted machines. There are many hacking tools that allow easily
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