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Severe flaws found in German e-Government OSCI 1.2 Communication Library

Security researchers at SEC-Consult found severe vulnerabilities in the German e-government Communication Library OSCI (Online Services Computer Interface). According to the experts at SEC-Consult, the German e-government system OSCI (Online Services Computer Interface) is open to padding oracle attacks and other vulnerabilities due to the use of an insecure
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TROOPERS 2017 Day #2 Wrap-Up

This is my wrap-up for the 2nd day of “NGI” at TROOPERS. My first choice for today was “Authenticate like a boss” by Pete Herzog. This talk was less technical than expected but interesting. It focussed on a complex problem: Identification. It’s not only relevant for users but for anything (a file, an IP address, an application, …). Pete started by providing
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TROOPERS 2017 Day #3 Wrap-Up

The third day is already over! Today the regular talks were scheduled split in three tracks: offensive, defensive and a specific one dedicated to SAP. The first slot at 09:00 was, as usual, a keynote. Enno Rey presented ten years of TROOPERS. What happened during all those editions? The main ideas behind TROOPERS have always been that everybody must learn so
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TROOPERS 2017 Day #4 Wrap-Up

I’m just back from Heidelberg so here is the last wrap-up for the TROOPERS 2017 edition. This day was a little bit more difficult due to the fatigue and the social event of yesterday. That’s why the wrap-up will be shorter…  The second keynote was presented by Mara Tam: “Magical thinking … and how to thwart it”. Mara is an advisor to execut
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TROOPERS 2017 Day #1 Wrap-Up

I’m in Heidelberg (Germany) for the 10th edition of the TROOPERS conference. The regular talks are scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday. The two first days are reserved for some trainings and a pre-conference event called “NGI” for “Next Generation Internet” focusing on two hot topics: IPv6 and IoT. As said on the website: “NGI aims to provide discussion on h
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UK NCSC warns of cyber attacks powered by Russia against the political system

The UK National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) is warning of Russian political hacking capabilities, the risk of cyber attacks against the political system is high. The alert was raised by the UK National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) that is informing political parties in the UK to warn about “the potential for hostile action against the UK political sys
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UK police arrested the alleged mastermind of the MIRAI attack on Deutsche Telekom

The prosecutor’s office in Cologne and the Federal Criminal Police Office have arrested the alleged mastermind of the MIRAI attack on Deutsche Telekom The agents at the UK National Crime Agency (NCA) have a man that is suspected to be involved with the massive attack on Deutsche Telekom that affected more than 900k routers in November 2016. The affecte
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Don’t Blink! TrickBot Now Targets 10 German Savings Banks

IBM X-Force researchers following the development of the TrickBot Trojan noted that the malware is rapidly adding new targets and attack capabilities and has now officially advanced into Germany. The most recent additions to TrickBot’s configurations target 10 savings banks in the European country. At this time, TrickBot is configured to use serverside
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More than 900k routers of Deutsche Telekom German users went offline

Deutsche Telekom confirmed that more than 900,000 routers began to have serious problems connectivity problems due to a cyber attack. More than 900,000 routers belonging to Deutsche Telekom users in Germany were not able to connect to the Internet due to an alleged cyber-attack. The affected routers were used by the Deutsche Telekom customers also for fixed
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Facebook Ordered to Stop Storing Data on German WhatsApp Users

Facebook has received an administrative order requiring it to stop automatically collecting and storing data on German WhatsApp users.On 27 September, the Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information aired its grievances in a press release (PDF).After Facebook first acquired WhatsApp, the statement explains, both companies made public
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Germany Readies Cyber Unit to Fight Terrorism on the Web

Germany has a message for terrorists who use the Internet to carry out their aims: “Your number is up.”Thomas de MazièreOn 11 August, Germany’s federal interior minister Thomas de Mazière announced the creation of Zentrale Stelle für Informationstechnik im Sicherheitsbereich (ZITiS), or “Central Office for Information in Security Sphe
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The dangerous interaction between Russian and Brazilian cyber criminal underground

Kaspersky has analyzed the interaction between the Russian and Brazilian criminal underground communities revealing a dangerous interaction. In the past weeks, we have analyzed the evolution of cyber criminal communities worldwide, focusing on illicit activities in the Deep Web. To simplify the approach we have considered the principal cyber criminal communi
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Nuclear Plants in Germany Are Vulnerable to Terrorism Threats

According to a recent report, Germany nuclear plants are vulnerable to terrorists and there needs to be some serious dealing with this problem. According to a recently released report, Germany is not adequately equipped to prevent terrorist attacks in its nuclear plants. According to the Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) news agency, the report was presented by 
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Which are principal cybercriminal ecosystems in the Deep Web?

TrendMicro published an interesting analysis of the principal cyber criminal underground communities in the Deep Web worldwide. A new interesting report published by the experts at TrendMicro highlights the differences between the principal underground ecosystems worldwide. Thinking of a unique “global” underground ecosystem is an error, every community has
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German authorities approve the use of home-made Federal Trojan

The German Interior Ministry has approved the use of a federal Trojan developed by the German Federal Criminal Police. The German Interior Ministry has approved the use a spyware developed by the German Federal Criminal Police, aka the ‘federal Trojan’ or Bundestrojaner, for the investigative purpose. “Soon the state could re-enter the comp
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