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German users targeted with Gootkit banker or REvil ransomware

This blog post was authored by Hasherezade and Jérôme Segura On November 23, we received an alert from a partner about a resurgence of Gootkit infections in Germany. Gootkit is a very capable banking Trojan that has been around since 2014 and possesses a number of functionalities such as keystroke or video recording designed to steal financially-related i
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Austrian city falls victim to Ransomware attack

The ransomware group NetWalker has published extracts of data stoeln from the network of the Austrian city of Weiz. Among the published extracts are, among other things, building applications and building inspections. The group has infected the municipality with Ransomware. The small town of Weiz is considered to be the economic centre of the Oststeiermark r
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xHelper: Android Trojan disguised as cleaning app on smartphones

An Android theft malware disguised as a cleanup application “xHelper” has spread to tens of thousands of smartphones with Google operating systems. Although the application has been around for about a year, security experts are now issuing a new warning. This is because it has proven to be very difficult to locate the malware and it is very costl
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Trojans instead of holidays in Germany

Spam emails are currently being sent to citizens throughout Germany, supposedly from the Federal Ministry of Health. In these e-mails, the recipient is asked to view the modified application form for “family and sick leave”. The form is attached to the e-mail as a Word document. However, this file contains malware that loads the Trojan Trickbot,
Publish At:2020-05-03 10:16 | Read:967 | Comments:0 | Tags:Business Malware b2b Germany Phishing Trojan

Businesses are expanding their IT security budgets

More than a third of companies want to invest more in cybersecurity and companies are also looking for more and more qualified IT security consultants. These are the results of the current trend survey conducted by Bitkom Research and Tata Consultancy Services, which surveyed approximately 1,000 companies with at least 100 employees. According to the German
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Food Delivery Website in Germany Targeted by DDoS Attackers

Malicious individuals targeted a food delivery website located in Germany with a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.Jitse Groen, founder and CEO of the Germany-based food delivery service Takeaway (Lieferando.de), announced on March 18 that his company had suffered a DDoS attack.A #ddos attack on a food delivery website @takeaway in the middle of a
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Enforcement of the GDPR will be strengthened in 2020

At the end of 2019, German data protection authorities indicated that they would intensify the use of the framework of sanctions of the GDPR in 2020. Initially, authorities focused primarily on monitoring, advising and supporting companies in the implementation of GDPR. Enforcement of fines In the past, we have reported on several record breaking fines. For
Publish At:2020-03-09 09:44 | Read:1141 | Comments:0 | Tags:Business Security b2b data control gdpr Germany

A malwareless attack: Adaptive Defense at work….

Cryptotrojans (like Emotet) have been all over the news recently. After all, these forms of malware cause a lot of damage. But it doesn’t always have to be malware that threatens your IT infrastructure and your data. For example, brute force attacks are still a popular method used by cyber criminals to gain access to a company network. In a brute force
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Blackmail attempts by ex-employees

For German companies, the damage caused by cybercrime now totals more than 40 billion euros per year. And while it is often assumed that cyberattacks are carried out by external hackers or by state sponsored agents, the reality is quite different. For example, the German Federal Bureau for Information Security (BSI) sees so-called insiders as a greater dange
Publish At:2020-02-25 10:38 | Read:1050 | Comments:0 | Tags:Business Security b2b Germany insiders

Hacker attack on another DAX company detected

A spokesperson for the chemical company LANXESS has confirmed a hacker attack, which was discovered in the middle of last year. The extent of the damage is as yet unknown. Hacker group WinNTI suspected to be behind the attack According to research by Bayerischen Rundfunks and NDR, a hacker group called WinNTI was behind the attack. According to the company,
Publish At:2020-02-10 19:05 | Read:1166 | Comments:0 | Tags:Business News advanced cybersecurity corporate cybersecurity

More dangerous vulnerabilities in Intel CPUs

Intel  has released information about two potentially dangerous flaws in the processor architecture of its CPUs. The chip manufacturer had already provided security updates for similar gaps in May and November 2019. Although the new vulnerabilities seem to be less critical than the previous ones, side-channel attacks are still possible. The third Intel patch
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Access data of 515,000 servers and IoT devices leaked online: Remote control via Telnet possible

Cybercriminals have published the access data and IP addresses of over 515,000 servers, routers and IoT devices on a hacker forum. This data can be used to control vulnerable devices using the remote maintenance service Telnet. This could allow attackers to connect to the devices, install malware and use it for their own benefit, for example to set up a botn
Publish At:2020-01-28 09:15 | Read:1304 | Comments:0 | Tags:Business News data breach Germany IoT

German commercial companies in hacker focus – Panda protects you

Several German DAX companies were spied on by a hacker group called WinNTI in mid-2019. The German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) assumes that the German industry will be an attractive target for ongoing waves of attacks. In December 2019, the BfV published a Cyber Brief with hints on current attack campaigns and sent it to many
Publish At:2020-01-24 09:15 | Read:926 | Comments:0 | Tags:Business News advanced cybersecurity Germany

Serious security breach in Internet Explorer: Microsoft warns against use

A critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer, with the identifier CVE-2020-0674 has been published by Microsoft. It allows attackers to remotely execute code using the JScript.dll library. A security patch is currently being created. On the first patch Tuesday of 2020, Microsoft released 49 updates; shortly afterwards, the vendor reported a new zero-day sec
Publish At:2020-01-21 09:15 | Read:1506 | Comments:0 | Tags:News Security Germany Microsoft vulnerability

Help?! Possible global hacker attack by Citrix vulnerability

Following another official vulnerability alert issued in the past 48 hours, which has been known since December, companies still protected from this new attack are continuously receiving new requests for help. CISA considers the vulnerability to be one of the most dangerous exploits of recent years. Potentially, some 80,000 companies worldwide are at risk. T
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