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Top 10 CRISC Interview Questions

CRISC is the Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control certification. This certification verifies you have the skills to manage enterprise security risks. Having a CRISC can enhance your cybersecurity experience, and makes you eligible to apply for compliance risk managerial jobs.Below are 10 interview questions to help CRISC holders prepare fo
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The Challenges of Designing and Building a CIAM System

Once there was identity access management (IAM). It did a pretty decent job of managing our workforce access to corporate resources. Then, things changed. The Internet took off, workers started to work remotely and wanted to use their own laptops and mobile devices to check emails, etc. (BYOD).The IAM systems of old started to creak under the strain of
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Vault 7 Leaks – inside the CIA secret kingdom (July-August 07)

IntroductionLet’s continue to analyze the information contained in files leaked by the organization Wikileaks and allegedly originating from a network of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).The article includes key findings of documents leaked in July and August 2016At the time, we analyzed the following CIA projects since March:Project Pr
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Cyber – Bullying Threats, Prevention, and Solutions

Description:Dr. Sameer Hinduja and Dr. Justin Patchin at the Cyberbullying Research Center define cyberbullying as “willful and continuous harm done using any electronic devices such as a computer, cell phone, etc.” and it is especially popular among teenagers. Cyberstalking and cyber-harassment are forms of cyberbullying perpetrated mostly
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Network Management for Next-Generation Wireless Security

IntroductionIn the good old days, ICT research used to be just about technology. The success of any research project could easily be measured in terms of technical advances achieved. Back then, metrics for R&D on wireless networks included increases in data transfer rates, wider network capacity, and, naturally, higher levels of security between co
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Using Verified Identity to Prevent Personal Data Breaches

Yet again, I open my laptop, check out the news, and see that there has been another mega-hack. This time the target was Equifax, and the victims, 143 million US customers (and quite possibly 44 million UK customers too). Again, we are seeing hand-wringing by various industry experts. Again, this is said to be a horrendous disaster by the security indu
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The CCNA / CCNA Security / CCENT / CCDA Exams: Overview & Information

IntroductionFor those looking for an accelerated way to jump into the world of information security and networking, the CCNA/CCENT/CCDA/CCNA security quad certification program is an excellent option. This series of certifications will help create the foundation needed for success in the information security world. It will ensure you have the knowledge
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CEH Exam Overview: What to Expect

IntroductionFor most of us, “hacking” is a word that conjures up images of frustration and even fear. Hackers have become much bolder, threatening companies of all sizes, and even entire government agencies. Their attacks have become much more sophisticated and harder to detect, let alone defeat.To defeat a hacker, one must be able to think like a hack
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PMP Exam Overview: What To Expect

IntroductionInterested in boosting your career potential? The project management professional (PMP) credential from the Project Management Institute (PMI) can give you the leg up you want. This certification shows you have the knowledge necessary to manage projects of all sizes and scopes, to determine where breakdowns in processes might be occurring,
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Expected Ransomware Evolution in Coming Years

The tech world has been stricken with digital assaults this year and ransomware has been at the focal point of everything. So far, this year we have seen two record-softening attacks occur up to a matter of months. In May the WannaCry ransomware contaminated a huge number of PCs, disturbing doctor’s facilities, banks, and organizations. At that p
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Cybersecurity as an ethical obligation

1. IntroductionAn ethical obligation is a standard that defines a moral course of action. Many professions are subject to comprehensive sets of ethical obligations which, if violated, may lead to sanctions. For example, the Code of Medical Ethics adopted by the American Medical Association sets forth the values to which every physician commits himself/
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SAP Security for CISO part 14: SOD

Numerous articles covering different aspects of SAP Security mostly regarding vulnerabilities and risks paved the way for today’s discussion on how we can protect SAP (which is of particular importance given upcoming GDPR).Let’s start with the oldest and most known SAP Security area – Segregation of Duties. I will try to embrace it in gener
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OWASP Top 10 #9: Using Components With Known Vulnerabilities

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that using components with known vulnerabilities a very poor choice for protecting your web application or corporate data. While solving this issue may sound straightforward (i.e. using components with NO known vulnerabilities), as of 2017 it still is quite a challenge and, not entirely surprisingly, re
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Top Six Tools for the Online Entrepreneur

It is safe to say that 2017 will easily be remembered as the year of the entrepreneur, and for a good reason. Never has it been easier than now to take an idea and build it into a success story. This is evidenced by the sheer volume of people who have made the jump from traditional employment towards fulfilling their dreams.As more individuals decide t
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Top 5 Strategies to Avoid Getting Hacked Online

While we are becoming increasingly more reliant on technology and storing our information online, this trend increases the quantity and desire of hackers to try and acquire your sensitive information such as passwords and files. Your computer getting infected with a malicious virus can give the hacker the ability to access your computer and can lead to
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