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Top 6 cybersecurity books for IT auditors

IntroductionLike many other information security professionals, you probably have a library of books on the topic of your career choice. Not only that, but like many others, yours is probably not as complete as you would like. This article will detail the top six books that IT auditors need to have in their libraries. We will explore what the book is a
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National Counterintelligence and Security Center: 5 priorities for 2020

Introduction: NCSC’s roleFor years, the United States has faced increasingly aggressive and complex threats from foreign intelligence entities (FIEs) and nation-states, as well as from a range of malign actors including non-state actors (international terrorists and transnational organized crime groups such as, for example, Lebanese Hizballah, ISIS and
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How privacy agreements impact data privacy for business users: Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams

The growing interest in third-party collaboration appsThe growing trend toward remote work is changing how people communicate in the workplace. Cloud-based collaboration apps and videoconferencing tools are making life easier for employees while helping businesses quickly adapt to this new digital world. But now that potentially sensitive conversations
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RTS Threshold Configuration for Improved Wireless Network Performance [Updated 2020]

In a scenario where a lot of users connect to a wireless network and where they occasionally lose their connections, an individual or a company can tweak the wireless router’s advanced settings to optimize the performance of users and solve the problem of some users unable to obtain an IP.Most routers feature an “Advanced Settings” section that manages
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What is the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework?

Introduction: All about the NCWFThe National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is a partnership between government, academia and the private sector which works to promote cybersecurity education, training and workforce development. NICE published Special Publication 800-181
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The False Claims Act and cybersecurity: Are third-party vendors putting you at risk?

IntroductionA government supplier law written over a century ago may seem outdated in the digital age, but it may be putting your company at risk. Recent court rulings related to the 1863 False Claims Act have broad ramifications for cybersecurity, and your organization needs to understand how it may be impacted.What is the False Claims Act?Enacted bef
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Are there any new cybersecurity threats that come with 5G technology?

Introduction 5G technology has long been a source of controversy over health and security concerns. This is particularly true because the introduction of an open, all-software defined network will require a physical and technological overhaul of essential networks and cybersecurity practices, but there are also strong incentives for adoption. 5G not on
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New Cisco report: SMB security posture catches up to enterprise counterparts

IntroductionSmall-to-medium businesses (SMBs) have a lot of things to deal with. They have a huge number of responsibilities but not a lot of resources to do them with and even fewer people to perform them when compared to enterprises. One area in particular that wasn’t really addressed in the past is cybersecurity, because companies that ran lea
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Top 8 cybersecurity books for incident responders in 2020

IntroductionAre you passionate about incident response? Do you want to build upon your knowledge of how to mitigate cyberthreats? If yes, then you’d love the nuggets of wisdom these cybersecurity books can offer! Although pursuing certifications like CISSP is the best way to progress in this field, gaining firsthand knowledge from other cybersecurity e
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Critical security concerns for the education industry

Balancing cybersecurity & compliance requirements in a resource-limited industryExecutive summaryThe education industry has become a top hacker target: birth certificates, Social Security numbers, medical records, financial data, biometrics and even intellectual property give cybercriminals ample motivation to access educational databases and sell
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Key findings from Infosec’s 2020 IT & security talent pipeline study

Fewer challenges facing our industry are more pervasive than the cybersecurity talent shortage. It’s an advanced persistent threat of the human variety that impacts nearly every component of an organization’s security strategy. Not enough talent to fill open roles means security vulnerabilities and risks may go unaddressed, while also tasking existing
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How to identify and prevent firmware vulnerabilities

IntroductionAs creators of computer software begin to take security vulnerabilities more seriously, hackers are increasingly targeting the lower ends of the computer stack in hopes of stealing identities, privileges, and systems. One easy target? Firmware. Companies are not taking firmware security as seriously as they should, especially when it comes
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14 best open-source web application vulnerability scanners [updated for 2020]

Learn Vulnerability ScanningLearn about vulnerability scanning tools.This skills course covers⇒ Application and container scans⇒ Analyzing vulnerability scans⇒ Vulnerability scanningLEARN MOREIntroductionIn the past, many popular websites have been hacked. Hackers are active and always trying to hack websites and leak data. This is why security testing
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Lessons learned from the Fresenius ransomware cyberattack

Introduction to the Snake ransomwareFresenius is a German company that provides various health care services, including services for dialysis of people with chronic kidney failure. In the United States, it has about 40% of the market share for dialysis. The company has about 300,000 employees in more than 100 countries. Forbes Global 2000 ranks Freseni
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How to prevent burnout in a cybersecurity career

Introduction: Picture, if you will … It was just another Wednesday. As usual, Grace Adams had arrived punctually at 8:00, even though she had worked late yet again last night. Her mind wandered as she went for her second venti espresso. Her life was falling apart and she could not understand it.A couple years ago, Grace had landed her dream job. It was
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