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Just Like Old Days: IOT Security Pits Regulators Against Market

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Listening to today’s privacy panel at the Security of Things Forum, you might have thought you were beamed back to the early 2000s: government people hinting that legislation might be the ultimate solution for security and privacy concerns when it comes to embedded computers and connected things, with enterprise security officers cou
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GE Fixes Buffer Overflow Bug in DTM Library

GE has released a fix for a vulnerability in a library that’s used in several of its products deployed in critical infrastructure areas. The flaw in the HART Device Type Manager library could allow an attacker to crash affected applications or run arbitrary code.The vulnerability in the DTM library affects four of GE’s products, as well as one pr
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GE Ethernet Switches Have Hard-Coded SSL Key

There is a hard-coded private SSL key present in a number of hardened, managed Ethernet switches made by GE and designed for use in industrial and transportation systems. Researchers discovered that an attacker could extract the key from the firmware remotely.The vulnerability exists in a number of GE Ethernet switches, including the GE Multilink ML800/1200/
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