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Lessons learned from Flame, three years later

Three years ago, on May 28th 2012, we announced the discovery of a malware known as Flame. At the same time we published our FAQ, CrySyS Lab posted their thorough analysis of sKyWIper. A few days earlier, Maher CERT published IOCs for Flamer. In short, Flame, sKyWIper and Flamer are different names for the same threat, which took the world by surprise a
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Equation: The Death Star of Malware Galaxy

Download "Equation group: questions and answers" PDF "Houston, we have a problem" One sunny day in 2009, Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz1 embarked on a flight to the burgeoning city of Houston to attend a prestigious international scientific conference. As a leading scientist in his field, such trips were common for Grzegorz. Over the next couple of da
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Шпионское ПО официально использует полиция в 30 странах

Слежка за гражданами со стороны правительства и тайная установка вредоносных программ на телефоны пользователей — это уже не научная фантастика и не какие-то теории заговора, а обычная практика в повседневной деятельности правоохранительных органов. Микко Хюппёнен (Mikko Hypponen), директор по исследованиям финской антивирусной компании F-Secure выступил


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