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29% off Litom Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Security Lights, 2 Pack - Deal Alert

This Amazon #1 best selling solar security light is super bright and easy to install wherever you need it. It features 3 modes: (1) Always on, (2) Dim until motion is detected, and (3) Off until motion is detected. It's designed with a large sensor that will detect motion over a larger distance, and 20 LED lights that the company claims are larger and mo
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9% off Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera - Deal Alert

Look after your home 24/7 in crisp 1080p HD. With Nest Cam Indoor, you can check in, even when you’re out, and even at night with its built-in high-quality night vision. Nest Cam features a versatile magnetic stand that lets you put it anywhere. See who’s there, listen in and speak up to get their attention. With Nest Aware, you can get a special alert i
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13% off AmazonBasics 17-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder - Deal Alert

This powerful shredder from AmazonBasics micro-cuts a letter-sized sheet of paper into 2,235 useless pieces of confetti, up to 17 sheets at a time. Inserted one at a time into the designated slot, it also destroys credit cards, CDs, DVDs, and Blu Rays, rendering them completely unusable. It features a generous 7-gallon bin that pulls out for easy disposa
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34% off Master Lock Bluetooth Keyless Outdoor Padlock - Deal Alert

Use your smartphone to open this padlock from Master Lock. Share access, monitor access history and receive alerts if someone is tampering. Designed for outdoor use, its shackle offers 2 inch vertical clearance and is made of boron for maximum resistance to cutting and sawing. The lock features alternate methods of access for when Bluetooth isn't availab
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45% off Dictionary Hidden Book Safe With Lock - Deal Alert

This very realistic looking book cleverly conceals a solid steel locking safe. Designed to look simply like a dictionary, the diversion safe is a good consideration for a college student or anyone looking for a creative way to hide electronics, money, documents and more. You could argue that this is safer than a real safe -- thieves just won't spend thei
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Digiwell will teach you an NFC trick your old dog may already know

Patrick Kramer pulled back his sleeves and reached out an empty hand to offer his business card.His contact details appeared on the smartphone screen as if by magic, but it was a sufficiently advanced technology that made it happen.For an encore, he opened a locked door without a key. When anyone else touched the handle, it remained locked. Also on CIO.
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Malware peddlers offered Raspberry Pi money to infect your micro-PC

The Raspberry Pi—the popular mini-PC that's about the size of credit card—is attracting attention from malware distributors. But not in the sense that you might think.Last Wednesday, the Raspberry Pi Foundation tweeted a screenshot of an email in which a company effectively asked to install malware onto users Raspberry Pis.In the email, the company, whos
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How Japan's Privacy Visor fools face-recognition cameras

If you’re worried about Big Brother monitoring you from security cameras, Japan has developed eyewear that can keep you anonymous.The Privacy Visor consists of a lightweight, wraparound, semitransparent plastic sheet fitted over eyewear frames. It’s bulky and not exactly stylish, but it could have customized designs.It’s meant to thwart face-recognition came
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The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Tuesday, August 4

Google has already started its own car companyTurns out that even while Google has been sweet-talking automakers to get its software platform into their cars, it had set up a subsidiary to compete with them, the Guardian reports. Google Auto LLC is registered as a passenger vehicle manufacturer, and was licensed last year as a carmaker in California. It’s ru
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HP study finds smartwatches could do more to keep user data safe

Smartwatches are failing people at keeping their data safe and protecting them from hackers.Those are the findings of a study from Hewlett-Packard, whose Fortify on Demand security division tested 10 popular smartwatches. The company is in the process of alerting vendors about the flaws and can’t disclose the watches it tested, said Daniel Miessler, practice
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The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Wednesday, July 22

Carmakers emerge winners in the bidding for Nokia HereNokia’s much-sought-after mapping assets, called Here, have apparently been won by a coalition of carmakers. Audi, BMW and Daimler will jointly purchase Nokia’s Here digital mapping service for roughly $2.7 billion, and they plan to invite other auto makers to take a stake in the company as well, multiple
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Nest, Amazon and their IoT ilk spark privacy concerns

Privacy concerns might throw a wrench into companies' plans to make Internet-connected devices mainstream fixtures in the home.Companies like Google, Samsung, Microsoft and Amazon are being targeted by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a prominent Washington, D.C., nonprofit, over the technologies present in some of their newest audio and visual sen
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The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Friday, June 12

Twitter CEO Costolo steps downEmbattled Twitter CEO Dick Costolo will leave his post atop the micro-blogging company on July 1, bowing to intense pressure from investors disappointed with slow revenue growth and the failure to turn a profit. Co-founder and Chairman Jack Dorsey will serve as interim CEO while the company looks for a new boss; Costolo will rem
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The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Friday, June 5

Records on 4 million people stolen in huge government data breachIn what may be one of the biggest data breaches ever affecting the U.S. government, hackers broke into the systems of the Office of Personnel Management and the records of approximately four million people have been stolen. Investigators suspect hackers based in China and have linked this lates
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The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Monday, June 1

Once again, reports have Intel near a deal with AlteraIntel may announce a deal to acquire FPGA maker Altera on Monday, the Wall Street Journal reports, after the two companies returned to the bargaining table following a failure to come to terms earlier this year. The buy would strengthen Intel’s already dominant hand in the server market at a cost of about
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