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How to troubleshoot hardware problems that look like malware problems

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what exactly is going wrong with your computer. What do you do if you’ve run all the scans, checked all the files, and everything says the PC is malware free? Here’s a list of common problems that resemble cybersecurity issues, but could be caused by something hardware-related instead. My computer is overheating Some t
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Is crypto’s criminal rollercoaster approaching a terminal dip?

It’s a turbulent time in the cryptomining realm, especially for malware authors. Some big attacks and a lot of publicity has resulted in prolific groups promising to disband, even if potentially only temporarily. Running a tight(er) ship The mining banhammer continues to swing as China keeps putting pressure on miners to do it elsewhere. The US is tipp
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Let’s build a high-performance fuzzer with GPUs!

by Ryan Eberhart, Stanford University TL;DR: Can we use GPUs to get 10x performance/dollar when fuzzing embedded software in the cloud? Based on our preliminary work, we think the answer is yes! Fuzzing is a software testing technique that supplies programs with many randomized inputs in an attempt to cause unexpected behavior. It’s an important, industry-st
Publish At:2020-10-22 06:07 | Read:2377 | Comments:0 | Tags:Fuzzing Internship Projects experiment GPU internship Remill

Kali Linux 2017.1 is arrived, more power for password-cracking with cloud GPUs

Kali Linux 2017.1 rolling release was announced, the popular distro comes with a set of significant updates and features. The popular Kali Linux distribution has a new weapon in its hacking arsenal, it can use cloud GPUs for password cracking. Kali Linux is the most popular distribution in the hacking community, it is a Debian-based distro that includes nume
Publish At:2017-04-28 15:05 | Read:8404 | Comments:0 | Tags:APT Hacking bruteforce attack GPU Kali Linux password cracki

New GPU-based Linux Rootkit and Keylogger | Proof-of-concept GPU rootkit hides in VRAM, snoops system activities

  A team of coders have published a new “educational” rootkit, dubbed Jellyfish, that’s virtually undetectable by current software practices. Their work is designed to demonstrate that GPUs, which have become considerably more powerful and flexible over the past decade, are now capable of running keyloggers and rootkits. The world of hacking has becom
Publish At:2015-06-09 16:15 | Read:8378 | Comments:0 | Tags:Application Security Cyber Security Cyber Security Research

GPU-based malware, the evolution of rootkits and keyloggers

Malware developers have presented two proof-of-concept malware, a rootkit and a keylogger, which exploit the GPU of the infected host. Malware authors always demonstrate a great creativity and the ability to propose even more effective solutions, recently developers have published two strains of malware, Jellyfish rootkit and
Publish At:2015-05-08 07:00 | Read:5905 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Malware Bitcoin CPU Demon GPU Jellyfish keylog


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