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UNIX and Linux setUID advice and guidance

It is a topic that often comes up on client engagements, usually when running structured build reviews of Linux “gold builds”, but occasionally when trying to explain in detail how we used a Linux system to pivot internally. SetUID and setGID files are inevitably a risk, potentially allowing attackers to elevate privileges to root from a basic us
Publish At:2017-10-27 17:20 | Read:5067 | Comments:0 | Tags:Blog AIX analysis auditing blueteam FreeBSD Linux root Solar

Mozilla’s Bugzilla Hacked | Stolen Data Used For Targeting Firefox users

Mozilla yesterday detailed a security attack on its bug tracker and testing tool Bugzilla, as well as the steps it is taking to mitigate a repeat incident. In short, a hacker compromised the service, stole security-sensitive information, and used it to attack Firefox users. Bugzilla is open-source software that has been adopted by a variety of organization
Publish At:2015-09-08 05:15 | Read:3150 | Comments:0 | Tags:Application Security Cyber Security Security Updates Apache

Spam-blasting malware infects thousands of Linux and FreeBSD servers

Several thousand computers running the Linux and FreeBSD operating systems have been infected over the past seven months with sophisticated malware that surreptitiously makes them part of a renegade network blasting the Internet with spam, researchers said Wednesday. The malware likely infected many more machines during the five years it's known to have
Publish At:2015-04-30 14:25 | Read:3548 | Comments:0 | Tags:Law & Disorder Risk Assessment Technology Lab exploits FreeB

FreeBSD Patches Code Execution, Memory Corruption Bugs

Developers behind the operating system FreeBSD patched a handful of vulnerabilities in its kernel code yesterday that could have enabled an attacker to crash the system, execute arbitrary code, or disclose sensitive kernel memory.FreeBSD patched the bugs fairly quickly. Francisco Falcon, a member of Core Security’s Exploit Writing Team (EWT) dug up the
Publish At:2015-01-29 20:06 | Read:2547 | Comments:0 | Tags:Vulnerabilities Web Security freebsd Kernel vulnerabilities

FreeBSD Patches DoS Vulnerability

FreeBSD has patched a denial-of-service vulnerability that could affect a host of third-party packages built atop the UNIX-like operating system.The vulnerability—found in the way FreeBSD processes TCP packets—was discovered by a member of Juniper Networks’ incident response team. FreeBSD’s advisory warns that a hacker spoofing IP traffic can “tear down” a T
Publish At:2014-09-18 02:20 | Read:3260 | Comments:0 | Tags:Vulnerabilities Denial of Service freebsd FreeBSD patch Free


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