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A week in security (March 29 – April 4)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, our podcast featured Malwarebytes senior security researcher JP Taggart, who talked to us about why you need to trust your VPN. You’ve likely heard the benefits of using a VPN: You can watch TV shows restricted to certain countries, you can encrypt your web traffic on public WiFi networks, and, importantly, you c
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S3 Ep22: Cryptographic escapes and social media scams [Podcast]

byPaul DucklinHow to stop security-conscious apps from allowing unencrypted data to escape, and how scammers put social network users under pressure in order to steal their passwords.With Doug Aamoth and Paul Ducklin.Intro and outro music by Edith Mudge.LISTEN NOWClick-and-drag on the soundwaves below to skip to any point in the podcast. You can also listen
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Romance scams at all-time high: here’s what you need to know

byPaul DucklinThe US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), America’s official consumer protection watchdog, recently warned that romance scammers are making more money than ever before.Victims in the US were tricked out of more than $300 million in 2020, up from $200 million in 2019.The FTC says that the median average financial loss in a romance scam was $2
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Fallen victim to online fraud? Here’s what to do…

byLisa VenturaThis guest post is by Lisa Ventura, founder and CEO of the UK Cyber Security Association, a not-for-profit that raises awareness of the importance of cybersecurity for small and medium-sized businesses.Online fraud is a huge challenge for businesses and consumers alike as cybercriminals continue to develop new mechanisms to separate innocent pa
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Social Engineering And Social Media: How to Stop Oversharing

You’ve done your due diligence, practice good security hygiene and have the best security tools available. Now, your security posture is strong. But, your plan is only as good as your employees, and they may be letting you down when it comes to being ready for social engineering.   While employees clicking on phishing links still presents a
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Card-Not-Present Fraud: 4 Security Considerations for Point of Sale Businesses

As the retail world’s center of gravity shifts to the cloud, payment card fraud has followed suit. According to Verizon’s retail vulnerabilities study, attacks against e-commerce applications are by far the leading cause of retail data breaches. This trend mirrors similar outcomes in other industries, like food service. A complimentary Verizon study finds re
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Does a friend “need money urgently”? Check your facts before paying out…

byPaul DucklinThanks to Naked Security reader M Carter for their help with this article.Last week, we warned of a Facebook Messenger scam that used a bogus video to lure you onto a phoney Facebook login page.In that scam, the crooks were using stolen Messenger passwords to phish for yet more Messenger passwords by sending messages that genuinely seemed to co
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Cyberthreats to financial organizations in 2021

It is hard to believe that a year has gone since our last article on financial attacks and our predictions for 2020. It has been a tough one, but first things first. Let us review the forecasts we made at the end of 2019 and see how accurate we were. Then we will go through the key events of 2020 relating to financial attacks. Finally, we need to make a fore
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Watch out, WAPDropper malware could subscribe you to premium services

Researchers spotted a new mobile malware dubbed WAPDropper that subscribes users to legitimate premium-rate services. Security researchers from Check Point have spotted a new malware family dubbed WAPDropper that targets mobile phone users to subscribe them to legitimate premium-rate services. Check Point experts observed the WAPDropper subscribing una
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Former Microsoft worker sentenced to nine years in prison for stealing $10+ million

A former Microsoft worker was sentenced to nine years in prison for a scheme to steal $10 million in digital currency. Volodymyr Kvashuk (26), a former Microsoft software engineer, was sentenced this week to nine years in prison for a scheme to steal $10 million in digital currency. Kvashuk is a Ukrainian citizen living in Renton, Washngton, was resp
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Phone scamming – friends don’t let friends get vished!

byPaul DucklinAs regular readers will know, we write up real-world scams fairly frequently on Naked Security.Despite ever more aggressive spam filtering, including blocking some senders outright without even seeing what they’ve got to say, many of us receive a daily crop of outright dishonest and manipulative messages anyway.This sort of spam, better
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Account Fraud is Killing Streaming Services: What Providers Can Do

The use of online streaming services was already burgeoning well before most of the world started spending so much time at home. The current explosion in the demand for video and music streaming services is cause for celebration in the industry, but it has a dark side. Account fraud, sharing and takeover, enabled by password sharing and identity theft, is e
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A week in security (September 28 – October 4)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we dug into what happens when card fraud comes calling, we gave a rundown on some novel ransomware attacks that took advantage of smart coffee makers, and we introduced VideoBytes, our new, monthly series in which we’ll provide video coverage of some of the cybersecurity world’s top stories. In our first week, we g
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Caught in the payment fraud net: when, not if?

Sometimes, I think there are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and some form of payment fraud. Security reporter Danny Palmer experienced this a little while ago, and has spent a significant amount of time tracking the journey of his card details from the UK to Suriname. His deep-dive confirmed that it is easy to become tangled up in fraud, even if yo
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SMS phishing scam pretends to be Apple “chatbot” – don’t fall for it!

byPaul DucklinAren’t SMSes dead? Aren’t they just plain old text anyway? Surely they’re of no interest to cybercriminals any more?Well, SMSes aren’t dead at all – they’re still widely used because of their simplicity and convenience.Indeed, as a general-purpose short message service – which is literally what the lett
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