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IBM Scores a Strong Performer Placement in Risk-Based Authentication Wave

We are proud to announce that Forrester named IBM a Strong Performer in its new report, “The Forrester Wave: Risk-Based Authentication, Q3 2017.” This is the first update to the Forrester Wave for Risk-Based Authentication (RBA) since Q1 2012, and IBM’s first time participating in the report as one of the eight most “significant provi
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QRadar Waves From the Leader Position in the Forrester 2017 Security Analytics Wave

Co-authored by Nicole Trager. Forrester just published its first ever Security Analytics Wave. IBM Security is proud to hold a top right position, with the highest scores in solution strength and vision of all the evaluated products. Forrester developed and applied a 36-criteria evaluation of security analytics (SA) providers and, as a result, identified the
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Don’t Fall for an Imperfect Data Security Solution

Data security is top of mind for most chief information security officers (CISOs) and security teams. Cloud, big data and software-as-a-service (SaaS) projects are putting a greater demand on the access and use of your company’s most prized possession — its data. The Consequences of Imperfect Data Security This greater demand for access results in incr
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Protecting Both Your Network and Investment: The Total Economic Impact of Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion Prevention in the Age of the Customer In the Age of the Customer, a time when companies are competing harder than ever to win, serve and retain consumers, the ability to share information has never been more important. Companies that are able to easily share, from either a business-to-business or a business-to-consumer perspective, often provide a
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How to Stop Data From Leaving the Building

IT walls are coming down, making room for better communication with consumers everywhere. However, with trends like cloud and big data introducing new data security and privacy challenges, gaps are emerging. This leads to opportunities for targeted, sophisticated attacks and internal data leaks that can expose vulnerabilities in your data infrastructure. The
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The Mobility Minute, Dec. 14–18: Holiday Device Rush, Mobile Retail and More

I promise that’s the last time I’ll sing on the Mobility Minute… in 2015, that is! In this week’s all-new, holiday-inspired edition of the Mobility Minute, we’re giving you best practices for handling the mobile device rush this holiday season and tips for retailers to leverage mobile devices in-store to boost productivity. We&#
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IBM Named a Leader Again in The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Mobility Management, Q4 2015

It feels good to announce that IBM continues to be a leader in enterprise mobility management (EMM), according to the latest research in the The Forrester Wave. For those following along at home, that’s two years in a row! This evaluation from one of the preeminent market research firms places IBM with the highest scores in current offering, strategy a
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The Dollars and Cents of Protecting Your Data

Data security presents a complex challenge to organizations. The value of customer data has increased exponentially over time, but so has the potential liability and security exposure. Combine this with the rapid growth of data within the environments, the complexity of compliance across industries and the threat of internal and external attacks, and you hav
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