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Cisco, Fortinet issue fixes against Equation Group exploits

Customers of Cisco and Fortinet security firms need to patch their products to fix the flaws exploited by the Equation Group exploits and hacking tools. While security experts are analyzing the hacking tools leaked in the data dump by the Shadow Brokers, security firms are working to fix the vulnerabilities exploited by the Equation Group toolsets. Both Fort
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A close look at the exploits leaked after the Equation Group hack

The NSA-linked unit The Equation Group has been hacked and a data dump containing exploits and tools has been leaked online. Is it legitimate? It is the topic of the moment, the group The Shadow Brokers has hacked the NSA-linked unit the Equation Group and leaked online exploits and hacking tools. The hackers had dumped online the precious material, probably
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Snowden: NSA Equation Group hack may be the Kremlin’s warning

According to the popular whistleblower Edward Snowden the hack of the NSA Equation Group may be a Russian response to the US. The public auction of stolen NSA exploits and hacking tools may be the response of the Russian Government to the US Government that is blaming it for the DNC hack. This is also the opinion of the popular whistleblower Edward Snowden,
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The alleged NSA’s unit The Equation Group has been hacked. Exploits and tools leaked online.

A group of hackers claims to have hacked the NSA Equation Group, it is selling hacking tools and exploits in online auction. Security experts discussed several times about potential effects of the militarization of the cyberspace. Government-built malware and cyber weapons may run out of control, cyber weapons and hacking tools developed by nation-state hack
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Lessons learned from Flame, three years later

Three years ago, on May 28th 2012, we announced the discovery of a malware known as Flame. At the same time we published our FAQ, CrySyS Lab posted their thorough analysis of sKyWIper. A few days earlier, Maher CERT published IOCs for Flamer. In short, Flame, sKyWIper and Flamer are different names for the same threat, which took the world by surprise a
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Information Warfare – Iran vs America. Why buy a weapon when I have a keyboard?

A newly disclosed secret report illustrates the tightening of cyber dispute between the United States and Iran , both for spying and sabotage. Since Robert Tappan Morris in 1988 created the first worm, cyberspace started to change its virtual state in a critical cyberwar field.  Even if the first worm was an error, aimed at tr
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CyberCriminals and their APT and AVT Techniques

The cyber security expert Ashiq JA analyzed the principal characteristics of APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) and AVT (Advanced Volatile Threat) . Cybercriminals and their techniques in the APT and AVT attacks “APT is an attack in the persistent memory that resides in the victims machine without getting noticed and the attacke
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Equation Group: from Houston with love

In 2009, an international scientific conference was held in Houston, USA. Leading scientists from several countries were invited to attend. As is traditional for such events, the organizers sent out a post-meeting CDROM containing a presentation with the best photos from the event. It is unlikely that any of the recipients expected that while they were enjoy
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The Equation Group shows most complex and sophisticated hacking techniques ever seen

Experts at Kaspersky Lab revealed that the capabilities of the Equation Group Surpass anything known in terms of sophistication of hacking techniques. Security experts at Kaspersky revealed the existence of a hacking group operating since 2001 that targeted practically every industry with  sophisticated zero-day malware. Accor
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Inside nls_933w.dll, the Equation APT Persistence Module

CANCUN – The names called out like beacons from the screen: Samsung; Seagate; Western Digital; Hitachi; Maxtor. Hardware makers were in the crosshairs of the Equation APT group and it was perhaps the worst possible scenario imagined by researchers looking at the frightening and extensive storehouse of capabilities within the attack platform.By extending its
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A Fanny Equation: "I am your father, Stuxnet"

At the Virus Bulletin conference in 2010, researchers from Kaspersky Lab partnered with Microsoft to present findings related to Stuxnet. The joint presentation included slides dealing with various parts of Stuxnet, such as the zero-days used in the attack. Perhaps the most interesting zero-day exploit from Stuxnet was the LNK exploit (CVE-2010-2568). Thi
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Massive, Decades-Long Cyberespionage Framework Uncovered

CANCUN–Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have uncovered a cyberespionage group that has been operating for at least 15 years and has worked with and supported the attackers behind Stuxnet, Flame and other highly sophisticated operations. The attackers, known as the Equation Group, used two of the zero days contained in Stuxnet before that worm employed them
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Equation: The Death Star of Malware Galaxy

Download "Equation group: questions and answers" PDF "Houston, we have a problem" One sunny day in 2009, Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz1 embarked on a flight to the burgeoning city of Houston to attend a prestigious international scientific conference. As a leading scientist in his field, such trips were common for Grzegorz. Over the next couple of da
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FBI Warns US Businesses of Possible Wiper Malware Attacks

The FBI issued a five-page flash warning yesterday urging American enterprises to be on the lookout for wiper malware.The alert, a Reuters report said, described some details about the malware but kept the victim anonymous.Related PostsReport Connects Iran to Critical Infrastructure Hacks WorldwideDecember 2, 2014 , 10:08 amResearcher Releases Database of Kn
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Report Connects Iran to Critical Infrastructure Hacks Worldwide

Iranian state-sponsored hackers have been singled out for attacks on critical infrastructure worldwide, including 10 targets in the United States.Security firm Cylance today released an 86-page report on Operation Cleaver that lays out Iran’s hacking capabilities and motivations to attack global interests beyond the U.S. and Israel, long thought to be
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