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DNS-over-HTTPS takes another small step towards global domination

Firefox recently announced that it will be rolling out DNS-over-HTTPS (or DoH) soon to one percent of its Canadian users as part of its partnership with CIRA (the Canadian Internet Registration Authority), the Ontario-based organization responsible for managing the .ca top-level domain for Canada and a local DoH provider. The rollout will begin on 20 July un
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What is Incognito mode? Our private browsing 101

Incognito mode is the name of Google Chrome’s private browsing mode, but it’s also become the catch-all term used to describe this type of web surfing, regardless of the browser being used. Some call it Private Mode, others call it Private Browsing. Apple almost certainly got there first, yet Chrome’s 2008 creation has largely become the generic name for all
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Analysis of HSTS Caches of Different Browsers

The Reason I recently stumbled upon a strange behavior in my Firefox: I visited an HTTPS-enabled website that I had visited before and saw that my Firefox connected insecurely via HTTP. I found that strange because nowadays, most websites set the HSTS header, which is supposed to force the browser to connect via HTTPS. I checked whether this website set the
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Chrome users, here’s how to opt out of the Google FLoC trial

Two weeks after Google launched a trial to replace run-of-the-mill online user tracking with new-fangled online user tracking, several companies and organizations have pushed back, criticizing the new technology—called FLoC—which is designed to respect people’s privacy more, as a detriment to user privacy. The good news is that, if you want to escap
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Will Google’s Privacy Sandbox take the bite out of tracking cookies?

Third-party cookies have been the lynchpin of online advertising for many years. Plans to phase cookies out forever continue to run at a steady pace, with Google in the driving seat. In 2019, it announced its vision for a “Privacy Sandbox”. The building blocks for this were essentially: Most aspects of the web need money to survive, and advertising that r
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Browser sync—what are the risks of turning it on?

Modern browsers include synchronization features (like Google Chrome’s Sync) so that all your browsers, on all your devices, share the same tabs, passwords, plugins, and other features. While this is certainly convenient, particularly when you’re migrating to a new device, synchronizing browsers also comes with some risks. What is browser sync
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Why Data Privacy Day matters: A Lock and Code special with Mozilla, DuckDuckGo, and EFF

You can read our full-length blog here about the importance of Data Privacy Day and data privacy in general Today is a special day, not just because January 28 marks Data Privacy Day in the United States and in several countries across the world, but because it also marks the return of our hit podcast Lock and Code, which closed out last year with an epis
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3 tips to top up your privacy

It’s Data Privacy Day—the perennial event that many internet users may have never heard of, but have strong feelings and opinions about the very things that birthed it in the first place. Originally created to help businesses learn about why online privacy matters, its reach has since extended to other public organizations, governments, communities,
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Google and Mozilla fixed issues exploited at 2020 Tianfu Cup hacking contest

Mozilla and Google have already fixed the critical flaws in Firefox and Chrome exploited by bug bounty hunters at 2020 Tianfu Cup hacking contest. Mozilla and Google have already addressed the critical Firefox and Chrome vulnerabilities that were recently exploited by white hat hackers at the 2020 Tianfu Cup hacking contest. The vulnerability in Chrome
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Mozilla patches critical security issues in Firefox and Thunderbird

Mozilla has issued a critical patch for Firefox, Firefox ESR, and Thunderbird after a security issue was discovered at the Tianfu Cup 2020 International Cybersecurity Contest The security issue has been assigned CVE-2020-26950 which has the “reserved” status. Publicly disclosed computer security flaws are listed in the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
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Mozilla offers rewards for Bypassing Firefox Exploit Mitigations

Mozilla has expanded its bug bounty program including rewards for bypass methods for the exploit mitigations and security features in Firefox. Mozilla announced this week that it has expanded its bug bounty program with a new category that focuses on bypass methods for the exploit mitigations, security features, and defense-in-depth measures implemented i
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Firefox 79 is out – it’s a double-update month so patch now!

byPaul DucklinYou’ve probably heard of a Blue Moon, which is the second full moon in any calendar month.The last one was back in 2018; the next one is coming up in October 2020.Well, 28 July 2020 is a Blue Firefox Update event – the second major security fix of the month, given that Mozilla now uses an every-four-weeks-on-Tuesday rhythm, and Fire
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Monday review – the hot stories of the week

byNaked Security writer Get yourself up to date with everything we've written in the last seven days – it's weekly roundup time. Monday 6 July 2020 Boston bans government use of facial recognition Tuesday 7 July 2020 Company web
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Cisco Talos discloses technicals details of Chrome, Firefox flaws

Cisco’s Talos experts disclosed the details of recently patched vulnerabilities affecting the popular Chrome and Firefox web browsers. Researchers from Cisco Talos disclosed technical details of recently patched vulnerabilities affecting the popular Chrome and Firefox web browsers. The first issue, tracked as CVE-2020-6463, is a memory corruption vulne
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Cisco disclosed technical details for Firefox code execution flaw

Cisco Talos experts released technical details on a recently addressed vulnerability in Firefox that could be exploited for code execution. Security experts from Cisco Talos have released technical details on a recently addressed vulnerability in Firefox, tracked as CVE-2020-12405, that could be exploited by attackers for remote code execution. The iss
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