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SolarWinds: What Hit Us Could Hit Others

New research into the malware that set the stage for the megabreach at IT vendor SolarWinds shows the perpetrators spent months inside the company’s software development labs honing their attack before inserting malicious code into updates that SolarWinds then shipped to thousands of customers. More worrisome, the research suggests the insidious method
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Millions of devices could be hacked exploiting flaws targeted by tools stolen from FireEye

Millions of devices are potential exposed to attacks targeting the vulnerabilities exploited by the tools stolen from the arsenal of FireEye. Security experts from Qualys are warning that more than 7.5 million devices are potentially exposed to cyber attacks targeting the vulnerabilities exploited by the tools stolen from the arsenal of FireEye. As a r
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Malicious Domain in SolarWinds Hack Turned into ‘Killswitch’

A key malicious domain name used to control potentially thousands of computer systems compromised via the months-long breach at network monitoring software vendor SolarWinds was commandeered by security experts and used as a “killswitch” designed to turn the sprawling cybercrime operation against itself, KrebsOnSecurity has learned. Austin, Texa
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Microsoft partnered with security firms to sinkhole the C2 used in SolarWinds hack

Microsoft and its partners have seized the primary domain used in the SolarWinds attack to identify the victims through sinkholing. Microsoft partnered with other cybersecurity firms to seize the primary domain used in the SolarWinds attack (avsvmcloud[.]com) in an attempt to identify all victims and prevent other systems from being served malicious softw
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SolarWinds Hack Could Affect 18K Customers

The still-unfolding breach at network management software firm SolarWinds may have resulted in malicious code being pushed to nearly 18,000 customers, the company said in a legal filing on Monday. Meanwhile, Microsoft should soon have some idea which and how many SolarWinds customers were affected, as it recently took possession of a key domain name used by
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SolarWinds advanced cyberattack: What happened and what to do now

Over the weekend we learned more about the sophisticated attack that compromised security firm FireEye, the US Treasury and Commerce departments and likely many more victims. Threat actors hacked into IT company SolarWinds in order to use its software channel to push out malicious updates onto 18,000 of its Orion platform customers. This scenario, referre
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A week in security (December 7 – December 13)

Last week on Malwarebytes podcast we talked to Doug Levin, founder of the K12 cybersecurity resource center and advisor to the K12 Security Information Exchange, about how schools can plan for a cybersecure 2021. We also released a Malwarebytes Labs report revealing that 50 percent of schools did not prepare for secure distance learning. In our b
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Malwarebytes detects leaked tools from FireEye breach

Hello folks! If you have not heard yet, the security firm FireEye has had a breach of many red team assessment tools used for identification of vulnerabilities to help protect customers. While it is not known exactly who was behind this attack, a big concern is the sharing and use of these stolen red team tools by both sophisticated and non-sophisticated
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A Reminder to Stay Vigilant

This year has been a challenging one for organizations that faced data breaches, intrusions and ransomware attacks at the hands of cyber criminals and nation-state attackers. Cybersecurity firm FireEye announced on Dec. 8, 2020, that an adversary targeted and gained unauthorized access to its Red Team tools — an important call to every company to rema
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Top cybersecurity firm FireEye hacked by a nation-state actor

The cyber security giant FireEye announced that it was hacked by nation-state actors, likely Russian state-sponsored hackers. The cybersecurity firm FireEye is one of the most prominent cybersecurity firms, it provides products and services to government agencies and companies worldwide. The company made the headlines because it was the victim of
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Hackers leaked data from alleged Mandiant FireEye ‘breach’ under #OpLeakTheAnalyst.

Late Sunday evening, hackers leaked details alleged stolen from a compromised system maintained by Adi Peretz, a Senior Analyst at Mandiant. Late Sunday evening, hackers have posted details alleged stolen from a system belonging to Adi Peretz, a Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst at security firm FireEye/Mandiant. The leaked archive is a 337MB PST file conta
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Denmark blamed Russia APT28 group for cyber intrusions in Defense Ministry Emails

Denmark on Monday denounced Russia after the publication of a report that accused Russian APT28 of hacking the defense ministry’s email accounts. Today the Danish Government officially blamed Russia for cyber attacks against its Defense Ministry. Denmark denounced a cyber intrusion in several Defense Ministry’s email accounts. The accusation com
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China-Linked DragonOK APT Group continues updating tools and tactics

The China-linked DragonOK continues updating tools and tactics and targeted entities in various countries, including Russia and Tibet. It was September 2014, when security researchers at FireEye spotted for the first time the cyber espionage activities of a Chinese state-sponsored group dubbed DragonOK. At the time, FireEye discovered two hacking campaigns c
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Hong Kong Government Hacked by APT3 Group before elections

Two Hong Hong government departments were targeted by Chinese hackers belonging the APT3 group just before the legislative elections. Security experts from FireEye have discovered a new cyber espionage campaign launched by the Chinese APT3 group against Hong Kong Government before upcoming parliamentary elections that are to be held today September 4. The h
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FireEye 2016 ICS Vulnerabilities Trend Report: Missed Warnings, Exposed Industrial Environments

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are the technology workhorses responsible for powering the electric grid and utilities, water treatment plants, oil and gas production, food and beverage manufacturing, and transportation systems, among many others. Our society relies on these systems more than we know to keep life running smoothly.However, a new research rep
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