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German authorities raid the offices of the FinFisher surveillance firm

Earlier this month, German authorities have raided the offices of FinFisher, the German surveillance software firm, accused of providing its software to oppressive regimes. German authorities have raided the offices of FinFisher, the popular German surveillance firm as part of an investigation into the alleged sale of their software to oppressiv
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ISPs in at least two countries were involved in delivering surveillance FinFisher Spyware

Security researchers at ESET have uncovered a surveillance campaign using a new variant of FinFisher spyware, also known as FinSpy. Finfisher infected victims in seven countries and experts believe that in two of them the major internet providers have been involved. “New surveillance campaigns utilizing FinFisher, infamous spyware known also as FinSpy
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Is Phineas Fisher behind the AKP hack that allowed the disclosure of Erdogan Emails?

One of the most popular hacktivists, Phineas Fisher claimed responsibility for the hack of the Turkish Government that lead the disclosure of Erdogan Emails. A few hours ago I reported the news of the ban on Wikileaks decide by the Turkish Government in response to the publishing of the Erdogan Emails, now the popular Phineas Phisher has claimed responsibili
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Phineas Fisher hacked a bank to support anti-capitalists in the Rojava region

Phineas Fisher, the notorious Hacking Team hacker, stole $10,000 from a bank and donated the equivalent in Bitcoin to Kurdish anticapitalists in Rojava. Phineas Fisher (@GammaGroupPR), revealed on Reddit that he breached a bank and turned the stolen money to a Kurdish anti-capitalists that operate in the Rojava autonomous region. The region in located
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German authorities approve the use of home-made Federal Trojan

The German Interior Ministry has approved the use of a federal Trojan developed by the German Federal Criminal Police. The German Interior Ministry has approved the use a spyware developed by the German Federal Criminal Police, aka the ‘federal Trojan’ or Bundestrojaner, for the investigative purpose. “Soon the state could re-enter the comp
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The number of Governments using the FinFisher Spyware is increased

A new research conducted by Citizen Lab revealed that the number of governments using the FinFisher surveillance software has increased. Researchers at Citizen Lab have been monitoring the use of surveillance tools like FinFisher over the past years reporting its use by totalitarian governments. The researchers tracked the phy
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Hacking Team asks customers to stop operations and don’t use its malware

Following the clamorous Hacking Team hack the company asked all its customers to shut down all the operations and don’t use its solutions in this phase. Hacking Team has been hacked and its social media account hijacked, the news is shocking the IT security industry because privacy advocated have always accused the compa
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Surveillance firm Hacking Team hacked [Updated]

Hacking Team, the Italian surveillance firm that develops spyware and hacking software has been hacked by attackers that exfiltrated some 400Gbs of data. The Italian security firm Hacking Team has allegedly been hacked, unknown attackers have exfiltrated some 400Gbs of data. The company has often been at the center of heate
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Pakistan’s DAWN newspaper on FinFisher and cyber crime

In an article entitled “Fishing in troubled waters,” Pakistan’s English newspaper DAWN showcased issues surrounding surveillance and cyber crime in the country, particularly on the presence of FinFisher spyware’s servers. Gamma Group, the company that manufactures the spyware and numerous other spying technologies, has sold its produc
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FinFisher lawsuit to be heard in Pakistan’s Lahore High Court

The Lahore High Court in Pakistan is set to hear a case regarding the discovery of spyware suite FinFisher in the country. The lawsuit, brought by Citizen Lab Cyber Steward Partner Bytes for All, contends that the Pakistani government violated constitutional rights by indiscriminately spying on its citizens, which violates the Privacy Act.FinFisher spy softw
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OECD finds actions of Gamma International to be in violation of human rights

Media Coverage: Gigaom, Infosecurity Magazine, The Verge, The Register.The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) determined that Gamma International, the British-German firm responsible for the production of FinFisher, was in violation of human rights guidelines. The report, published by the United Kingdom National Contact Point (UK N
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FinFisher research referenced in articles on German court investigation, South African servers

German prosecutors have launched an investigation into the use of FinFisher by foreign intelligence agencies targeting individuals inside Germany. The investigation was prompted by last year’s hacking of German-British firm Gamma International, in which company files were published online by WikiLeaks. Using the leak, individuals from Bahrain Watch use
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Wired Italy places Morgan Marquis-Boire on Top 50 People of 2014 List

Citizen Lab Senior Security Researcher and Technical Advisor Morgan Marquis-Boire was featured on Wired Italy’s Top 50 People of the Year 2014. The list featured a variety of occupations, such as hackers, CEOs, biologists, politicians, actors, and civil rights activists.Marquis-Boire placed 27 on the list, joining individuals such as Sundar Pichai, Sen
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The Verge article features FinFisher research

An article by The Verge on the persecution of Bahraini activists Moosa Abd-Ali Ali, Jaffar Al Hasabi, and Saeed Al-Shehabi featured the Citizen Lab’s extensive analysis into FinFisher, a line of remote intrusion and surveillance software developed by Munich-based Gamma International GmbH, conducted by Senior Security Researcher Morgan Marquis-Boire and
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Security Researcher Claudio Guarnieri releases Detekt tool

Media Coverage: PC World, The Guardian, Bloomberg Business, Engadget, Wired, Gigaom, ZDNet, Threatpost, The Mirror, The Business Insider, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, and Mashable.Independent Researcher Claudio Guarnieri has partnered with Privacy International, Digitale Gesellschaft, Amnesty International, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation to publicly
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