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Suspect who refused to decrypt hard drives released after four years

byJohn E DunnThe contentious case of a man held in custody since 2015 for refusing to decrypt two hard drives appears to have reached a resolution of sorts after the US Court of Appeals ordered his release.Former Philadelphia police sergeant Francis Rawls was arrested in September 2015, during which the external hard drives were seized along with other compu
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Court says suspect can’t be forced to reveal 64-character password

byLisa VaasThe dry facts: A US court has come down in favor of Fifth Amendment protections against forced disclosure of a 64-character passcode in a child abuse imagery case = an important interpretation of whether forced password disclosure is the modern equivalent of an unconstitutionally coerced confession.The gut punch: The defendant is a man previously
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Man Jailed Indefinitely for Refusing to Decrypt Hard Drives

A man is serving an indefinite sentence in jail for his refusal to comply with a court order requiring him to decrypt two hard drives.Francis Rawls, a former Philadelphia police sergeant, has served 16 months in the Philadelphia Federal Detention Center. As of this writing, it’s unclear when he will get out. He will likely spend more time behind bars.H
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Is protection against self-incrimination dead in the digital era? (Poll)

How to balance between privacy and crime fighting? That’s one of the big questions now when we are entering the digitally connected era. Our western democracies have a set of well-established and widely accepted rules that control what authorities can and can’t do. One aspect of this has been in the headlines lately. That’s your right to “plead the Fifth”, a
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Police can demand fingerprints but not passcodes to unlock phones, rules judge

Cops can force you to unlock your phone with your fingerprint, but not with your passcode, according to a judge in the US state of Virginia.The question of whether a phone passcode is constitutionally protected has been batted around for a while, with varying outcomes.It surfaced again in this case, which involves an Emergency Medical Services captain by the
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