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Turning a Pico into a Human Interface Device (HID)

I just walked out of room 716 at SecTor here in Toronto, where I shared details on my Raspberry Pi Pico project. I’m happy that I was finally able to share this and even happier to announce that the GitHub repo is now open to the public. I won’t walk you through the code, but you can reach out to me if you have questions.  So, what i
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4 tips to achieve Data Compliance

Data compliance is a crucial and essential factor in organizations that should be carefully followed for data management. Data compliance is more than maintaining relevant standards and regulations and ensuring that the data is secured. The substantial amount of data that is processed and used in organizations must be managed properly. All phases of data acc
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Complying with the Egypt Financial Cybersecurity Framework: What you Should Know

Which cybersecurity framework is the best one to use for an organization?  This is one of the most frequently asked questions when embarking on the cybersecurity journey.  Often, the answer falls quite unsatisfyingly along the explanatory lines about how there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and how there are advantages and disadvantages to each.
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CISA orders federal agencies to catalog their networks, and scan for bugs

You always want to know what is attached to your network. And whether it could be vulnerable or not.In any organisation it’s normal for different devices, on- or off-prem, wired or wireless, to be constantly added or removed – and this can present an opportunity for malicious hackers to take advantage of improperly secured systems.In many cases,
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See Yourself in Cyber: 4 Steps to Stay Safe

As threats to technology and private information become more frequent, the President of the United States and Congress have proclaimed October to be Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This initiative aims to assist people in protecting themselves online. Government and business are working together to increase cybersecurity awareness on a national and worldwide
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Extra, Extra, VERT Reads All About It: Cybersecurity News for the Week of September 26, 2022

All of us at Tripwire’s Vulnerability Exposure and Research Team (VERT) are constantly looking out for interesting stories and developments in the infosec world. Here’s what cybersecurity news stood out to us during the week of September 26th, 2022. I’ve also included some comments on these stories.Sophos Firewall Zero-Day Exploited in Attacks on South Asian
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Foundational Activities for Secure Software Development

FolliesThe Broadway Tower in Worcestershire, England is a famous structure. It’s inspiring, beautiful, and at 62 feet high, like other similar buildings, it’s a folly. While it looks grand inside and out, it serves no purpose than to be a decoration.It’s all too easy to buy a set of policies and procedures, change the company name and some other
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UK Construction: Cybersecurity Experts Defend Joint Ventures

After years of falling behind, the construction industry has realised the importance of its data. Construction-related businesses invested a remarkable 188% more in cybersecurity in 2018–19. Data leaks and cyberattacks have jolted sectors worldwide, affecting everyone. 55% of UK businesses experienced a cyberattack in 2019 alone, and the average damage resul
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IT admin admits sabotaging ex-employer’s network in bid for higher salary

A 40-year-old man could face up to 10 years in prison, after admitting in a US District Court to sabotaging his former employer’s computer systems.Casey K Umetsu, of Honolulu, Hawaii, has pleaded guilty to charges that he deliberately misdirected a financial company’s email traffic and prevented customers from reaching its website in a failed att
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How Can Cybersecurity Professionals Account for Vulnerabilities in Fleet Data?

Fleet operations today revolve around data. Telematics systems, connected cars, and similar IoT systems provide fleet managers with a wealth of information, but this connectivity also raises security concerns.As data breach costs reach their highest point in decades, accounting for vulnerabilities in organizations’ data becomes increasingly crucial. Data-ric
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Your Guide to the Latest Email Fraud and Identity Deception Trends

There’s a high chance that you or someone you know has been impacted by email fraud or identity theft. At the very least, you’ve likely received a variety of spam emails and text messages asking to provide a payment or confirm your identity.The good news is that cybersecurity protection is constantly evolving and improving, with cybersecurity education progr
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The State of Cybersecurity has improved but is hardly flawless

For the record, it should be acknowledged from the start that there is no question that the cybersecurity landscape has improved over time, mostly courtesy of persistent increases in cyber spending year after year. Gartner estimates that the U.S. and the rest of the world will invest $172 billion in cybersecurity this year, up from $150 billion last yea
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Major Database Security Threats & How You Can Prevent Them

Organizations and businesses must use a range of measures, protocols, and tools to protect their databases from cybercriminals. If breached, malicious actors can gain access to sensitive information that they can use for financial gain. Security teams must adapt and constantly improve to protect against ever-evolving security threats, and maintain the integr
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Overheard at the SANS Security Awareness Summit 2022

People have become the primary attack vector for cyber attackers around the world. As the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2022 indicates, it is humans rather than technology that now represent the greatest risk to organizations. According to the SANS 2022 Security Awareness Report, the top three security risks that security professionals are concer
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SecTor 2022: The IoT Hack Lab is Back!

Last year, it was great to be back at SecTor after everything was canceled in 2020. The capacity was reduced, but the Hack Lab was still plenty busy and we loved having everyone come by and visit our table and play with the gear. Even more than that, we were excited to meet up with so many friends that we hadn’t seen since 2019. We’re looking forward to catc
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