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10 Database Security Best Practices You Should Know

According to Risk Based Security’s 2020 Q3 report, around 36 billion records were compromised between January and September 2020. While this result is quite staggering, it also sends a clear message of the need for effective database security measures.Database security measures are a bit different from website security practices. The former involve physical
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Black History Month: Diversity in Cybersecurity Is More Important than Technology

Each February, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries observe Black History Month. It’s a month-long celebration of the generations of black people who have elevated society by the way in which they’ve lived their lives. It’s also an opportunity for us to recognize that there’s still plenty of work to do in the name of promoting di
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US charges North Koreans in relation to global cyber attacks

The United States Department of Justice has charged three North Korean computer programmers with a range of cyber attacks that made headlines around the world.The men – 31-year-old Jon Chang Hyok, Kim Il, 27, and 36-year-old Park Jin Hyok – are alleged to have been part of North Korea’s Reconnaissance General Bureau (RGB), known commonly as
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Coming to Life: A Detailed Tutorial on Building Your First ATT&CK Procedure

Note: The attack procedure built in this post will not work for every macOS operating system or in every scenario. There are many factors that can block scripts from running at boot time, and you should always test against your target operating system.The MITRE ATT&CK framework is a universally accepted knowledge-base of tactics, techniques and procedure
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Attacker Hacked into Florida City’s Water Treatment Plant, Attempted to Poison Water Supply

An attacker hacked into a Florida city’s water treatment plan and attempted to leverage that access to poison the municipality’s water supply. According to WTSP-TV, an operator at the water treatment plan in the 15,000-person City of Oldsmar, Florida noticed someone controlling his mouse cursor on February 5 at around 08:00. The operator didn’
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General Tips for Children & Teens on Safer Internet Day

On February 9, 2021, the world will celebrate the 18th iteration of Safer Internet Day. The theme of this year’s event is “Together for a better internet.” It’s a reminder that all of us have a responsibility to help make the web a safer place.One of the ways we can do this is by taking the online safety of children and teens to heart. In their enthusiasm fo
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Social Media Best Practices for Safer Internet Day

On February 9, 2021, the world will celebrate the 18th iteration of Safer Internet Day. It’s an opportunity for everyone to recognize the importance of staying safe online. It’s also a reminder that all of us play a part in making the web a safer place.One of the ways we can observe Safer Internet Day is by helping children and teens navigate social media. Y
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Sloppy patches are a breeding ground for zero-day exploits, says Google

Security researchers at Google have claimed that a quarter of all zero-day software exploits could have been avoided if more effort had been made by vendors when creating patches for vulnerabilities in their software.In a blog post, Maddie Stone of Google’s Project Zero team says that 25% of the zero-day exploits detected in 2020 are closely related to
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8 Top Technical Resource Providers for ICS Security Professionals

Attacks against industrial control systems (ICS) are on the rise. In its 2020 X-Force Threat Intelligence Report, for instance, IBM found that digital attacks targeting organizations’ ICS had increased by more than 2,000% between 2019 and 2018. Most of those attacks involved the exploitation of vulnerabilities affecting supervisory control and data acquisiti
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A Look at the Legal Consequence of a Cyber Attack

Is your system 100% ready to face the severest cyber-attack and mitigate the risk of a possible data breach? If you are unsure about your cyber-safety structure, then it’s time to upgrade it. Otherwise, you could be at risk of lengthy legal battles that result in hefty fines. Beyond that, the cost in terms of reputational loss could be catastrophic if not ha
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Improving Your Security Posture with the Pipeline Cybersecurity Initiative

A few years ago, I worked alongside some oil commodity traders. Environmental concerns aside, I never realized how many parts were required to get the oil out of the ground, not to mention everything else that finally resulted in the production of refined products that surround our lives. As a cybersecurity professional, I was more interested in how all
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Cybercriminals are Bypassing Multi-factor Authentication to Access Organisation’s Cloud Services

The US Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued a warning to companies to better protect their cloud-based accounts after several recent successful attacks.According to an advisory published by CISA, an increasing number of attacks have succeeded as more employees have begun to work remotely w
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8 Cloud Security Best Practice Fundamentals for Microsoft Azure

In a previous blog, I discussed securing AWS management configurations by combating six common threats with a focus on using both the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Amazon Web Services Foundations benchmark policy along with general security best practices.Now I’d like to do the same thing for Microsoft Azure. I had the privilege of being involved in the
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VERT Threat Alert: January 2021 Patch Tuesday Analysis

Today’s VERT Alert addresses Microsoft’s January 2021 Security Updates. VERT is actively working on coverage for these vulnerabilities and expects to ship ASPL-922 on Wednesday, January 13th.In-The-Wild & Disclosed CVEsCVE-2021-1647A vulnerability in the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine (MMPE) is currently seeing active exploitation. Since the MMPE is
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Ransomware Gangs Scavenge for Sensitive Data by Targeting Top Executives

In their attempt to extort as much money as quickly as possible out of companies, ransomware gangs know some effective techniques to get the full attention of a firm’s management team.And one of them is to specifically target the sensitive information stored on the computers used by a company’s top executives, in the hope of finding valuable data
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