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GDPR offers new protections for young adults

From May 2018, a new data protection law – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – will come into force, designed to better protect the privacy of European citizens. GDPR gives consumers a number of rights over the personal data that companies collect, and forces those businesses to better protect the information too. If a company does breach the GDP
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Your Roomba wants to sell your home’s map

Earlier this week iRobot CEO Colin Angle shared with Reuters that the data collected by iRobot devices (such as Roomba) over the years may eventually be shared with third parties. Even though iRobot’s robotic vacuum cleaners are not as smart as R2-D2, some of the high-end models, such as the $900 Roomba 980 robotic vacuum cleaner, are known to contain sophis
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Is Youtube Safe For Kids?

It can be surprising for parents that someone like Pewdie Pie has a net worth of millions of dollars, or that watching someone else play videogames is a billion dollar business thanks to streaming companies like Youtube. The types of videos that young children gravitate towards often surprise us, as the trends are constantly changing. To avoid any nasty shoc
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Cyberbullying and “13 Reasons Why”

How “13 Reasons Why” can help fight cyberbullying The Netflix TV series 13 Reasons Why has become a worldwide smash hit with teenagers drawn into the tale of a teenage girl’s suicide. Dealing with powerful issues like sexual assault, drugs, bullying and of course, suicide, the program has won praise from critics and viewers alike. The dark, adult tone of 13
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Eight everyday security tips for the whole family

From the youngest to the oldest in your household, every member of the family uses the Internet and apps to inform, entertain and maintain contact with their loved ones. This Sunday, May 15th, is International Day of Families and to celebrate, here are some basic tips to keep your family safe while navigating the web. Updates Make sure that your operating s
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Cyber-crooks can use your wireless mouse and keyboard!

Remember how the problems you had with the nightmare of tangled cables going in and out of your computer went away the day you discovered wireless devices? In fact, you swore never to touch a wired device again after buying a keyboard and mouse capable of communicating with your computer without needing to be physically connected to it. You even went as far
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Honey, they’ve hacked the TV: The security callenges facing Smart TVs.

If Facebook and many more Internet platforms are capable of showing personalized ads on your computer according to your online behavior, why shouldn’t the same be true for our smart TVs? Paul McMillan, a German security expert, has proven that smart TVs are so smart that they can analyze the programs or films that you watch so as to be able to choose ads th
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All you need to know about the worrying popularity of Malvertising

Every morning, without fail, you log onto your computer and check your emails, read the news, and have a look at your social media accounts. While you do this it is likely that you’ll come across a few pop-up advertisements which you quickly close as they do little more than annoy you. However, it’s likely that you haven’t stopped to think that these annoyin
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How kids’ toys are becoming a tool for cybercriminals

Until recently it would have been unthinkable to imagine that a simple Barbie doll could pose a threat to data security and information relating to minors, however, more and more toys aimed at children are now connected to the Internet of Things which leaves them vulnerable to attack. A current example is the new Hello Barbie, recently released by Mattel, w
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Thousands of errors found in multiple Internet of Things devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived and it’s here to stay. What might seem a tool that is only used by a select few will soon become a worldwide trend – the lock on your home, your household objects, and even your toothbrush will soon be connected to the network and under control via an app. For this to become a reality, it will be necessary that an ar
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How to keep your kids safe on Snapchat

If your child has a smartphone then it’s likely that they’ve installed one of the many different social networks that place photos as their primary way of communication. It seems almost unthinkable that a few years ago we weren’t all worrying about the best angle for a selfie or whether to snap a quick picture of our food to upload to Instagram before it go
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Universal Children’s Day: 7 Tips to Protect Your Child on the Internet

Today is Universal Children’s Day, a day set aside for everyone to protect and defend the rights of children. But do we know how to protect children from the dangers involving the Internet and new technologies? It’s important to defend their rights and their innocence in the online world. The internet is a world known by the children and they must kno
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How to stop your child from downloading inappropriate apps

There can’t be a parent in the world who doesn’t know the beauty of a happy, entertained child. Unfortunately, parents can’t always play the role of the entertainer because keeping a child attentive and interested is not an easy task. So, what can a parent do to keep their little one distracted while they grab a few minutes for themselves? In the past the t
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10 easy-to-follow online safety tips for grandparents

Online security has no age limits and we can all protect ourselves from cybercriminals without being experts in the field. All you need to do is adopt the traditional “don’t speak to strangers” advice and apply it to your online habits. Here we’ll recap ten simple steps that all of the family, including your grandparents, can follow to ensure safety while o
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67% of apps for infants are gathering and storing private information

  The debate over the convenience of getting a mobile device for your children, or the age at which they should have one, is nothing new. Society seems to have accepted that kids now carry smartphone sin their pockets and the apps that come with them are a lifesaver for parents who are looking for ways to keep their young ones occupied for a short peri
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