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My Top Tips To Help Your Family Stay Safe Online This Holiday Period

‘It’s the most wonderful time of year’ – we’ve all heard the jingles and read the slogans. But the holiday season can also be a little overwhelming when you’re the one ‘in charge’. Whether it’s prepping for the inevitable influx of new devices, buying the gifts or booking the holiday – there are a lot of online safety considerations to workshop in addition t
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BeReal – The Newest Kid On The Social Media Block

Without doubt, the biggest criticism we all have of social media is that everyone always looks fabulous! And while we all know that everyone is only sharing the best version of themselves, let’s be honest – it can be a little wearing. Well, there’s a new social media platform that is determined to uproot our online curated lives by having users post ve
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How To Help Your Family Protect Their Online Data

Whether you’re standing around the water cooler at work, waiting for your kids at the school gate or sitting around the dinner table, data breaches are without doubt the hot topic of conversation. In late September, we were all shaken when news of the biggest Australian data breach to date broke – a record 10 million Optus customers had their details s
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How Cyberbullying Looks In Australia in 2022

There’s no doubt that cyber bullying ranks towards the top of most parents ‘worry list’. As a mum of 4, I can tell you it always came in my top five, usually alongside driving, drugs, cigarettes and alcohol! But when McAfee research in May revealed that Aussie kids experience the 2nd highest rate of cyberbullying out of the 10 countries interviewed, my heart
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How Do Hackers Hack Phones and How Can I Prevent It?

How do hackers hack phones? Several ways. Just as there are several ways you can prevent it from happening to you.  The thing is that our phones are like little treasure chests. They’re loaded with plenty of personal data, and we use them to shop, bank, and take care of other personal and financial matters—all of which are of high value to identity thieves. 
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Deadly Digital Dares: The Blackout Challenge on TikTok

The social network TikTok is chockfull of interesting, fun, laugh-out-loud videos shared by creators worldwide. Kids, as well as parents, can easily spend hours glued to the platform. But as with most popular platforms, the fun can eventually turn dark, even deadly, when viral challenges make their rounds.   The latest viral challenge, the “blackout challeng
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What You Do Now To Protect Your Child From Cyberbullying

I can’t tell you how many times over my 25 years of parenting that I’ve just wanted to wrap my boys in cotton wool and protect them from all the tricky stuff that life can throw our way. But unfortunately, that’s never been an option. Whether it’s been friendship issues in the playground, dramas on a messaging app or dealing with broken hearts, it can be rea
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Kicking Off a New School Year with New Online Habits

Most every parent loves a new school year. Most likely because the beloved milestone offers us a clean slate and a chance to do things better, shape new habits, and close those digital safety gaps. The hope that fuels change is a powerful thing. However, if you want to ensure your new habits stick, there’s some science you might consider. Psychologists sugge
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Smartphone Alternatives: Ease Your Way into Your Child’s First Phone

“But everyone else has one.”  Those are familiar words to a parent, especially if you’re having the first smartphone conversation with your tween or pre-teen. In their mind, everyone else has a smartphone so they want a one too. But does “everyone” really have one? Well, your child isn’t wrong.   Our recent global study found that 76% of children aged 10 to
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A Parent’s Guide To The Metaverse – Part One

We’ve all heard about the Metaverse. And there’s no doubt it has certainly captured the attention of the world’s biggest companies: Facebook has changed its name to Meta, Hyundai has partnered up with Roblox to offer virtual test drives, Nike has bought a virtual shoe company and Coca-Cola is selling NFT’s there too. (Non-Fungible Tokens – think digital asse
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52 Alarming Cyberbullying Statistics and Facts for 2022

Standing up to bullies was once a brave act that defied social norms. Today, the landscape is not so clear-cut. Enter: cyberbullying. Adolescents are forced to endure online harassment from peers at any given hour of the day—often without even knowing the identity of the bully. The prevalence of digital devices has created a pressing health problem for the w
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Back to School: Tech Savvy vs. Cyber Savvy

The first day of school is right around the corner. The whole family is gearing up for a return to the routine: waking up to alarm clocks at dawn, rushed mornings, learning all day, and after-school activities and homework all night.  Even though everyone is in a frenzied state, now is a great time to slow down and discuss important topics that may arise dur
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More Dangers of Cyberbullying Emerge—Our Latest Connected Family Report

Earlier this year, our global Connected Family Study revealed the online habits of parents and their children. What we found called for a closer look.  One finding that leaped out, in particular, is—cyberbullying occurs far more often than parents think. And in many cases, children are keeping it from their parents.   Now with our follow-on research, we set
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How To Get Your Head Around Your Kids’ Online Gaming Life

Let’s be honest – many of us parents aren’t big fans of gaming. In fact, some of us have probably even been known to roll our eyes or groan when we think about just how long our kids spend playing online games. But if there is one thing I’ve learned after 25 years of parenting, it’s that taking the time to look at a stressful family situation from the
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Getting Your Kids Ready for School—And Their Smartphones Too

If you’re the parent of a tween or teen, chances are they’re not the only ones going back to school. Their smartphones are going back too. Our recent global research showed just how many tweens and teens use a smartphone. Plenty. Depending on the age band, that figure ranges anywhere from 76% to 93%, with some noteworthy variations between countries. One of
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